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Phyllis Schlafly Says Primary Them! Announces #WhiteFlagCongress Townhall Meetings

Phyllis Schlafly, Founder and Chairman of the Board of the Eagle Forum, and First Lady of the Conservative Movement, announced yesterday that on December 2, 2015 she is convening the first #WhiteFlagCongress White Flag Congresstownhall at 7:00 pm in the Eagle Forum headquarters, 7800 Bonhomme Ave., St. Louis, MO.

At the new website the Eagle Forum founder announced the purpose of the #WiteFlagCongress campaign:

At this pivotal moment in U.S. history, when our leaders ought to be standing stronger and fighting harder than ever for us - they've chosen to wave a white flag in the face of government overreach and overspending. The only thing that gets their attention is a primary! Every one of them is guilty until proven innocent! Primary Them!

In an incisive column for Investor’s Business Daily Mrs. Schlafly made the case that such a movement and townhall meetings are necessary because nothing has really changed since the feckless John Boehner was ousted as Speaker of the house and replaced with establishment Republican Paul Ryan.

Said Schlafly:

Shortly after he was sworn in as Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan admitted to his colleagues: "The House is broken. We are not solving problems; we are adding to them. ... Neither the members nor the people are satisfied with how things are going."

Ryan continued, however, "I am not interested in laying blame" or, for that matter, in accepting his share of it. If the House seems broken, it's because of Congress' consistent failure to exercise its legitimate powers.

Mrs. Schlafly further noted that in his first act as incoming Speaker, Ryan signed off on a deal that outgoing Speaker John Boehner had secretly negotiated. A key provision surrendered Congress' authority to "borrow money on the credit of the United States" for the remainder of President Obama's term in office.

Last week's release of the secret text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership reminds us, said Schlafly, that Congress had already surrendered its sole power to "regulate commerce with foreign nations." Congress will be limited to an up-or-down vote on that 6,000-page monstrosity at a time of Obama's choosing.

Our fundamental document, the Constitution, Article One, Section One, begins: "All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States." The rest of Article One sets forth the many powers that the framers allocated to what they thought would be the most powerful of our three branches of government.

Yet throughout the Obama presidency the establishment Republican leaders of Congress have consistently refused to exercise those powers to rein-in President Obama in his quest to unilaterally fundamentally transform America.

Mrs. Schlafly is right, as we have detailed in a number of columns, far from effectively opposing Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America,” the Capitol Hill Republican establishment has developed a culture of “show votes” to protect vulnerable Republican incumbents from conservatives primary challengers.

A prime example of this phenomenon was the recent vote on the Syrian “refugee” issue.

Establishment Republicans now facing serious primary challenges, such as incumbent establishment Republican Martha Roby in Alabama-2, who is being challenged by Becky Gerritson, incumbent Renee Ellmers in NC-2, who is being challenged by Frank Roche and Jim Duncan, and incumbent Pete Sessions in TX-32, who is being challenged by Russell Ramsland are now trying desperately to run away from the Syrian refugee jihadi threat because they repeatedly voted to fund it.

Instead of actually solving the problem country class Americans want solved – stopping Muslim terrorists from entering the United States in the guise of Syrian “refugees,” GOP leaders held a “show vote” on a completely worthless bill that will not address the problem – even if Obama signed it – to try to protect #WhiteFlagCongress incumbents from legitimate conservative attacks.

In addition to the kick-off meeting at Eagle Forum headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, #WhiteFlagCongress townhall meetings are already planned for Texas and Pennsylvania.

In announcing the meeting, Eagle Forum President Ed Martin said, “I hope you will come and learn how to hold the Surrender Congress of 2015 accountable. This Congress has failed to stand up to Obama. The Congress has failed to do its duty under Article I of the Constitution.” Visit to learn more.

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