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FedUp PAC Poll: Conservatives Trust Cruz More Than Trump

Conservatives trust Ted Cruz more than Donald Trump according to a poll by FedUp PAC.   

Ted CruzA plurality of 45% of conservatives say Cruz is more honest than Trump, while 38% give Trump the edge. Trump’s attacks on Cruz as a liar appear to have had little effect except among Trump’s own voters. 

There is strong support for having Trump disclose his tax returns, with 60% in favor and only 30% opposed.  Opinion in more closely divided, 48% in favor and 42% opposed, on whether Trump should authorize The New York Times to release the tape of his off-the-record interview in which he allegedly assured the liberal media outlet that he is not serious about his opposition to illegal immigration. 

FedUp PAC is a grassroots organization that advocates that constitutional conservatives take over the GOP because Americans are fed up with the Republican establishment.  It is not affiliated with any candidate or committee.

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Honesty Cruz vs. Trump.

Seems to me that Senator Cruz did not handle the Iowa Caucus very well.
First, he should have explained how the caucus system works. The whole purpose of the caucus system is to get a bunch of people in one location knowing that different groups support different candidates and it is up to the candidates and their supporters to convince people who support other candidates to change their support to another candidate.
It was evident at least to me that as well intentioned as Dr. Carson was he just did not get that nor did he understand that every word you utter every sentence you make is going to be used to prove you are not up to the job. It was not too long before the Iowa caucus that Dr. Carson was being questioned when he left the campaign to go to a book signing. The two issues taken together opened up a lot of questions about Dr. Carson's candidacy.
This is what Trump has based his attacks on Cruz for what will he have if he is ever elected to the President of the United States?
Those people who are angry at the aristocratic political elite should really understand that Senator Cruz is as much of an outsider as Trump. If they do not believe it why do so few of those aristocratic political elite in Washington, DC in many of the states refuse to support him? Just take a walk with Senator Cruz down the corridors of Congress and see if Senator Cruz is not the outsider in this race.

Who can we trust?

Establishment Politicians ran out only Republican that could be TRUSTEd, so like many others I may not participate. Cruz, trump, hillary, non can be truste. Need Third party. Ben Carson is only person that can beat Hillary. WE STAY HOME if Republicans choose either of these clowns.