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#NeverAmnesty #NeverRubio #NeverKasich


The Republican primaries have really come down to one issue: amnesty for illegal aliens.

Yes, there are many other important issues about which voters want and deserve answers, plans and policies from the candidates, but Senator Marco Rubio and Governor John Kasich chose to make today’s elections about amnesty for illegal aliens and they deserve to hear loud and clear from conservatives that we want no part of a candidate for President who will destroy this country by opening our borders and casting aside the sovereignty and culture that are the foundations of American exceptionalism.

In Marco Rubio voters (especially in his home state of Florida) know what they are getting – a longtime open borders and amnesty advocate who led the charge for the hated “Gang of Eight” amnesty for illegal aliens bill and who introduced the “I Squared” bill that gave incentives to companies to fire their American STEM and IT workers and replace them with cheap foreign “guest workers.”

In advancing the “I Squared” bill Rubio would have at least doubled the number of guest workers who threw his constituents at Disney in Orlando, Florida out of their jobs and who then caused these hardworking Americans to suffer the further humiliation of being forced by the company to train their foreign replacements.

Marco Rubio’s complete disregard for the plight of America’s country class families has now come home to roost as his victims are speaking out and showing up at his opponents' rallies to tell their stories.

And Rubio’s victims are not just suffering job loss.

The introduction of millions of illegal aliens into our society has cost the lives of thousands of innocent Americans.

As Dan Golvach said about his son Spencer's murder at the hands of an illegal alien: "Once this happens you’re going to have a very marginalized life at best. And thank you, United States government. I thought their first mandate was to protect us, but they’re just protecting their donors— and it’s treason."

Fortunately, it looks like Americans have figured out that treason is indeed a good word for Marco Rubio’s plan to steal our country and sell it to a cartel of greedy and self-interested Washington – Wall Street – Silicon Valley vampires.

That’s why the latest Marist/NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows Donald Trump dominating Rubio with a double-digit lead in Florida, 43-22 percent. 

The same poll shows anti-amnesty Senator Ted Cruz essentially tied with Rubio, at 21 percent. A separate CBS News 2016 Battleground Tracker poll shows Rubio slipping behind Cruz.

Ohio Governor John Kasich is, on the other hand, a late public convert to the cause of amnesty for illegal aliens, but he’s doing his best to surpass Rubio as he aims to be the replacement establishment candidate now that Rubio is faltering in his own home state.

Over the course of the campaign Governor Kasich has made a series of increasingly extreme statements on immigration that place him to the furthest leftward reaches of not just the GOP Presidential field, but the Democratic Presidential field as well.

In a desperate attempt to sweep up the support of the tech barons and oligarchs who are pulling out of Rubio’s failing campaign Kasich has gone even further than Rubio did at the height of the effort to force the hated Gang of Eight bill through Congress.

For instance, Kasich has said that enforcing our immigration laws and deporting the illegal immigrants is not “humane.” Kasich likened deportations to the Japanese internment camps of World War II.

Kasich has also pledged that he will enact amnesty within the first 100 days of his hoped-for Presidency– so instead of the Gang of Eight’s arcane decade-long process for “legalizing” illegal aliens Governor Kasich would legalize them in the first 100 days of a Kasich administration.

Meaning that those who support John Kasich’s presidential campaign are voting to enact the largest amnesty in U.S. history by April 30, 2017, less than a year from today.

But this should not puzzle readers of CHQ and Breitbart.

According to Breitbart's stellar immigration reporter Julia Hahn, the Center for Responsive Politics has documented that far-Left open borders billionaire George Soros, through his Soros Fund Management is one of John Kasich’s top financial contributors giving him over $200,000. (Click this link for more from Julia Hahn's reporting on John Kasich's Soros ties and cash)

And as we have documented in several articles, such as “John Kasich: The GOP Establishment’s Spare Prince” and “Who John Kasich Walks With Tells Us He’s No Conservative” and “Bush, Rubio and Kasich: The Establishment’s Whack-a-Mole Candidates” there is no difference in the policies and goals of John Kasich, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush – the Washington establishment and the Dark Lords of Silicon Valley all get the same plan for open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens in slightly different packaging.

As the polls open today, Tuesday, March 15, 2016 we urge our conservative friends to send Senator Rubio, Governor Kasich and their paymasters in DC, Wall Street and Silicon Valley three messages:  #NeverAmnesty  #NeverRubio  #NeverKasich.

To preserve American sovereignty and American exceptionalism vote Ted Cruz in today’s Republican primary elections.

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