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I Endorse Ted Cruz for President. What Are We Conservatives Waiting For?

Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman


Today conservatives and Republicans are often not the same. However, they definitely have one thing in common: They desperately want to win the White House in 2016. For Democrats this election is important, but for Republicans and conservatives 2016 is not just crucial to the survival of this country and constitutional liberty – it is the ball game.

That means Republicans must nominate a candidate who we know will govern according to constitutional principles, who is capable of drawing a clear contrast with Hillary Clinton and the Democrats on the issues of importance in today’s political environment, and who has the brains, talent and discipline to fight Hillary Clinton and win.

That candidate is Senator Ted Cruz of Texas.

To conservatives who continue to window shop I say, “What are you waiting for? In Ted Cruz conservatives have a candidate that’s everything we want.”

1.) Ted Cruz is the best presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan.

2.) Ted Cruz is a fighter.

3.) Ted Cruz is a leader on our issues.

4.) Ted Cruz is one of us – a movement conservative.

5.) Ted Cruz’s commitment to governing according to the Constitution is unquestioned.

6.) Even establishment commentators are saying he’s running a brilliant campaign.

The inside-the-Beltway professional political class’ rap against Senator Cruz from the beginning has been that he can’t win, but Senator Cruz and his team have put together what political professionals and commentators in both parties have grudgingly agreed is the best campaign of this cycle.

Cruz has raised more hard money than any other candidate; it appears he has more individual donors than any other candidate and Super PACs supporting him have raised money second only to Jeb Bush. Cruz has the best ground game in the early states, with grassroots organizations in every county in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Ted Cruz also has by far and away the best online and social media campaign of the cycle, and his Internet team and analytics are light years ahead of the other Republican candidates – and the new Monmouth poll now has him 5 points ahead of longtime frontrunner Donald Trump in Iowa.

And let’s not forget that Cruz began his 2012 Texas Senate campaign at 2%, in a poll with a 3% margin of error. He defeated an establishment Republican professional politician who had held office for many years and who spent over $20 million dollars of his own money in a vain attempt to fend-off Cruz’s grassroots conservative army.

Contrary to what many in the professional political class would like you to believe, Ted Cruz is a winner.

Who you walk with tells me who you are, and Senator Cruz is the only movement conservative in the top tier of candidates. Conservatives don’t have to wonder whether Ted Cruz will bring conservatives onto his White House staff or appoint conservatives to key decision-making roles in his administration – they are already there.

Ted Cruz has been a leader of almost all the conservative policy battles on Capitol Hill. Conservatives do not have to wonder whether if, when the chips are down, Ted Cruz will be right on the cultural issues. Ted Cruz has fought for, and will continue to fight for the conservative agenda:

Defunding Obamacare

Defunding Planned Parenthood

Stopping out-of-control spending

Stopping amnesty for illegal aliens and securing the border

Defeating ISIS and the doctrine of Islamic supremacy

Eliminating the burdens of the Obama regulatory state

Reining-in the IRS, the EPA and other out-of-control agencies

And most importantly, he has fought to bring the federal government back within strict constitutional limits

One of the oft-repeated criticisms of Ted Cruz is that he is not well-liked by the grey beards of the Capitol Hill Republican establishment.

I am reminded that the same was said of Ronald Reagan, that the DC establishment would never support him – and they didn’t because he wanted to end the go-along-get-along system that allows both Democrats and establishment Republicans to buy votes at the taxpayers’ expense.

Cruz’s conflicts with the Republican Party’s Capitol Hill leaders have all been about fulfilling the Party’s campaign promises. Defunding Obamacare, defunding Planned Parenthood, defunding amnesty for illegal aliens, cutting spending and standing against ISIS and Muslim terrorism are all issues that unite the vast majority of Republican voters as well as most Americans.

If Ted Cruz has made enemies among his Senate colleagues, it is for all the right reasons.

Along with Ted Cruz’s talent and zest for political combat, and consistent record of supporting conservative policy solutions, goes a methodical self-discipline and self-control that distinguish him from the longtime front runner who has been the other message-carrier for the conservative grassroots and their demand for change in Washington – Donald Trump.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Ted Cruz is the only candidate who can unite the conservative coalition that is necessary to win both the nomination and defeat Hillary Clinton in November.

