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FedUp PAC Poll: Conservatives Do Not Yet Trust Trump

On the eve of the important Super Tuesday elections, conservatives believe Donald Trump needs their support to win, but many believe he has not earned it according to a new poll by FedUp PAC

Donald TrumpTrump’s flip-flops on issues are a concern to 57% and only 46% disagree with Rush Limbaugh’s warning that Trump is not a conservative. An almost unanimous 93% say that Trump needs conservative support to be elected and only 45% believe that support from blue-collar voters could be enough to allow a Trump victory. 

Trump’s high negative ratings in public opinion polls concern a 54% majority of conservatives, and 33% believe Trump voters should switch to the more electable Ted Cruz. 

FedUp PAC is a grassroots organization that advocates that constitutional conservatives take over the GOP because Americans are fed up with the Republican establishment. It is not affiliated with any candidate or committee.

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Do not trust Trump

Yes, character does matter as well as a person's actions. Trump knew he needed the conservative vote, so voila, he is supposedly "conservative." He is no conservative. Would a true conservative financially support Reid, Pelosi, etc.? No. Would a true conservative hire illegal aliens over American citizens? No

Trump has declared in his own words that he can change into whatever he needs to be. Trump is for Trump...period. He will say and do whatever he needs to say and do to win. With him, winning is everything regardless of who he tramples over to get there. Do not be fooled by him. Trump never speaks of our Constitution nor restoring the Country back to its Constitutional limits.

Cruz will restore our Country to the Constitutional Republic it was intended to be. Following our Constitution is what made this Country great and restoring it will restore the Country once again. If that is your goal, then Cruz is the only choice!

I am a conservative and I do not trust Trump.

Character does matter sir. I do not require that he subscribe to my religious view but I do expect integrity. He has none. A man that gets out of his commitments through bankruptcy thereby cheating his creditors and investors, has committed in marriage 3 times and put two of them away when he tired of the. While married he betrayed the contract of marriage with multiple other women. I think this shows he does not have any consent off right or wrong. This is not a good trait in the leader of the free world.

I'm a true conservative and I trust Trump

I'm tired of people saying Trump flip-flops. I'm not referring to whatever he believed 10 to 30 years ago. He wasn't a politician then so I don't care what he used to think. People have a right to change their mind as they age and grow in maturity and wisdom. It's pretty rigid thinking to say someone can't change their mind over the years. Since he has decided to run for President he has been clear on his positions and has not flip-flopped. I am a devout Catholic and I don't care if Trump is not a perfect Christian. He respects Christian values and I believe he will protect Christian rights. This is not an election for pastor of a church so it is not necessary to measure which candidate is the better Christian. (As if any of us has the right to judge that) I believe Trump cares about America and Americans and will work hard to make changes that politicians have been promising for years but never do. You may not love Trump's personality, but the man is honest, unlike politicians. I trust in and will vote for someone who is honest and lacks a bit in the humility department over a Mr Personality who is a liar, any day.


every sentence in this comment is fatally-flawed