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Obama Throws Down The Gauntlet: GOP Leaders Pre-Surrender

President Barack Obama’s final State of the Union address was remarkable for two things: First was its complete failure to actually address the dire economic state our country; second was for its in-your-face defiance of Capitol Hill’s Republican establishment to actually do anything to stop him or act as anything more than a speedbump in the road as he pursues his radical agenda to fundamentally change America until he leaves office (we hope) a year from now.. 

Less than a minute into his speech Obama laid-out three priorities that establishment Republican leaders are Obama SOTUalready fumbling. 

“Fixing a broken immigration system. Protecting our kids from gun violence. Equal pay for equal work, paid leave, raising the minimum wage,” are three things that are going to be powerful themes for Democrats in the coming year to help elect Hillary Clinton president and to help Democrats in Congress turn-out their far-Left liberal base.  

Defending American sovereignty, limiting immigration to protect our national security and the economic security of American workers ought to be “no-brainers” for a Republican majority in Congress. 

But not only have Republican leaders on Capitol Hill adopted Obama’s immigration goals as their own, they’ve already funded them through the end of his term, making opposition to anything he does on immigration nothing more than a “show vote” to try to protect themselves from the wrath of voters outraged by their seven years (and counting) of craven surrender and betrayal. 

While Obama cast his gun grab as “Protecting our kids from gun violence,” the notion that Capitol Hill Republican leaders have any plans to stop what Obama is doing to attack the constitutional protection of the right to keep and bear arms is completely ludicrous. 

Their idea of fighting Obama has been to trot out Congressman John Culberson of Texas to bluster about defunding the ATF and other parts of the government that might be involved in implementing Obama’s anti-constitutional agenda, conveniently skipping over the fact that, once again, by forcing through the December 2015 Omnibus, establishment Republicans already funded Obama’s gun grab right through to October of 2016. 

And as we pointed-out in our article, “It’s Time To Call BS on Texas GOP Rep. John Culberson” Culberson said almost exactly the same thing about defunding Obama’s executive amnesty and in the end hasn’t done jack to stop or rollback anything Obama has done. 

Perhaps the most predicable thing Obama said was his dog whistle to the Occupy Wall Street crowd to come out and join-in the 2016 presidential campaign: Equal pay for equal work, paid leave, raising the minimum wage at a time when some 93 million Americans are out of the labor force? 

There’s no rational “fairness” or economic basis for making changes to existing law – which already covers all of those issues except the minimum wage – but Capitol Hill Republican leaders have already accepted the premise of the argument and proposed their own stripped-down version of Obama’s bill. 

Likewise on the minimum wage Republican leaders are inching closer to Obama’s position. The last time raising the minimum wage came up Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee, always a canary in the mine indicating an imminent establishment capitulation, voted in favor of it. 

With 24 Republican Senators up for re-election this year we don’t look for anything like principled conservative opposition to Obama’s “social justice” agenda from many of them. 

Obama’s announcement of his big three liberal priorities – and establishment Republican capitulation to them – were perhaps predictable, but I’ve saved the greatest Republican surrender for last. 

ISIS, or ISIL as Obama prefers to call the Islamic State. 

Or maybe I should call what Republicans are doing a “pre-battle surrender” since they’ve already, as on much of Obama’s economic agenda, bought his argument that the fight with Islamism and Islamic supremacy is something that is happening in the Middle East, and not right here in Philadelphia, San Bernardino, Boston, Chattanooga, Garland, Texas, Ft. Hood, Texas and Moore, Oklahoma. 

Rather than attack the real problem – Muslim immigration – which brings with it the doctrine of Islamic supremacy, the primacy of Sharia law over the Constitution and the idea that Muslims have an obligation to attack and destroy non-believers, establishment Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has said there should be no limits on Muslim immigration to America and called for a declaration of war against the Islamic State. 

And that’s why we can say establishment Republicans have engaged in a “pre-battle surrender” because that’s exactly Obama’s argument – Islamic supremacy and the battle to substitute Sharia for Constitutional liberty is something happening far away in the Middle East, and anyway said Obama, it doesn’t threaten our national existence. 

In his final State of the Union address Obama threw down the gauntlet to Capitol Hill’s establishment Republican leaders, but don’t expect them to pick it up and engage Obama in combat, because, as we’ve just explained, they’ve already “pre-surrendered.” Republican leaders will talk a good game for the next year, but don’t expect Obama to leave office with his agenda unfinished, because by forcing through the December 2015 Omnibus, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have already funded most of it until October 2016.

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Got Your Chops, Though

Of all the blah-blah-blah he spewed, he did toss a quick mention of "Tea Partiers" in there, and not in a negative light. That's saying something for recognition anyway.