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Part 1: What Should Conservatives Do if Trump Wins the Republican Nomination?

The results of the March 22 Republican presidential primary elections should focus the mind of every movement conservative leader and activist on the very real possibility that Donald Trump will hold a near-majority, or perhaps even an outright majority, of delegates when the Republican National Convention convenes in Cleveland on July 18. 

As things stand now Trump has 739 delegates, Senator Ted Cruz has 465, Marco Rubio who has suspended his campaign has 166, Governor John Kasich has 143 and the other candidates who have suspended their Donald Trumpcampaigns hold the remaining 15, with 6 uncommitted. (These numbers can and will shift due to varying state rules on how delegates must vote if their pledged candidate suspends his campaign.) 

While the math of delegate accumulation does not make a Trump outright victory inevitable, the math is on his side. 

And, contrary to the conventional wisdom, Trump has yet to hit a ceiling of support making his victory all the more likely.  

Trump won every county in Florida except Rubio’s home turf of Miami – Dade County. Despite the unprecedented efforts on behalf of favorite son Governor John Kasich by the Republican Party of Ohio, Trump also won the Appalachian periphery of Ohio where one might look for populist Republicans and Reagan Democrats. 

Furthermore, Senator Cruz’s attempt to form an alliance with the establishment to stop Trump has not produced the votes he needs to win a pre-convention majority. 

While the western primaries should be good for Senator Ted Cruz, it appears that he is not picking-up the public boost from elected officials and establishment political figures that would indicate a real honest “unity movement” that brings conservative-leaning elements of the Republican establishment together with movement conservatives to actually deliver delegates to Cruz. 

What I see on the part of Senator Cruz’s erstwhile establishment Republican allies is not an effort to deliver the nomination to him, but an effort to create a chaotic situation in which no outsider has a majority, thereby delivering to the Washington Cartel’s powerbrokers and insiders the ability to choose the nominee at the Convention. 

What’s more, the apparent end of the Republican debates has deprived Cruz of almost all of the traditional means to change the dynamics of the campaign. 

On the other hand, Trump’s increasing level of acceptance among Republican elected officials, and conservative leaders, puts him in a position of growing strength going into the upcoming primaries. 

This was especially true in the make or break state of Arizona. 

While Ted Cruz was endorsed by the highly respected Congressman Trent Franks and Arizona House Majority Leader Steve Montenegro and Arizona House Majority Whip David Livingston, as well as a dozen or more state legislators, these endorsements were for the most part the usual suspects from the cultural conservative wing of the Republican Party. 

Much as we wish it to be different, Senator Cruz has shown little growth beyond his anticipated cultural conservative base and that anticipated base has underperformed in state after state. 

Trump on the other hand has relentlessly pursued his immigration and “make America great” message. Trump’s support in Arizona grew rapidly on the strength of the endorsements of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and former Governor Jan Brewer, as well as Jeff DeWit, State Treasurer of Arizona, Bob Corbin, former Arizona Attorney General, Carol Springer, former State Treasurer of Arizona, and former Arizona State Senators Lori Klein, Robert Blendu and Thayer Verschoor.  

Trump won Arizona handily with a near-majority of 47 percent and his current cache of over 700 delegates pretty much seals the math against any other candidate approaching a majority of 1237 delegates going into the Republican National Convention.

If that indeed happens, then conservatives will have to face the reality of working with Donald Trump or opposing him at the GOP Convention. 

So what should conservatives do if Donald Trump is the Republican nominee? 

We see four convention and post-convention scenarios and today review the one that has received the most media attention; forming a Third Party and running a culturally conservative candidate against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Scenario #1: Oppose Trump and mount a Third Party campaign on behalf of a cultural conservative candidate.

In 1975, Ronald Reagan was approached by a number of leading conservatives, including ConservativeHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie, who wanted to launch a Third Party campaign with Reagan as the candidate.  

As Mr. Viguerie recounted in his book TAKEOVER, Reagan heard them out and then told them they were nuts because most of America’s conservative voters were Republicans and he did not believe enough of them were likely to abandon the GOP to allow him to win a general election. 

A lot has changed in the 40 years since Ronald Reagan came to that conclusion.  