Cruz has the record and the platform to bring together the three legs of the Reagan coalition; national defense conservatives, economic conservatives and cultural conservatives. He came to Washington on a wave of Tea Party support, and unlike Marco Rubio he did not abandon those principles once he got to DC. Cruz also has stood with the liberty movement on issues of privacy and constitutional liberty, and will attract most libertarian-leaning voters that establishment Republicans have alienated.

For these reasons, and others that I plan to share over the next few weeks, I am proud and honored to endorse Senator Ted Cruz as not just the movement conservative candidate for the Republican nomination for President, but as the candidate best able to defeat Hillary Clinton and restore constitutional liberty to this great country.

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Conservatives V Republicans V Democrats

We the people have got to stop slashing Donald Trump. If you want a President who can't be bought, he's the one you want. Don't decide not to vote if he wins. If you do the Dems win. That's how we got O. Those that didn't like Romney, didn't vote. If you want Hillary or Sanders, just stay home and that's what you'll get. Look at how Trump made his money. He wasn't a career politician. He can bring the country back to becoming the Super Power it once was.

The shame on Cruz

I have been a Cruz supporter for months until this weekend. I am now in a quandry. Marco is establishment, ergo untrustworthy, having morped from being a conservative to the supposedly more lucrative establishment being. Cruz sided with Soros, Clinton, and Sanders with the Move On riot, thus without principles.. Kasich did the same, taking the low road in not condemning the anti-Trump riots. As bad as our country is hurting, why can't we get a conservative with a backbone that will put country over self-service. Trump is a question mark. I guess I'll sit this one out. There is no difference, they are politicians.

Trump's Fault

I don't understand why you would quit on Cruz over the "Riots" in Chicago. Ted was right. It was, in part, Trump's fault. Why? Because in the same Debate where Trump said the Military, "will do what they are told" he also explained why they would do what they are told. Because I am a LEADER, he said. People do what I tell them to, he said. TRUST ME, he said, they (the Military) will do what I tell them to. Trump Doubled Down on this Issue even after Bret Baier reminded him that the kind of Torture he was advocating was ILLEGAL. So. When Trump tells his supporters, "Punch them in the FACE!" "Take them out on Stretchers!" "I'll pay the Legal Fees!" And the Crowd does EXACTLY can he then deny that his followers are doing "what I tell them to"? Please understand, the people who are responsible for the Protests, ARE the Protesters, but hopefully we all know how "Mob Rule" works. And when someone like Trump RILES up a crowd, and Encourages them to do his bidding, Trump has to take some responsibility for those actions. That is all Ted Cruz said. You don't see anyone getting beat up at a Rubio or Cruz Rally, do you? That is because THEY wouldn't Promote such things, and if something like that happened, they would Condemn the actions of those people. Trump Vilifies group after group. He incites Violence, he feeds off of it. His followers LOVE IT! He needs to accept some Responsibility.

You are a little behind the times.

Why do you bring Rubio into this. He dropped out after losing Florida.
But what else you say was very good.

What real Conservatives are waiting for!

Sadly, you are all missing the most important thing in picking a candidate. All I read is about politics and power and money. Conservatism isn't about those things. Conservatism is about morality and values, which our modern political system has made a mockery of. The even sadder thing is that history gives us a wonderful record to see what happens when a people choose selfishness. The answer for America hasn't changed: America needs to return to faith in God; to dependence upon God; and to following the leadership OF God. I'm not talking religion, I'm talking faith in Jesus Christ, our only Hope. Think I'm some kind of religious nut? Just look at the history of Israel over the last 5000 years. It is undeniable what happens when a people call upon and trust in God, and what happens when they reject Him. Give us a real leader. Give us someone who will call this Nation back to Christ.

Why I'll vote for TED CRUZ

Ted Cruz is a conservative. Not so Rubio or Trump. Cruz will fight for our rights as he has done all along in the Senate and prior to that in the Federal Courts. Not so Rubio or Trump to date. Both have checkered track records. Not so Cruz.

