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The Pope is Talking Like Just Another Leftwing Politician – Not Infallible

CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie

As a Catholic and a conservative, the Pope’s sermon at the US- Mexican border and his subsequent comments that Donald Trump is “not a Christian” because of his stance on illegal immigration put me in mind, not of the leader of a great movement laboring to fulfill the enormous responsibility Christ bestowed upon Peter and his successors, but of the Sherlock Holmes story “The Adventure of Silver Blaze,” in which the guard dog didn’t bark, and the dog’s silence was the key clue to solving the big mystery.

Today, it is no mystery that American culture and the moral foundation of our society are in freefall, but when Pope Francis spoke at the border he made no mention of the great moral crises facing the U.S. and Mexico, and indeed all of western civilization.

While he put his great prestige on the side of lawbreakers he was, like the guard dog in the Holmes mystery, strangely silent on the greatest threats faced by our country, Mexico, and by Christian culture in general.

What’s more, while there is plenty about which to criticize Donald Trump on the basis of issues that are central to Biblical living and Catholic dogma (see my articles Over 500 Faith And Cultural Conservative Leaders Endorse Ted Cruz, Hide the Women and Children: What A Vote For Donald Trump Really Means, Trump’s New York Values: The Poster Boy For Debasing American Culture,   Trump’s New York Values: Appoint Pro-Partial-Birth Abortion Judges, Like His Sister) the Pope chose to differ with Trump on a political question which has no real basis in Catholic dogma or Christian theology – illegal immigration.

Millions of Catholics looking for Papal support in their battle against the increasing secular pressure for the Church to abandon its scriptural teachings on sexual morality, including homosexuality and marriage, in favor of acceptance of same-sex “marriage” and other practices directly contradicted by scripture and more than two millennia of Church doctrine were left dumbfounded when the Pope failed to address those challenges and instead inserted himself into American politics.

In picking a fight with Donald Trump over illegal immigration, while ignoring Trump’s support for abortion and his serial deviations from Biblical living, the Pope seriously diluted his moral authority to lead on the spiritual, moral and cultural crises that are rotting the core of Western culture in Europe and America.

And this “the dog that didn’t bark” problem that we saw at the top of the Church percolates right down to your local parish. When was the last time you heard a sermon on the need to follow God’s teachings on divorce, adultery, sex outside of marriage, pornography, illegal drugs, treatment of spouses, etc. ?

Most Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and Sisters have abandoned the teaching of morals, and so it was with the Pope’s sermon at the border.

The Pope attacked Donald Trump for his views on immigration, but he gave him a pass on the hook-up culture Trump has celebrated throughout his career and has promoted as part of his brand.

In 2013 the Pope sent a letter to Bishops in his native Argentina telling them pro-abortion politicians should not be eligible for communion. Yet he said nothing to call to account pro-abortion politicians like Trump, or pro-abortion “Catholics,” such as Democratic House Minority Leader Representative Nancy Pelosi.

The Pope made the plight of (illegal) immigrants fleeing oppression to come to America the central theme of his visit to Mexico – but he made no reference to the cause of this massive migration northward, which is the corrupt (mostly socialist) governments of South and Central America and the drug cartels, human traffickers and terrorists with whom they cooperate, including those in his own native country of Argentina.

The Pope’s remarks about illegal immigration and his subsequent choice to pick a fight with a secular politician over a matter of secular government policy, while ignoring the assaults on Christian moral precepts that are now shaking the very foundations of our culture were a grave disappointment to hard-pressed Catholics and other Christians who are fighting to defend the traditional moral underpinnings of Western civilization.

Led now by radical pro-abortion feminists and the homosexual lobby the Left is winning the war against traditional Judeo-Christian moral teachings in large measure because the guard dogs of Western culture – the Pope, Bishops, priests and the rest of the Catholic hierarchy refuse to bark – or even show up for the fight.