Today, when Republican primary voters were asked in an exit poll if they felt betrayed by their Party leaders, in New Hampshire 47 percent of voters answered yes; in South Carolina it was 52 percent; in Florida 60 percent of Republicans felt betrayed; in Ohio 54 percent; North Carolina 57 percent; Illinois 50 percent, and in Missouri the number of Republicans who felt betrayed by their Party leaders was 58 percent. 

But those huge percentages of Republican voters don’t come anywhere near to accounting for a majority of the General Election electorate, nor is it clear that any credible conservative candidate, such as Ted Cruz, would come to a conclusion different from Ronald Reagan’s 1975 analysis. 

Setting aside the obvious challenge of funding a competitive campaign in an environment where the Democratic and Republican Party opponents would likely spend a combined total of over $2 billion, as they did in 2012, when Obama spent $1.123 billion and Romney spent $1.019 billion, the numbers just don’t add up for a candidate whose sole base is movement and especially cultural conservatives.

In 2012 about 117 million Americans voted in the presidential election, in 2008 about 125 million voted.

In 2008, white, born-again, Evangelical Christians represented 26 percent of the total vote for president, according to the exit polls. In 2012, white, born-again, Evangelical Christians represented 26 percent of the total vote for president, again according to the exit polls.  

After four years of Obama’s disastrous anti-religious policies we saw no change at all in the percentage of the electorate accounted for by Evangelical Christians; no net gain, certainly no surge, and no record Evangelical turnout, despite the vast effort expended on contacting and turning out faith-first voters. 

What’s more, when you zoom in a bit, according to Joel C. Rosenberg, you find that 21 percent of self-identified, white, born-again, Evangelical Christians voted for President Obama in 2012 – that means more than 6 million self-described “Evangelicals” voted for Obama.

It should also be noted that, despite his war on the Catholic Church, 50 percent of the Catholic vote went for Obama in 2012. This was down from the 54 percent that Obama won in 2008. 

Apropos of today’s political environment; 42 percent of the Evangelical votes in heavily Evangelical North Carolina went to Donald Trump, in Ohio, 39 percent of Evangelicals voted for Trump. 

The chief political correspondent for CBN News, David Brody, commented on what he calls Trump's "staying power" with evangelicals. In examining the March 15 “Super Tuesday II” results in Missouri – where Trump and Cruz battled to a virtual tie – Brody compared the votes of "cultural Christians" and "church-going die-hards." 

"Trump's evangelical appeal is NOT just with casual cultural Christians," the Christian journalist concluded. "Yes, it's his main portion; but by winning 31 percent of the 'church-going die-hards,' he [Trump] makes Missouri a competitive state rather than a simple Cruz victory.” 

“You see, Cruz has to pull a better number than 57 percent among the devoutly faithful crowd," Brody observed. "It's a solid number, but Trump beats Cruz solidly with the cultural Christian crowd ... so the only way for Cruz to win evangelical-heavy states is to run up the number among the 'more religious crowd.' He’s really not doing that, and that's made a HUGE difference." 

The final issue to be dealt with in this scenario is the myth of the 17 million (or 10 or 5 million) missing Christian voters.  

The argument is made every election that, if only we had a cultural conservative candidate, millions of hitherto absent Christian voters would show up and sweep a cultural conservative into the White House, but history has proven the idea that there are millions of “missing” Christian voters to be a myth.  

Putting principled cultural conservative Rick Santorum on the primary ballot didn’t draw them to the polls in 2012, running Baptist minister Mike Huckabee didn’t draw them to the polls in 2008 or 2016, neither did putting high profile TV evangelist Pat Robertson on the ballot in 1988.  

The reality is the millions of “missing” Christian voters are not missing.  

After thirty-six years, millions of dollars spent on Christian voter guides, hours spent leafleting churches and intense telephone, mail and social media campaigns it is time to recognize that these voters are not “missing,” they are simply Christians who do not vote.  

Counting on such people to power a Third Party campaign to victory is not merely the triumph of hope over experience, it is a fool’s errand that would have disastrous consequences for the preservation of constitutional liberty.  

The bottom line? 

Setting aside the fundraising challenge of competing in a $2 billion campaign, the numbers prove that there are simply not enough committed cultural conservative voters to guarantee defeat of Trump in the Republican Primaries, let alone defeat Trump and Hillary Clinton in a general election campaign.  

