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It’s Time To Call BS on Texas GOP Rep. John Culberson

Rep. John Culberson (TX-7) has been all over the news media claiming he is going to stop President Obama’s gun grab by using the appropriations process to defund those elements of Obama’s plan that go through his subcommittee.  

(You can listen to him expound to Michael Savage on this threat through this link starting at the 19:00 minute mark.) 

John CulbersonCulberson is Chairman of Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, and Science, which has jurisdiction over the Department of Commerce, Department of Justice, NASA, the National Science Foundation, and other related agencies, so on paper he would seem to be able to make the threat to defund Obama’s infringement on the Second Amendment stick. 

There’s only one problem with Rep. Culberson’s bold words: They are total BS. 

Congress has already funded Obama’s entire agenda from now through the end of September 2016 in the Omnibus that passed right before Christmas and Culberson voted for it! 

Rep. Culberson has also apparently forgotten his junior high civics class in which he should have learned that the only way Congress can void an Executive Order is to pass a bill, and despite regular threats to stop Obama’s executive overreach through legislation today’s Republican leaders have been singularly ineffective in passing bills to stop Obama or void his unconstitutional power grabs. 

And more to the point, we’ve heard this kind of BS from Rep. Culberson before on another topic that has infuriated America’s conservative majority – defunding Obama’s unconstitutional and illegal “executive amnesty” for illegal aliens. 

In another interview with Michael Savage in January of 2014, Culberson insisted that if President Obama tried to advance amnesty or any other initiative through illegal executive orders, he can be stopped, because the House holds the purse strings and can cut off funding for actions that can’t be justified legally. 

“The power of the purse is the secret to this guy – the most illegal, unlawful president in American history,” said Culberson 

Sound familiar? 

If you just listened to Culberson’s conversation with Savage on Obama’s gun grab from yesterday’s “Savage Nation” you’d almost think Culberson was reading the same script, just substituting gun control for executive amnesty. 

And this is going to play out exactly the same way Culberson’s cynical lies on stopping amnesty played out. 

Rep. Culberson will bluster, he will threaten, he may even hold a hearing or two, but absolutely nothing is going to change because he’s already funded everything Obama plans to do right through September 2016. 

And if Obama really cares what Congress does in the last few months of his term, who thinks that a month out from the presidential election the current Republican leadership is going to go to the mat, pass a bill that defunds Obama’s Executive Orders on gun control, and then shutdown the government to preserve your liberty and the rights guaranteed to Americans by the Second Amendment when Obama vetoes it? 

It’s time to call BS on John Culberson.  

Far from getting the favorable media attention that Michael Savage and some other conservative outlets have given Rep. John Culberson, conservatives should be looking at the candidacy of constitutional conservative James Lloyd or anti-illegal immigration activist and co-founder of The Remembrance Project Maria Espinoza to replace this feckless poster boy for establishment Republican BS and “show votes” during the Boehner – Ryan speakerships.

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Actually, there is no legal law or restriction that can take your guns away. As citizens, we have allowed and followed most illegal laws concerning guns, their ownership, concealed or open-carried, etc., because SOME of them actually made a modicum of sense; however, now, the laws and the reason we allowed the government that latitude in gun control, is going far beyond the rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution. Everyone's right to own guns is guaranteed under the Constitution and cannot be "infringed." NO MATTER WHAT, UNLESS THE 2ND AMENDMENT IS REPEALED … however one must remember, IT IS STILL THE LAW OF THE LAND, REGARDLESS OF WHAT ANY COURT OR GOVERNMENT AGENCY SAYS. It is infringed upon every day and it is 'illegal to do so by any government agency.' Our gun rights are there to protect us from our own government; therefore, the government cannot infringe upon our gun rights because it would leave Americans helpless against a rogue, oppressive government … one we Americans are facing today. The congress, senate, states, counties, cities, etc., etc., have all passed laws or restrictions violating the Constitution's very protection we have been guaranteed … our protection against these government agencies. That is why it is there ... it gives the citizenry the weapons to stop our government ... "people BY THE government" rather than "government BY THE people" is what every American faces today. Our government is out of our control violating the will of the American people. America has now become a "people by the government" and we, as Americans, need to take back control of our government. The government is making laws and restrictions for the government to protect the government against the Constitution’s guarantees that protect us, which makes everything government does to circumvent the Constitution’s 2nd Amendment illegal and therefore unenforceable, accept through FORCE AND BY FORCE ITSELF. Our Founding Fathers had already put up with an oppressive, tyrannical government. Every American's freedom WAS WON BY THE VERY GUNS CITIZENS OWNED AND, IN THE HANDS OF AMERICAN CITIZENS: 1775 WAS THE BEGINNING OF OUR DECLARATION OF FREEDOM, SO PROTECT YOUR GUNS WITH YOUR LIFE, IF NEEDS BE AMERICANS ... OR LOSE YOUR FREEDOM. ONLY A FOOL DOES NOT REALIZE WHAT THAT MEANS.

Are these people for real!?

It is amazing to see a party fold like a cheap camera when dealing with the miscreant in the WH! Are these so-called Republican leaders serious? What in the world is the "grand" plan that they have? Is it just to win the WH and then do absolutely nothing other than to keep us sliding into a second rate, socialist state?

With leaders like Culberson, Boehner, McConnell, McCain, Graham, Ryan and the rest of the "Lilliputians" that jokingly call themselves "Republicans" we are truly doomed to continue our slide into servitude and irrelevance! I guess all we get to look forward to is to continuously be led by idiots like these or worse. Well, with that rant being levied, I guess it really all boils down to how they will pad their nests at the taxpayers expense!

Everyone knows that the progression is; 1) get yourself elected, 2) get your self elected a couple of more times, 3) continue to do the bidding of your overlords (the oligarchs), 4) retire and make millions in payola by hanging out within the Beltway as a Lobbyist (again, selling out the American people) just to get rich.

That my friends is a great way to make your millions but it is a horrible way to govern a trusting and now a more and more disillusioned citizenry. Something has got to give!