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Speaker Paul Ryan Set to Fund Obama’s Muslim Invasion

On Friday we told you there was one day left to save America and that a bill to fund the government had to pass and be signed by Midnight or one of those “government shutdowns” so dreaded by the Republican establishment would occur. 

Paul RyanInstead of passing a Continuing Resolution (CR) to fund the government for the rest of the year the Capitol Hill’s establishment Republican “leaders” pushed through a short term funding bill so they could finish “negotiations” on the final funding bill. 

But they are not negotiating with Obama to reduce government spending, or negotiating with conservatives to identify programs and regulations to be defunded. 

They are negotiating with themselves over how much more to spend on Obama’s priorities, and America and the quality of life for millions of working families will be the losers. 

The most dangerous of Obama’s many dangerous actions is his plan to bring 200,000 or more Muslim immigrants to America in the final year of his term. 

According to our friend Chad Pergram of Fox News, House Republicans are gearing up to attach a proposal to the omnibus that has been decried by Senator Jeff Sessions and others as empowering Obama to bring in an unlimited number of refugees.  

Pergram wrote that the omnibus may include: “some combination language which tightens up the visa waiver program and bolsters a review of Syrian and Iraqi refugees coming to the U.S.” 

As we noted in our articles “Still No Religious Test For Immigration Mr. Speaker?” and  “Trump is (Mostly) Right, Bush and Ryan Wrong on Muslim Immigration” this is a dangerous “show vote” that will do nothing to reduce the threat to our national security and preserve American exceptionalism and our quality of life. 

And we’re not alone in this assessment. 

As our friend Julia Hahn of Breitbart reported, Rich Lowry, Mark Levin, Jeff Sessions, and nonpartisan immigration control groups have explained that the Ryan-McCaul measure to screen Syrian and Iraqi refugees will not in any way halt Obama’s Muslim refugee resettlement operation.  

It ignores completely refugees from virtually all Muslim countries that have sent terrorists to America – such as Somalia, Bosnia and Uzbekistan – while still allowing the President to bring in as many Syrian refugees as he wants on top of that.  

According to a recent YouGov/Economist poll, 66% of women voters oppose bringing any Syrian Muslim refugees to the United States, meaning that the House plan which may be used to grease the skids for the omnibus, could further hurt the GOP with women voters. 

What’s more, a nationwide survey of 2016 likely general election voters conducted by McLaughlin & Associates* for our friends at finds that more than 4 out of 5 voters, 84%, categorize immigration from the Middle East to the United States as “Dangerous.”  

Not only that, but those surveyed firmly rejected the idea that Americans have a moral obligation to resettle tens of thousands of Syrian refugees.  

Responding to the questions, “Syria is engulfed by a deadly civil war. There are estimates that hundreds of thousands of people have died because of this fighting. Do you feel it is our moral duty to resettle tens of thousands of Syrian refugees?”  Only 1 in 4 Americans said they believe it is our moral duty to resettle tens of thousands of Syrian refugees.   

The majority of Americans, 56%, say no, it is not our moral duty, with another 19% saying they didn’t know. Only a plurality of self-described liberals, 48%, said that it was our moral duty to resettle tens of thousands of refugees. The majority of moderates (57%) and conservatives (73%) said it was not. 

With the politics of defunding Obama’s scheme to import jihad to America so firmly and obviously in favor of defunding it you’d think the policy would be easy – but not to Speaker Paul Ryan. 

Speaker Ryan perversely and dangerously continues to work to get funding for this existential threat to constitutional liberty into the budget. 

And many alleged conservatives in the House appear ready to go along with him.  

While a few principled conservative House members, such as Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina, have made it clear they are on to Ryan’s “show vote” strategy the House Freedom Caucus is not demanding Ryan block funding for refugee resettlement but are instead pushing for the very plan decried as a “show vote.” On the subject of immigration, the Daily Signal notes that the pro-Ryan House Freedom Caucus is asking only that the omnibus include Ryan’s phony “measure to toughen screenings of Syrian and Iraqi refugees”. 

As Alabama’s conservative Senator Richard Shelby has explained, blocking Obama’s refugee plan is,  “first and foremost… a question of appropriations.” 

It’s simple: No money, no dangerous refugee resettlement program. 

The language Ryan intends to include in the CR is similar to the language of bill the House was forced by Speaker Ryan to pass, H.R. 4038, “The American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act,” that limits the extra scrutiny and security certification to purported refugees only from Syria and Iraq. 

Those receiving the extra security screening, described as a “Covered Alien” in Section 2(e)(1)(A-C) of the bill, are “any alien applying for admission to the United States as a refugee who… (A) is a national or resident of Iraq or Syria; (B) has no nationality and whose last habitual residence was in Iraq or Syria; or (C) has been present in Iraq or Syria at any time on or after March 1, 2011. 

As we noted in our article “Mali Muslim Terrorists Welcome Under Speaker Ryan’s New Refugee Bill” there’s no mention of Mali, Nigeria, Somalia, Yemen or any of the other jihadi hotspots around the globe. 

Why is that? 

It’s because the American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act wasn’t passed to protect innocent Americans, it is purely a political ploy to protect vulnerable Republican incumbents who are facing conservative primary challengers, like incumbent Martha Roby in Alabama-2, who is being challenged by Becky Gerritson, like incumbent Renee Ellmers in NC-2 who is being challenged by Frank Roche and Jim Duncan, and like incumbent Pete Sessions in TX-32 who is being challenged by Russell Ramsland. 

If Ryan’s bill wasn’t a merely political ploy to give his vulnerable establishment Republican incumbents cover then it would have clearly imposed the existing religious test found in Section 1158 of Title 8, U.S. Code and Section 1101(a)(42)(A) of Title , U.S. Code on ANY refugee entering America. 

AND it would have re-imposed the sensible provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 (also known as the McCarran–Walter Act) that allowed the government to deport immigrants or naturalized citizens engaged in subversive activities and also allowed the barring of suspected subversives from entering the country. And apropos the issue of Muslim immigration, it would state that the law could be used to bar members and former members and "fellow travelers" of Islamist organizations, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, from entry into the United States. 

As Breitbart’s Julia Hahn reported, the omnibus is likely to fund Sanctuary Cities, illegal alien resettlement and the President’s ongoing DACA executive amnesty. 

Senator Jeff Sessions has issued a scathing indictment of the Ryan language: “The current proposal being considered in the House in response to the President’s dangerous refugee plan…fails to defend the interests of the American people… the [House legislation] allows the President to continue to bring in as many refugees as he wants from anywhere in the world…The plain fact is that this bill transfers the prerogative from Congress to President Obama and ensures the President’s refugee resettlement initiative will continue unabated.”

We urge you to sign the petition and then contact your Representative and Senators (the Capitol Switchboard is 1-866-220-0044) tell them that it is time for leadership; they must stop bringing jihad to America. Tell them if they fail to use the power of the purse to stop Obama from bringing more Syrian “refugees” and other potential terrorists to America they will have not only forfeited what little legitimacy they have left, they will have become complicit in the bloodshed that will surely follow.

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