I am grossed out by the Trump-Rubio concerted nonsense that Cruz is a liar. Ironically, each time they repeat their deceit, they reduce their own credibility. Clearly these are unscrupulous actors who do not hesitate to catch the nearest way. The truth be damned.

I'll be voting and working for Cruz and he will win.

Ted Cruz

No, we are not all voting for Donald Trump. Constitutional conservatives don't even consider Trump a conservative. Besides his politics, which are anyone's guess, he's an angry, narcissistic, petulant child. We've just spent almost 8 years with one of them in the White House. Do not want another one. Trump is so establishment it makes your hair curl.

We plan to be part of the LOUD & CLEAR

message sent on March 1 - Massachusetts just may surprise the rest of the country and elect DONALD TRUMP the Republican candidate. We have had enough 'politicians' in the past and NONE of them hold a candle to this businessman! Isn't it something that a billionaire can relate to the general public much better than any of the politicians. He KNOWS what is being said around the dinner tables all across the country and he SPEAKS for us! Jobs / Border Security / Stop exporting jobs and importing foreign workers!!! Every household in America knows someone suffering because of the 'one world' mindset in our government. It's time to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Loud and Clear

"Stop exporting jobs and importing foreign workers!!!"?? Is this a joke? You mean like the JOBS Trump EXPORTS to CHINA, where his TIES, among other things, are made? You mean like the FOREIGN WORKERS Trump has employed both in New York, for which he was SUED, and at his Hotels in Florida, which was discussed, and TRUMP ADMITTED TO, in a recent Debate? You have just made the argument against Voting for Trump...for me! THANKS!

CRUZ is the ONLY candidate

CRUZ is the ONLY candidate with a consistent track record of supporting the Constitution and DELIVERING what he promises. He has been working his entire political career against the GOP Establishment and the Washington Cartel.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz says all the right things All of them do because they have found out what we want to hear. Ted is supported by big donors just like all the others, except for Donald Trump, and therefore he will no doubt be largely controlled by them. Trump owes nothing to anybody therefore he can do what is right for the country instead of what some big donor or party bigwig wants him to do. Money is not going to be an issue for him. More money will not change anything for him. His lifestyle will not be changed one little bit by more money. This is not true with any of the others. We need to get rid of what some pundits call "the ruling class" in this country. We need no ruling class. Electing Trump will be one step toward getting rid of that mindset. Ted Cruz may well be a good man, but I will be supporting Donald Trump at this point.

Reply to rosugill

Your statement that Cruz is supported by big donors is not backed up by facts. They are stubborn things, those facts!

Instead of taking the liberal talking points and parroting them, why not show us the figures showing where Ted's financial support comes from?
I have contributed a few small amounts to his campaign, something that I have never done before in more than 50 years of voting.

Cruz is not eligible

I'm saddened to see such an influential writer as Richard Viguerie endorsing Ted Cruz for the simple reason that Cruz is not eligible to hold the office. His circumstances are almost 100% the same as those of Obama, who is likewise holding the office as a fraud.

Our Founding Fathers did not want dual citizens to have access to the highest office in our land, which is why they included the phrase "natural born Citizen" in the qualifications for that office. The word "Citizen" by itself appears 11 times in the Constitution. Only once is it modified by the words "natural born." Clearly, the author(s) of the Constitution intended to limit the definition of Citizen for this particular purpose.

The customary definition relied upon by those of us who are strict Constitutionalists is that a "natural born" Citizen is one born on US soil of TWO citizen parents. Cruz was born in Canada, which gave him Canadian citizenship, of an American mother and a Cuban father. Except in Jewish tradition, where passage of citizenship is matrilineal, most nations (including those from which most of our Founders came) acknowledge citizenship as patrilineal -- following the nationality of the father. When did you EVER hear Cruz offer to renounce any claim on Cuban citizenship? Indeed, that little detail makes him not really a dual citizen but a triple citizen!

Now most of those who don't want to see Cruz excluded are relying upon the 14th Amendment, claiming that it changed the definition given in the original Constitution. It did not. The 14th merely states that "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens" of the US and the state of residence. It merely confers basic US citizenship upon those born in the US -- which Ted Cruz was not -- and not the more restrictive "natural born" citizenship! The purpose of the 14th was to establish that all who had previously been slaves would now be accorded full citizenship -- most of whom are actually natural born.

