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Cruz and Trump Rout Rubio in Miami GOP Debate

Rubio foreign worker billboard

In a civil and substantive debate set in a friendly hall full of sugar lobbyists, Gold Coast donors and local Florida career politicians Florida Senator Marco Rubio should have knocked his hometown audience dead at last night’s CNN Republican presidential debate.

Instead, he proved once again that, while he may be great at memorizing the Washington establishment’s talking points on everything from amnesty for illegal aliens, to the failed Obama-Clinton-Rubio policies that brought ISIS to Libya, to ethanol subsidies, voters aren’t buying what he’s selling.

The low point in the debate for Rubio may have been when he fumbled his way through a question on Disney firing workers in Orlando, Florida and replacing them with foreign “guest workers.”

RUBIO: Well, I would add when you talk about the millions of green cards that are coming in, those aren't actually workers at all. They are just coming in primarily based on family connection... finding jobs when you don't have skills is very difficult. We need to move to a merit- based system of immigration, not just on H-1B, particularly on green cards. The primary criteria for bringing someone from abroad in the 21st Century should be, what skills do you have? What business are you going to open? What investment are you going to make? What job are you going to be able to do when you arrive in the United States?"

That, in one short paragraph, is the econometric argument in favor of a vast increase in immigration that is so beloved by Silicon Valley and its do-boys in Congress, like Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator Rubio.

However, Rubio’s explanation that what Disney did was legal because the company outsourced the work to a foreign consulting company and replaced the whole division certainly explains why the fired Disney workers have been appearing at Trump rallies.

As Breitbart’s Julia Hahn reported from a Trump rally in Alabama:

Dena Moore and Leo Perrero were two Disney workers who were informed that they were going to be laid off during the holiday season of 2014. They—along with scores of their colleagues—were told that before they were let go, they’d be forced to train their low-skilled foreign replacements brought in on H-1B visas. Earlier this week, Perrero testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee about the humiliation he was forced to endure by training his foreign replacement. While Donald Trump has called on Disney to hire back all of these workers and has pledged to end H-1B job theft as President, Sen. Marco Rubio has pushed to expand the controversial H-1B program—he has introduced two bills that would dramatically boost the issuances of H-1Bs. As recently as last year, Rubio introduced a bill—endorsed by Disney’s CEO Bob Iger via his immigration lobbying firm—that would triple the issuances of H-1Bs. Disney is one of Sen. Rubio’s top financial backers—having donated more than $2 million according to Open Secrets.

But the exchange on Disney also highlighted a weakness in the debate format and the billionaire as a candidate – neither CNN’s Dana Bash nor Trump came back to Rubio and asked him, “Why, if you are on the workers’ side, do you have a bill that would vastly expand the number H1B visas, the kind that are used to make it possible to fire the Disney workers?”

That’s when Ted Cruz went in for the kill.

CRUZ: …I've laid out a very, very detailed immigration plan on my website. We're going to build a wall, triple the border patrol. We're going to end sanctuary cities. And let me tell you how we're going to do that.

We're going to cut off federal taxpayer funds to any city that defies federal immigration laws.

CRUZ: We're going to end welfare benefits for anyone who is here illegally. And the thing to understand, Stephen, we can solve these problems. It's not that we don't know how to do it. It's that we're lacking the political will. Neither of the parties in Washington wants to do this.

The Democrats support illegal immigration because they view those illegal immigrants as potential voters and far too many of the Republicans are doing the bidding of Wall Street and the special interest and they view it as cheap labor.

CRUZ: We need instead leadership that works for the working men and women of this country. We need an immigration system that takes care of the jobs of the working men and women of this country.

Last night’s debate was probably Marco Rubio’s last stand and it showed once again that the reason Rubio is losing is not a lack of political skill or charm on his part – it is that his policies on immigration, amnesty for illegal aliens and support for the failed Obama-Clinton disasters in the Middle East are far out of synch with the views of the limited government constitutional conservative grassroots of the Republican Party.

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