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The Establishment Media Misses The Real Message In Cruz’s Iowa Victory

One of the most powerful – if not THE most powerful – political themes in American politics is “send them a message.” Back in July I looked at the field of some twenty Republican and Democratic candidates and concluded that only three were “message” candidates; Senator Bernie Sanders, businessman and entertainer Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz. 

I noted that the three message carriers; Democrat Bernie Sanders and Republicans Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have different messages, but they had one thing in common – voting for them is a clear rejection of the Ted Cruz religious libertystatus quo in their parties, and in the conduct of the federal government. 

In one sense nothing has changed – voting for Sanders, Trump and Cruz sends a clear message of rejecting the status quo in the Democratic and Republican parties. 

But in another, deeper, sense Monday’s Iowa Caucuses changed everything on the Republican side. 

Establishment Republicans don’t really like Donald Trump or his message or his voters, but they figured they could make a deal with him.  

What’s more Trump’s secular populism has absolutely no connection with those issues that motivated conservative voters for almost 40-years. And decoupling policy battles over illegal immigration, amnesty for illegal aliens and trade from the larger limited government constitutional conservative movement would make life much easier for establishment politicians.   

Prior to the Iowa Caucuses the establishment media and the Republican Party’s permanent political class saw in Donald Trump and the Trump phenomenon an ascendant secular populism that would sweep aside the cultural conservatives who had made their lives miserable by demanding that Republicans take principled conservative positions on what used to be called “the social issues,” such as abortion, same-sex “marriage” and battling the cultural debasement that has accompanied the federal takeover of education.  

The DC insiders figured if there could be a pause or truce in the battle for the culture, then they could make a deal with Trump on everything else.  

And why not? Mr. Trump wrote a bestselling book “The Art of the Deal” and he talked about “getting things done” in Washington as much or more than Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. 

And perhaps most importantly, as I pointed out in my columns “Hide the Women and Children: What A Vote For Donald Trump Really Means” and “Trump’s New York Values: The Poster Boy For Debasing American Culture” Trump’s history and lifestyle were clearly at odds with those of cultural conservatives. 

Ted Cruz’s victory in the Iowa Caucuses blew the idea of a pause or truce in the battle for the culture right out of the sky. 

Ted Cruz’s unabashed appeal to faith-first voters, his vast support among politically active conservative Christians and Jews, and his deep personal faith guarantee that the cultural issues will not be off the table this campaign. 

Indeed, during a call with conservative Catholic leaders not long before the Iowa Caucuses Senator Cruz told us “This campaign will be about religious liberty.” 

In the post-Reagan Republican Party the urban elite of the Republican establishment have tried mightily to marginalize – if not completely excommunicate – the cultural conservatives who joined economic conservatives and national security conservatives to make-up the three legs of the Reagan coalition. 

But numbers in Iowa demonstrate that of the three legs of the Reagan coalition, cultural conservatives remain the most politically potent.  

According to Bloomberg Politics’ analysis 64% of Iowa Caucus participants self-identified as Evangelical Christians:  Senator Marco Rubio did best among the 21 percent of voters who identified electability as their top candidate quality, while Donald Trump cleaned up among the 14 percent who most wanted a candidate who "tells it like it is" and the 21 percent who want a candidate who can bring needed change. But Senator Ted Cruz vaporized the competition among the 42 percent of caucus-goers who said that the top quality in a candidate was that he "shares my values." 

The most powerful message in politics is “send them a message” and the message cultural conservatives sent through Monday’s Iowa Caucuses was “Ted Cruz is our candidate, and Iowa is just the start.”

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or perhaps it might also

have confirmed that Ben Carson was a serious threat to the Cruz vote so it was time to play the dirty tricks game. These two actions by the Cruz campaign have tarnished the image I had of Senator Cruz. My admiration for him has diminished because of this deception.

Just think...IF the Carson voters

had voted for THEIR candidate, Senator Cruz might not have accumulated the total that put him in first place. On this one, I have to go along with the fact that this was not a 'clean fight' - talk about hitting below the belt!

Add this deceptive message to the cards mailed out to voters just before the caucus informing them of their voting record as well as how their neighbors had or had not voted and it would not have been a tactic I would have approved.

American voters are tired of dirty politics...and both of these actions reek to high heaven!

Why Cruz and NOT Rubio

Forget the economy, forget terrorism, forget abortion, forget every other issue except one: Immigration (legal and illegal). Why? Because every issue on the political landscape will ultimately be decided by demographics, (i.e. immigration). And that's why Cruz is our only hope. Rubio promises he'll secure the border before he grants amnesty to the twenty or more million illegals currently in the country. Trump says he'll send them all home, and then vet them, and then he'll let the ones who have no criminal record back in to avail themselves to all the entitlement programs the democrats will supply to lock in their vote.

Any candidate who promises to let illegals "STAY," but not grant them citizenship is both naive and a fool. As soon as illegal aliens are legalized, the Democrats will capitalize on their "second class" status, hammering Republicans relentlessly, claiming "no taxation without representation," and how racist Republicans want cheap slave labor, but won't grant these poor working dreamers .... citizenship. Sanatorium, who was excellent on opposing illegal immigration has become delusional, endorsing the "cheap labor, Chamber of Commerce puppet, Rubio. Establishment Marco will ride the amnesty bandwagon all the way to victory. In five years we'll have ten to fifteen million new socialist Democrat voters. Rubio stabbed us in the back once on immigration. Rick wants to give him the knife to do it again?

Ann Coulter is at least half right. Immigration IS the most important issue in politics because is till determine the future vote on every other issue out there. Ted Cruz is the only candidate running who will prevent legal and illegal immigration from transforming America in ways Obama never dreamed possible.


I was a Trump supporter until I read Cruz's message in detail. Now I am a real Cruz supporter.

my reaction was just the opposite

Just imagine how many votes would have gone to Dr. Carson, a favorite of the evangelical voters, had the erroneous message not been transmitted TO THE CAUCUS ATTENDEES - without verifying it first with the Carson campaign.

Ted Cruz has been tarnished by the two dirty tricks played by his campaign in Iowa. I believe these 'below-the'belt' tactics will follow him to the next primaries.