Further evidence for this comes from Republican Rep. John Bingham, who was one of the architects of the 14th and who said in 1866, "Every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States of parentS [plural] not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignty is, in the language of your Constitution itself, a natural-born citizen ..." Cruz had only one citizen parent and was not born within the jurisdiction of the US. Nor can he, by filing a document at age 44, change the condition he held at birth. His father did not become naturalized until 2005 when Ted was 35.

If the GOP wants to guarantee a loss again, they will nominate Ted Cruz, because strict constructionists, like myself, will have no choice but to obey the Constitution first (I took that oath) and either vote 3rd party or not vote at all -- which is tantamount to a vote for the Dems. And there are a great many of us. In light of registration demographics not favorable to Republicans, our numbers are likely sufficient to insure another GOP loss.

In fact, it has recently occurred to me that Cruz's candidacy may actually have a hidden sinister purpose. I was recently reminded of some 15 or so bills introduced into Congress since 2000 attempting to alter or do away with the natural born requirement. All failed. But then we had Obama foisted upon us, and now Cruz (and Rubio, who at least was born on US soil to not-yet-naturalized parents) are in the list of candidates. Am I being too paranoid to suggest that this is actually an end-run around the Constitution for the purpose of altering it by "usage" and not by the proper amendment procedure?

Cruz should withdraw. I used to like the man. He does speak well, and he largely promotes the positions that I hold. But if his fancy-schmancy magna cum laude law degree from "Hahvahd" doesn't teach him the true meaning of "natural born," then I can't support him.

Reply to Flame

Most constitutional scholars seem to disagree with you. Even Cruz should certainly be considered a constitutional scholar. a "magna cum laude" is pretty difficult to come by.

You have NEVER. . .

. . .heard Ted Cruz say, "I am a natural born citizen"

He can't.

2016 Republican Candidate for President

If you keep pushing Cruz, then the Republicans are going to lose again - just like they did with Romney. Can you not read or hear what the public wants -- no more professional politicians! We're all voting for Trump -- get on the bandwagon before we lose to those 'so-called' Democrats again.


The RNC insisted that DT sign an agreement NOT to run as third party, yet now we hear of closed door meetings taking place to decide which candidate to run against DT if he succeeds in winning enough delegates.

Do you not see the absurdity of such a decision?

I realize that $$$$ is #1 for the inside-the-beltway crowd...and they realize they will not be able to buy DT and therefore their access may be limited should he become president. TOUGH NOOGIES!

The people are speaking...Republicans, Democrats and know those very important people that used to be held in such high regard...why we MUST win the Independents. Well, they are now coming forth and speaking LOUDLY & CLEARLY - it's just that the GOPe can't stand the message they are hearing! Tough!

Trump 2016 The man who is listening to what is being said around millions of dinner tables all across America!!!!

If you're not backing Trump,

If you're not backing Trump, then we have nothing to talk about. If the Republicans do not get behind Trump, the Republicans will lose the opportunity to take the White House. I like Cruz, but he is not ready for PrimeTime, yet. Perhaps after 8 years as Vice President to Trump, he will be ready. Right now he is too reactionary. He leaps before he looks. But with a little tempering, he will make a good president someday....just not right now.

Reply to Gigmaster

Having listened to both Trump and Cruz at some length, your assertion that Cruz is too reactionary is laughable.

Are you saying that Trump is NOT reactionary??

Go Cruz

Excellent, excellent article. Could not have been written or reasoned any better. I have sent Cruz a donation and will send more.

2016 president

I agree Cruz would make a fine President. I like Trump better at this time in our history. Trump/Cruz then in later years Cruz.


That has been 'my ticket' all along...imagine the good that would come from 12 or 16 years of Trump followed by Cruz!!! Yet, once again our political consultants seem to have snuck in to say GO NEGATIVE! That will do the trick. All the insults have done is give the Dems enough soundbites to use in this general and 50 future general elections! When are the candidates going to realize we want POSITIVE messaging??

