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Memo to GOP Establishment: Ted Cruz is the Best Deal You’re Going to Get from Conservatives

The results of last night’s Super Tuesday primary elections would have, in a normal Republican Primary cycle, made Donald Trump the presumptive Republican nominee for President and most certainly driven the also-rans, Dr. Ben Carson and Ohio Governor John Kasich from the race.  

But in case you hadn’t noticed, this isn’t a normal Republican Primary election cycle. 

Ted CruzNormally in Republican politics the stronger a candidate for the nomination gets the more the self-interested powerbrokers in the professional political class come around to supporting him. 

However, this year the GOP appears to be fracturing into three segments: the “vote for Trump to bulldoze DC” segment, the establishment “#NeverTrump” segment, and the limited government constitutional conservative Ted Cruz segment. 

On the surface these three segments of the GOP appear to be irreconcilable, and strictly on the basis of style and personality they might very well be irreconcilable. 

And so far, the “bulldoze DC” segment is winning most, but not all, of the primaries and has accumulated the most delegates, putting Donald Trump on a steady path to a majority of delegates and the Republican nomination for President. 

This record of winning – in a normal year – would tend to bring the Party insiders around to accepting the leading candidate and uniting the Party. 

Except this year the more Trump wins, the more the Party establishment has become opposed to him and afraid of where his bombastic unfiltered, and often ill-considered, policy pronouncements will lead the country. 

Washington, like Wall Street, hates uncertainty and due to his many flip-flops, changes of heart and broken deals, Donald Trump is the very embodiment of political uncertainty. 

Grassroots conservative voters also hate uncertainty, but of a different sort. They hate the uncertainty of voting for an allegedly conservative candidate only to discover that when the candidate is elected he does exactly the opposite of what he promised to do during the campaign; like Marco Rubio did on amnesty for illegal aliens, spending and supporting the Obama – Hillary Clinton disasters in the Middle East. 

Much as the Republican establishment would like to present Senator Marco Rubio as a viable alternative to Donald Trump his candidacy is a non-starter for a huge percentage of grassroots conservatives who are simply not going to vote for a candidate who has the same position on amnesty for illegal aliens that Hillary Clinton has and wholeheartedly supported Obama’s failed policies in the Middle East.  

On the basis of style and personality there’s no reconciling these three segments of the Republican Party, but on the basis of substance – that is what comes after the election – there is one candidate who can unite all three segments of this cycle’s Republican electorate and that’s Ted Cruz. 

What’s more, not only does Senator Cruz have a record of going head-to-head with Donald Trump and winning, he does it by appealing to the same voters that might otherwise vote for Trump, and together their segments make up a solid majority of the Republican base. 

We contrast that to the policies of the outspoken #NeverTrump billionaires and millionaires now backing Marco Rubio whose views on amnesty for illegal aliens, same-sex marriage and the cultural issues represent a tiny RINO minority in the Republican electorate. 

Were Cruz to drop out and leave the field to Marco Rubio polls suggest few of his votes would actually go to Rubio – they’d go to Trump or be off the table entirely as cultural conservatives found it impossible to hold their noses and vote for a candidate whose lifestyle has strayed so far from the principles of Biblical living. 

While it is true that many Republican Party insiders have expressed a personal antipathy for Senator Ted Cruz it is because he has embarrassed them by holding their feet to the fire to actually produce on their campaign promises, and deep down inside they’ve got to realize that if they’d listened and done what Cruz wanted Donald Trump wouldn’t be running away with the Republican nomination for President. 

Even South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham who backed Jeb Bush after his own campaign fizzled and once joked about killing Ted Cruz said last night, “we may be in a position where we have to rally around Ted Cruz as the only way to stop Trump.” 

Senator Graham is starting to get the picture on how the numbers are adding-up in this year’s Republican primary cycle and he knows that while Donald Trump’s sins, political and otherwise, are many (see CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie’s columns “Hide the Women and Children: What A Vote For Donald Trump Really Means” and “Trump’s New York Values: The Poster Boy For Debasing American Culture” and Florida Family Action’s two-minute video for a partial list) Ted Cruz’s only political sin is demanding that his Republican colleagues in the Washington fulfill their campaign promises and actually fight for the principles espoused by the Republican Party Platform.

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Memo to George Rasley

Neither Cruz or Rubio are 'natural born Citizens' and are ineligible to be POTUS or VEEP. It is disgusting that the GOP is allowing them to run under their banner. If either is nominated it will split the party and cause us to lose the election. We'll end up living under Klinton for four or eight years and it will be partially your fault. With them out we might have found a decent candidate - that, too, is partially your fault. Sleep well.

Natural Born Citizen Rubbish

This whole Cruz and Rubio are not natural born citizens business is pure rubbish. It has been thrown out of every court and other forum in which it has been brought, most recently in Cook County, Illinois where I'm sure if there was a way the Democrats there could have found otherwise to embarrass Senator Cruz they would have done so.

You can like or dislike Cruz and Rubio for their ideas and records (or lack there of) but Congress long ago defined citizenship in such a way as to make them natural born citizens. As for the "we might have found a decent candidate" comment you can't beat someone with no one -- I happen to like Rand Paul, but this year he didn't pass the only test that counts in politics, getting votes. And anyone else who is a solid conservative who didn't get into the arena and compete lacks the first qualification for the presidency -- the guts to get in the fight and win the office.

The canary in the deepest depths of the DC mine?

We can only hope that the GOPe realize that keeping promises is the only way to rescue the party, and that embracing Cruz is the only way to signal to the base that they are serious. Perhaps Lindsey Graham is the canary in their coal mine?

Embracing Trump is not serious, it is whoredom (Mr Christie).
Embracing the malleable Rubio is not serious - he's the Potemkin candidate.

St John Kasich is only a savior in his own mind.

Ben Carson has been blinded by the adulation stoked by his hangers-on to the point where he has lost sight of his purpose - if he wants the country to be good and moral, he should back Cruz, or reveal himself as a small man.

Many "leading lights" in the GOP, who showed their true colors by supporting Trump when Bush's coat tails vanished, or their utter shallowness by backing Rubio after he'd been exposed as a phony, will find their own hopes in future cycles mysteriously dashed as their sins come back to haunt them. (Are you listening, Nikki Haley, Bobby Jindal?)