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Conservative Challenger Becky Gerritson Calls Out GOP Establishment On Islamic Importation

Conservative congressional challenger Becky Gerritson has just issued a stinging challenge on the issue of Muslim immigration to her incumbent establishment Republican opponent Rep. Martha Roby (AL-2). 

“I promise to fight President Obama’s open arms policy and oppose all legislation that invites danger into the lives of the men, women, and children of this great nation,” Gerritson stated in a pledge to Alabama voters. “In essence, this is Obama’s Islamic Importation Plan; and we cannot risk adopting his strategy that fails to screen against importing terrorists into this country.” 

Becky GerritsonGerritson also targeted her opponent’s record of only casting “show votes” that don’t stop Obama’s plans, while voting with Obama on funding and the implementation of his far –left agenda. 

“Once again our congressional representative, who claims to know better, has proven complicit with the liberal agenda in Washington. The people of Alabama are tired of Martha’s empty rhetoric, pathetic show votes, and complicity and partnership with a Washington ruling class that continues to put our security, our national sovereignty, and our very way of life in jeopardy to suit their agenda. Having seen Martha take votes to fund Obama’s Executive Amnesty and now his ‘Islamic Importation Plan,’ the people of District 2 have lost all faith in her ability to represent us.” 

Gerritson is right on target with her pledge and with her indictment of Martha Roby’s record of supporting Obama’s Islamic Importation Plan.  

Much as the establishment, and especially the refugee resettlement industry, will want to make this out to be “Islamophobia,” or otherwise target Gerritson for being unfair to helpless “refugees,” the facts are that the vast numbers of unassimilated alleged refugees from Muslim terrorist hotspots are both a national security risk and a government created social problem of monumental proportion.  

As our friend James Simpson documented in a recent article for The American Thinker, taxpayer funded so-called “Voluntary Agencies,” such as Catholic Charities, are paid close to $1 billion a year to bring U.N. designated refugees to America. 

And their leaders, who are paid in the high six figures, meet regularly with Congress to lobby for more refugees to be brought to America, and more taxpayer spending to support them. 

Refugees from Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere establish their own little enclaves. They are not taught to assimilate. They are however, taught how to game the system. 

With 74.2 percent of refugees on food stamps, 56 percent on Medicaid and 47.1 on SSI cash assistance Simpson calculates refugee “resettlement” costs are currently running at well over $10 billion per year. 

But the vast cost of these programs isn’t the worst part; some 77 percent of these “refugees” are young men of military age. It is the clear and present danger these “refugees” pose to America – and the near-treasonous dismissal of that danger by Republicans such as Gerritson’s opponent Martha Roby – that has brought us to this national security crisis. 

And this national security crisis isn’t theoretical. 

Alabama’s senior Senator Jeff Sessions, along with Texas Senator Ted Cruz, documented domestic terror “incidents” attributable to Muslim refugees or refugee-related individuals – in just the past year alone. You can read the chart of the 72 individuals through this link. And remember, this is just one year’s worth of Muslim terrorists operating here in the United States. 

Yet, establishment Republicans, like Becky Gerritson’s opponent Martha Roby, blithely keep voting to fund Obama’s Islamic Importation Plan, despite the risks and the vast cost.  

Rep. Roby voted to fully fund this program at Obama’s requested level when she voted for the CRomnibus in December of 2014, and she voted to do the same when she supported the Rule for the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015, before pulling a John Kerry and casting one of the “show votes” for which she has become famous and voting against the bill as it passed with overwhelming Democrat support. 

Becky Gerritson is right, Martha Roby has already disqualified herself from signing the pledge -- and from being re-elected to Congress.

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URL for 72 individuals

I tried to get to that pdf, and find out the real URL, but it is being cantankerous, and the search engines refuse to admit to the document's existence. What is the title Jeff Sessions (or his staffers) gave it so I can better spread the word?


If ever there was a rino, Martha ruby is one. Go Beckey