DT's message of bringing jobs back - closing the border - no more American workers having to train their foreign replacements - give education back to the local boards - give the country back to the people instead of the government creeping into every corner of our lives - demanding payment for grazing rights that have been going on for centuries - grabbing up more and more of the land that should, by all rights, be available for the states and the people, NOT the federal goverment!

Give us POSITIVE MESSAGES and we will flock to the polls! Give us Mitt Romney and we shall spit him out like the poisonous venom he spews! Add Mitt Romney and Glenn Beck's recent diatribes to Harry Reid's attack on Romney from the Senate floor in the last election and one has to wonder if they truly are men of faith. What has been said is despicable to say the least. They should be ashamed of themselves, instead they stand up and stick their chests out even further.

Such nastiness is NOT what the everyday American desires and it is time for the candidates to listen to the PEOPLE, not the consultants!

Rand Paul is my personal

Rand Paul is my personal favorite out of the current crop of Republican candidates because he is the most libertarian of the bunch. I look for a candidate who embodies libertarian, rather than conservative principles. Because some principles of conservatism involve an increased role for government, specifically social conservatism. I am a social liberal in that I support drug legalization, pro-sodomy and legalized prostitution, pro gay marriage and pro polygamy for that matter, anti-laws banning flag burning, repeal seat belt and helmet laws, and of course repeal all federal drug laws. Ted Cruz supports many of these types of governmental intrusions into personal freedom. Instead of calling for a repeal of federal drug laws, he has called for enforcement of them in states that have legalized marijuana. Social conservatism, when it is governmentally-enforced, is a greater evil than socialism.

I (you) Endorse Ted Cruz for President


Please know that you have a powerful influence over my political thoughts because you are reasonably close to my age and I consider you as the Dean of Conservatism, although I am your senior by about five or six years.

The one note you did not include when stating Cruz’s eight conservative goals is his promise to deport illegal aliens already in America. This is a big issue with me as well as many other Trump supporters. Please “come clean” on this all-important issue.


John (in Ann Arbor)

Cruz is committed to aprehending and deporting illegal aliens

According to the extensive treatment of the illegal alien problem on his website Senator Cruz is committed to deporting illegal aliens now residing in the United States. Among those commitments are: Enforce the law: Restore our commitment to enforcement and public safety and the Rule of Law by rededicating DHS to fully enforcing the law, including through deportations and returns. End catch-and-release: Return illegal immigrants who are caught at our borders and ports to their countries of origin. Please see for more

Cruz is committed to aprehending and deporting illegal aliens

Dear George,

I read Sen. Cruz’s extensive remarks carefully concerning what he promises to do as regards illegal immigrants if elected president.

Nowhere did I read in so many words that he would pursue or round-up all illegal immigrants for immediate deportation. In short, he avoided a clear-cut simple statement as Trump has done where there can be no misinterpretation.

Instead, he merely said that he is committed to following our immigration laws. His statement that he would deport illegal immigrants was followed by “when caught.” This leaves the door open as to how vigorously he would pursue all illegals. He also went into great detail about deporting illegal criminals, which is superfluous because any foreigner entering our country illegally is already a criminal by the fact that he entered illegally.

I like to see clarity and brevity in politicians, much like those good people who wrote the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 and the Homestead Act of 1862.

Please understand that I believe Sen. Cruz would do an excellent job if elected president, and I sure as the dickens would vote for him above any others. But at this time I believe our country needs more of a Western style “quick justice” leader to get our country back on track as a Constitutional Republic. America is in deeper trouble and has slipped to a much lower point in goodness than most people realize.

If Trump becomes the winning candidate I hope he would appoint Cruz to help him as VP.

Please also understand that I feel free to change my mind about Trump before February’s Primary election, and that I will never consider any other candidate than Trump or Cruz.

My final word: Education, such as Hillsdale College offers to learn the history of our country is the only real answer. Our schools have failed us for too many generations.

Best to you, Richard, and the good people at Conservative HQ,

John (in Ann Arbor)

I agree with Richard!

I readily agree with Richard Viguerie. Let us do all we can to united our Movement behind this proven leader.

Ron Robinson