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House GOP Show Vote Won’t Stop One Syrian Terrorist From Entering America

Over the past few days we have explained to CHQ readers that the House was about to engage in another show vote, this time to inoculate establishment Republicans against being held responsible for their complicity in the national suicide of Obama’s Syrian refugee resettlement policy. 

True to form, on Thursday the House of Representatives, at the behest of Speaker Paul Ryan, passed H.R. 4038, “The American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act.” 

Paul RyanIn remarks in support of the bill Ryan said, “This reflects our values; this reflects our responsibilities… We cannot and should not wait to act, not when our national security is at stake.” 

Exactly what “values” and “responsibilities” Ryan had in mind when he made those vacuous remarks remains unclear: A Leftist commitment to “diversity”? Spreading the wealth of American taxpayers to the citizens of impoverished Third World terrorist hotspots? Turning the other cheek to our enemies?  

Certainly none of those are expressed in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the foundational expressions of American “values.”  

Indeed, it is our view that the continued importation of Muslim security threats through Obama’s refugee resettlement program is an existential threat to the values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that those documents express and erect a government to protect.  

As for “our national security being at stake,” we agree wholeheartedly that it is, but Speaker Ryan’s approach to protecting it is completely useless – it will not stop one Syrian Islamic terrorist – jihadis as they call themselves – from entering the United States. 

Here is the reality of Speaker Ryan’s bill; it was forced through the House on a closed Rule (no amendments allowed) and it leaves the action to decide whether or not a Syrian “refugee” is admitted entirely in the hands of Obama’s appointees. 

Ryan’s bill would require the FBI director to certify the background investigation for each Syrian or Iraqi refugee admitted to the U.S., and Homeland Security and intelligence officials would have to certify that they are not security threats. 

Given Obama’s record of ignoring the law with regard to other immigration matters, the likelihood that he will be constrained by these requirements is the triumph of hope over experience. 

What's more Democratic Rep. Sean P. Maloney (NY-18), a former White House aide who voted for the bill, said he believed the bill could be implemented with a single presidential order deeming those refugees who pass the existing screening process as certified. 

And if that’s not enough assurance that Ryan’s phony bill to stop jihadis from entering America as Syrian “refugees” won’t work, the Democrats’ Senate Minority Leader, Harry Reid, told reporters, “Don’t worry, it won’t get passed.” 

In a normal government where the object of the government is to protect its citizens, a bill would be crafted to actually stop terrorists from hiding among refugees that the government was voluntarily bringing to the homeland. 

Credible testimony has been offered by the FBI Director and others that the government cannot assure that terrorists are not among the refugees it is voluntarily bringing to the homeland – so the only way to protect the American people is for the government to stop bringing them!  

But as we (and our friend Diana West) have observed on a number of occasions, we do not now have a normal government in America.  

The only way to stop Muslim terrorists from infiltrating America as Syrian “refugees” is to stop voluntarily bringing them into our country, and the only way to do that – absent cooperation from the President – is for Congress to defund the program. 

But apparently Speaker Ryan, and those who managed his election to replace the failed and feckless John Boehner, have no interest in actually doing the work that the American people want done to protect them from jihadi terrorism – because that would mean having another Christmas Eve fight with President Obama. 

“The American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act” passed 289 to 137 and some Republicans who voted for it were merely playing the hand Speaker Ryan and the House Republican “leadership” dealt them. (you can see the Roll Call here

But let's be clear about what the House GOP did yesterday.  

The American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act will not stop one jihadi posing as a Syrian “refugee” from entering the United States, but it will make Capitol Hill’s Republican establishment look like they did something, when in fact they are complicit in Obama’s dangerous plans because they keep funding them. 

The American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act wasn’t passed to protect innocent Americans, it is purely a political ploy to protect vulnerable Republican incumbents who are facing conservative primary challengers, like incumbent Martha Roby in Alabama-2, who is being challenged by Becky Gerritson, like incumbent Renee Ellmers in NC-2 who is being challenged by Frank Roche and Jim Duncan, and like incumbent Pete Sessions in TX-32 who is being challenged by Russell Ramsland, 

So don’t be fooled by this vote when Primary Election season rolls around and a principled conservative is running against one of the establishment Republicans who issued a big news release after yesterday’s vote. 

This was nothing but a “show vote,” and as we saw so many times during Speaker John Boehner’s tenure, bills like The American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act aren’t intended to protect you – they are intended to give political protection to THEM.

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