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Here’s How The Election For Speaker Of The House Is Going To Play Out

The House Freedom Caucus, the much ballyhooed last line of defense for conservatives in the House of Representatives is fast crumbling. 

According to our inside sources, Paul Ryan, the preferred candidate for Speaker of the House of establishment Republicans, and especially failed Speaker John Boehner and his existing leadership team, as well as Democrats Harry Reid, Luis Gutierrez and a host of crony government interest groups, went before the House Paul RyanFreedom Caucus and made a very persuasive and charming presentation during which he promised them… exactly nothing. 

The result of Ryan’s refusal to commit to reforming the House Rules that have shut conservatives out of the legislative process in the House, and made the Speaker a virtual dictator, and his refusal to drop his demand that the rules be amended to give him even more power by eliminating the “motion to vacate the Chair,” through which Boehner was held accountable was that 26 Members of the House Freedom Caucus voted to endorse him. 

The vote left Ryan a few votes short of the required 80% for a formal endorsement by the Freedom Caucus, but the additional 26 votes puts him within striking distance of the 218 votes he needs to be elected – despite his demands for near dictatorial power – and if nothing changes Paul Ryan will be the next Speaker. 

A principled group of limited government constitutional conservatives are still supporting Florida Representative Daniel Webster, and one of their leaders, Representative Louie Gohmert of Texas said this of the growing support for Ryan:

“Since the beginning of this contested race for Speaker of the House, it has been my pledge to support Congressman Daniel Webster. Dan is the only person I am aware of who has ever been a Speaker anywhere and decentralized power to get it back in the hands of its members. Speaker Boehner is no longer going to be Speaker because he was too powerful, and I simply cannot vote for a candidate who demands more power before he agrees to be Speaker. I am a man of my word, and my support is still with Dan. He is the person who can return power to its rightful place – members who represent the American people." 

Here’s what’s going to happen if and when Paul Ryan is elected Speaker.  

There will be a review of the House Rules and the “Motion to Vacate the Chair” that was placed there by Thomas Jefferson to assure that no Speaker could become a dictator – and that was used to hold John Boehner accountable for his failures, lies and cave-ins will be eliminated. 

All of the existing establishment Republicans who have been behind John Boehner’s misrule of the House will remain in their “leadership” positions. 

Establishment Republican Kevin McCarthy will remain House Majority Leader, Steve Scalise, the embarrassing political hack who was outed for cozying up to the Ku Klux Klan will remain Republican Whip, Pete Sessions, the Boehner do-boy Chairman of the Rules Committee (who is rumored not to even live in his Texas District anymore) will remain in place to rewrite bills in the middle of the night before the vote and rule conservative amendments out of order, and all of the other House Committee Chairmen who have sat on conservative bills or killed conservative amendments in committee will remain in place. 

In short, nothing will change. 

Principled limited government constitutional conservative Louie Gohmert of Texas put it this way in the same statement in which he reiterated his support for Daniel Webster of Florida for Speaker:

“Chairman Ryan was a leader in pushing the Wall Street bailout, supported Barney Frank's same sex agenda, voted for legislation that would have allowed the District of Columbia to have a United States Representative, even though the U.S. Constitution clearly states that ‘representatives shall be from the several States’, and he is supported by some of the most liberal Democrats because of his amnesty stance.” 

“Though Chairman Ryan is smart, articulate, a great father and husband, our country is in trouble and sadly, he has been on the wrong side of extremely critical issues and indicates he requires more autonomy than even John Boehner.” 

Amnesty for illegal aliens will be not just on the table, but the preferred alternative of the Speaker of the House; “economically driven immigration policy,” leading to a vast increase in legal immigration will be the preferred alternative of the Speaker of the House, Planned Parenthood and Obamacare will be funded, a clean debt ceiling increase will be passed and crony government deals and bailouts like TARP will be the norm. 

None of the issues that have driven grassroots limited government constitutional conservatives into the white-hot fury that is powering the campaigns of Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina and Ted Cruz will be resolved favorably if Paul Ryan becomes Speaker of the House. 

Most importantly, there will be no conservative reform of the House Republican “leadership,” unless you believe that making Paul Ryan Speaker, and giving him more power, somehow solves the problem of John Boehner having too much power and using it to marginalize conservatives. 

There is only one chance left to stop this power grab by the political class, and that is for We the People speak out and demand that the House of Representatives be returned to its proper place in the constitutional order as the assembly of the peoples’ representatives. 

Members of the Freedom Caucus, the House Liberty Caucus, the Tea Party Caucus, the Conservative Opportunity Society and other conservatives still have the votes to stop Ryan and his plan to eliminate the last vestiges of democracy in the House of Representatives.  

If the remaining patriots in their ranks will stand fast we can still win this fight.  

But they need to hear from you NOW on the phone and through social media and email. 

The easiest way to register your opinion is to call your Representative’s office through the House switchboard - 1-866-220-0044. 

You can also use this handy list from Tea Party Patriots to call key Republican members of the House. 

You can email this video explaining Paul Ryan’s background and agenda to your friends and contacts and ask them to join the battle and to contact their Representative. 

You can also post to the House Freedom Caucus Facebook page through this link to let them know what you think of their vote to all but endorse Paul Ryan. 

Finally, you can sign the open letter to House Republicans signed by 55 conservative leaders demanding that the next Speaker pursue a conservative agenda and make good on the campaign promises Republicans made in 2014.

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