The Pope’s choice to pick a fight with Donald Trump over illegal immigration, instead of defending Christian teachings on morality, showed that his political judgement is far from infallible, and it was a missed opportunity of historic proportions, because if there was ever a time when our culture cries out for vigilant guard dogs, that time is now.

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Why any sane person would believe the pope is infallible is beyond me. Too bad this person is lauded by the media. Why is that? I will tell you. It is because the pope nor the Catholic church is a threat to their agenda of socialism/communism and the totality of the liberal agenda. He does NOT represent Jesus Christ nor the true Christian church. The true Christian church is made up of people who place their faith in what Jesus Christ accomplished at the cross. The Catholic church does not place their faith in Christ. This is known by the fact that they have unscriptural tradition and unbelief that all was accomplished at the Cross.

I remember JFK's campaign

In 1960, people were genuinely reluctant to vote for Kennedy for fear that the Pope would interfere with American Politics by telling him what to do. Most considered that a preposterous statement. Funny how times change.

In those days, I was a very devout Catholic. However, I started reading, then studying the Bible.

A lot of Popes have fooled a lot of people for a lot of years.

El Papa (the Pope)

Some modern day self proclaimed prophets are saying this is the last pope before the second coming of Christ. I am not sure I believe that, but he certainly is unusual. Just saying..

Signor POPE

I wonder, does the Pope have man of conscience reminding him at all times that he too is just a man and has not walked in the shoes of all men?.....if not he should have.

On Infalliability

The "DOPE" is not infallible, he is the MAN OF SIN, the SON of PERDITION, and what he says should go in one ear and out the other. HE IS A NOTHING as far as being religious.


If the man is so deceived on just about every issue, and in his opinions violates scripture, how can anyone believe when he speaks on spiritual things he is infallible. Frankly, I do not consider this pope a Christian at all because he has flat out contradicted Jesus Christ, Jesus needs no Vicar, but it he wanted one, it for sure would NOT be Francis.

Infallibility and Trump

Mr. Viguerie
Please educate yourself on the term infallibility, what it means, and how to use it before you use it so inappropriately in the future. I have had conversations with people from all walks of life (both Catholic and non-Catholic/Christian and non-Christian) who do not understand this very simple concept.
The Pope is neither Republican nor Democrat and you should not attempt to use him as a political puppet as the left has attempted to do. Neither is the Pope a socialist or a capitalist; however, I do believe he thinks there are inherent evils in both systems in which the rich get richer while the poor suffer. Furthermore, Christ did not command Peter to be one of his “vigilant guard dogs” but rather to “feed my lambs… tend my sheep… and feed my sheep” John 21: 15-17. Donald Trump is an awful human being and a megalomaniac who wants to round up immigrants (probably one of the most unethical things I have ever heard) and send them back from whence they came. Not very Christian, which is what the Pope said.

Illegal immigration and the pope

There is absolutely nothing unethical about insisting that foreign nationals obey the sovereignty and laws of any country they seek to visit or reside in. If I want to move to France, for any reason, the French people are not compelled to accept me just because of what I want. They have their laws which I must follow. If they choose not to offer me French citizenship or French residency that is my problem, not theirs. It does not make them immoral to insist that I return back to my own native land. Very few illegal immigrants face oppression or violent retribution if they are deported from America. They just go back to their own homelands in Central America, Asia, Africa or Europe. What's the big deal? American citizens travel to these places as tourists and business people all the time. In the rare instance when a person would face imminent danger by returning to their native land they can apply for political asylum. Stop pontificating about illegal aliens and start having some compassion for your own neighbors and fellow citizens.

