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Conservative Becky Gerritson To Open Congressional Campaign HQ

Becky Gerritson, the leader of the Wetumpka, Alabama TEA Party and the principled limited government constitutional conservative challenger to incumbent Republican Representative Martha Roby (AL-2), has announced the opening of her campaign headquarters. 

Gerritson, whose grassroots campaign against leading Boehner supporter “Show Vote Martha,” has already gained national attention, will officially open her campaign office in Wetumpka during an open house on Becky GerritsonMonday, November 9, from 5:00 to 8:30 p.m. 

In a statement announcing the event Gerritson said, “It's amazing to think it's already been more than a month since we launched this campaign on Oct. 1. In such a short time, I have met voters, leaders, and supporters in all 15 counties in the Second District, appeared in local and national media, spoken to conservative groups throughout the Wiregrass and River Region and dialed more numbers than I can count. But this long road is only just beginning…” 

Saying, “Now is the time to begin mobilizing our troops in full force…” Gerritson said she plans to announce the next phase of her grassroots campaign to unseat incumbent establishment Republican Martha Roby, one of former Speaker of the House John Boehner’s most reliable supporters. has dubbed Representative Roby “Show Vote Martha” because she is one of the worst examples of a Republican who engages in “show votes” to make her look like a conservative, while actually advancing the Big Government agenda of Washington’s inside elite. 

Roby’s latest example of a “show vote” was her vote on Boehner’s #ZombieBudget , the backroom deal with Obama to raise the debt limit by $2 trillion without any spending reforms and lock-in all of Obama’s anti-conservative and anti-constitutional programs for the final year and a half of his presidency. 

As we explained in our column, “GOP Congress: A Vote for the Rule on the #ZombieBudget is a Vote for a Primary Challenge” the vote that counted on that bill (as with many others) was the vote on the rule to bring the bill to the floor. 

As we noted in that column, once the new spending deal between Boehner and Obama was finalized things would move very quickly. And the Democrats could all be counted on to vote AYE on any deal Obama agreed to.  

That means the real vote – and the real evidence whether or not your Representative is committed to stopping the spending – is the vote on the special rule necessary to bring Boehner’s #ZombieBudget to the floor.   

True to form, Rep. Martha Roby voted “AYE” on the rule to bring the #ZombieBudget to the Floor and “NO” on the bill – once again earning herself the title “Show Vote Martha.” 

Every conservative understands that the cost of government isn’t what it taxes, it is what it spends.  

Tax collections are at record levels, but so are the deficit, and the national debt – to say nothing of the unfunded liabilities the government faces for Social Security and other promises Congress has made.  

The existential economic problem the United States faces is congressional spending – and Martha Roby just voted to add at least $112 billion to the hole in the budget, raise the debt ceiling to more than $20 trillion and wait two more years to address the spending problem. 

Martha Roby’s vote on the rule to bring the #ZombieBudget to the House floor means she owns the secret deals with Obama to increase spending and the debt ceiling and to burden our children and grandchildren with trillions of dollars of new Establishment Republican debt. 

If you want an end to “Show Votes” and to reestablish honesty in Congress we urge you to attend Becky Gerritson’s campaign headquarters open house in Wetumpka, Alabama on Monday, November 9. 

If you can’t attend Becky Gerritson’s campaign open house we invite you to read her announcement speech in its entirety and then ask yourself if this is the kind of bold conservative leadership that you would like for your congressional district – if it is we urge you to do two things; go to to support Becky Gerritson’s campaign and then look for a candidate like her to run in your Republican congressional primary.

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