Respnose to Karen

I am a medically retired United States Marine Corps fighter pilot and combat veteran. I spent my entire adult life protecting my neighbors and fellow citizens and their rights. I now teach courses on subjects such as leadership and ethics and both will be features within my doctoral dissertation. Furthermore, I am not “pontificating,” I am clarifying the point the Pope made in regard to Donald Trump’s horrendously unethical plan to round up illegal immigrants and send them back home. Do you have any idea what that would look like in actuality? It’s not as easy as asking people to turn around and go home and furthermore, that is not what Donald Trump is proposing. The beginning stages will look very much like what the Nazis did with the Jews initially during World War II. From there, history along with hundreds of academic studies show us what humankind is capable of doing to our neighbors (especially when we marginalize them). Assuming they are safely “rounded up” and returned to their homelands, do you know what will happen when they are returned to their homeland in mass quantities? No, nor do I. But you don’t have to be a sociologist or social psychologist to realize that it is not going to be a “welcome home” party.

Finally, I do not believe that breaking the law in this case is ethically correct. Therefore, I feel that there is a better way to US citizenship than coming here illegally. But there are laws on our books that are morally repugnant and need to be abolished. While this is not one of those laws, at least in my opinion, illegal immigration is a major problem, which must be addressed. Which leads me back to my original point regarding the Pope and Trump, is Trump’s plan Christlike? I personally don’t think so. If you do, that is your opinion. But please don’t make the assumption that I lack compassion for my own neighbors and fellow citizens.

Pope's real ideology

The reason the Pope is Talking Like Just Another Leftwing Politician is because he's just another leftwing politician disguised as a man of God to socavate the faith and help the communist regimes of the world like the ones in Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia.

Living in Sin

First, I too am Catholic, although its been a while since Ive been to confession. In my opinion the Church, and not just Catholics, are living in sin. The Church's support for immigrants has more to do with filling the pews than tending to the spiritual needs of the poor. The author here is correct that the Holly Father should have focused on the reasons that Mexicans are fleeing their lands for America. But, support the Democrats and their Leftist Agenda is more important to this Pope than standing up for the principals outlined in the Holly Book. What would the Lord say to Catholics who support abortion, same sex marriage, and Socialism?

The Church must come out of the shadows and speak out against the evils of any political party that advance the works of Satan. And, that would be the Democratic Party in America. Voting for a Democrat, or failing to vote to keep them from power, is liken to supporting immorality in our lands because the Leftist advance abortion, same sex marriage, infidelity, and deviant sexual practices.

In conclusion, I call on the Catholics and Christians to repent! Stand up and march for Christ. Stand up and remove the Democrats from Power. Choose leadership that adheres to the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. Reject secularism and immorality in our schools, cities, States, and Federal Government.


You can say what you want about Trump but you could never call him a Communist.

Now, continuing down the lane.....Argentina leans to be a Communist Country.....

The Pope is born and raised in Argentina!

Do these facts guide us to an opinion of why the Pope stuck his nose in the mix?

Trump is a "Freedom Fighter" Communist hate those kind of people.

Communist hate Capitalist. Trump is a Capitalist.

The Pope spoke out against Capitalism!!!

Is there a conclusion here???

Pope Trump

You're right
This so call pope is SATAN IN GOD'S DRESS ...
I just can't believe it when I heard this IDIOT telling Trump that he is not Christian person . He shouldn't put his filthy nose in someone endless business
The pope MUST to apologize to Trump for his unlawful remarks against Trump

Papal Infallibility

With all due respect, the article has a couple of significant misstatements. Firstly, Papal infallibility only applies when the Magisterium has conferred with the Pope and the Pope subsequently makes a declaration regarding the Faith or regarding morals. This is so unique, it has only happened twice in history, the last time over a century ago. The rest of the time, it is his opinion, worth considering, but just an opinion.

Second, and more pertinent to this article, we have observed that the Pope is frequently taken out of context, and his statements are twisted to what the media WANT to hear him say. If one reviews his exact words, it is clear that he feels that excluding others and not assisting them, such as erecting walls (however necessary that may or may not become) is "not Christian." I do not see him referring to Trump as a person, but the action itself. He also made it clear that he was not trying to tell American Catholics who to vote for. I see no direct implication that Mr. Trump is not a Christian, just evidence he frequently does not behave as one would hope to see a Christian behave.


When the pope, any pope, decides which wall is Christian and which wall is not we have wandered into Cloud-Cuckoo land.