A Third Party presidential campaign led by cultural conservatives would most assuredly put Hillary Clinton in the White House, destroy the already shaky right-of-center coalition and seriously up the tempo of the Left’s war on constitutional government, religious liberty and traditional values. 

Tomorrow’s scenario: The “Benedict Option.” Should movement conservatives let the Republican establishment deal on its own with the Trump phenomenon it created and sit out the 2016 election?

CHQ Editor George Rasley is a member of American MENSA and a veteran of over 300 political campaigns, including every Republican presidential campaign from 1976 to 2008. He served as lead advance representative for Governor Sarah Palin in 2008 and has served as a staff member, consultant or advance representative for some of America’s most recognized conservative Republican political figures, including President Ronald Reagan and Jack Kemp. He served in policy and communications positions on the House and Senate staff and during the George H.W. Bush administration he served on the White House staff of Vice President Dan Quayle.

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Join forces!!!

I am voting for Trump, period. My mother is voting for Trump, too. So is ALL my conservative Republican family. Get with the program, party, or get lost in the dust!!!! We are SICK and TIRED of my elected representatives caving in to the Democrats/socialists/progressives/whatever they want to call themselves today. We need a man with BACKBONE -- SOMEONE NOT BOUGHT AND SOLD BY COMPANIES. Someone who represents US, the people! If Donald teams with Cruz, they would be unbeatable!!! So get with it, party, and get these two working together -- and QUIT stabbing us party regulars in the back because of OUR CHOICE!!!! TRUMP 2016!!!!

Republican nomination.

If we weren't dealing with two hard heads, it would be simple. Join forces. If this is not done, Hillary is our next president. Neither the RNC or DNC (they are joined at the hip) can afford any candidate who is not part of their cabal to gain the Republican nomination. This would severely jeopardize their business as usual. As it stands now both parties get to divide the spoils that big banks, big business, and big investors dole out for favorable legislation.

To have an outsider with the an honest regard for America to gain the highest seat in the world would simply be out of the question. therefore, neither Cruz nor Trump can be the nominee. All others are under the direct instruction of the "deep hierarchy" or "elite". The past eight years have cemented this entrenchment. That is why I chuckle sadly to myself about the debates, political ads and talking head rhetoric about the candidates.

We are going to have a race between Hillary and most likely Romney. Romney will lose again in a "close" rigged election. Iran has a fairer election system than ous has become. What a sad end to a great lady. Lady Liberty.

Our media is well aware of the state of affairs, but afraid.

Trump as shrew business man ???????

You would have a tough time convincing those that enrolled in Trump University
he's a shrewd business man. Shrewd con man is a better name . You would also have a tough time convincing the thousands that were taken to the cleaners when Trump executed his 4 bankruptcies that he proudly says were possible because he was only using the laws available to losers.

Never Hillary

I would not set at home in a corner sucking my thumb, that much is sure. Nor vote for Hillary Clinton. Never. We can not have this a evil minded post menopausal barking (epithet deleted) in the White House.


If he wins, and he just might, what we should do is SUPPORT HIM. Remember the dreck that is in power now. A full clorox washdown of DC is needed, starting with the Oval Office. Trump might pull it off.

Trump's nomination article by George Rasley

" What should conservatives do if Trump wins the Republican nomination?" Answer is simple respect the nomination and support Trump. Further do believe that Trump will win in the general election if he is supported by the Republican Party including the ultra conservatives of the party. One more point Gov. Kasich has been doing what John Kasich has been doing for decades, being a carrier politician. Gov. Kasich if he respected We the People would of dropped out of the race even before OH. Think that Gov. Kasich is in to the race for two reasons 1) he is gaining financially 2) he is in race to force a GOP selection in Cleveland. Neither of these options are honorable.

Republican nomination

I will be voting for Trump! Republicans should be backing him as well!

Never trump

I will NOT vote for Donald Trump. He is just like Obama. He says whatever here thinks the crowd he is addressing wants to hear. He has no moral foundation on which to fall back on to make the many decisions necessary as president of the United States of America. He has changed his stance so many times it impossible to keep up with what his actual views are. I will not support anyone that does not have a clear stand on the issues.

Trump, NOT Cruz

With a President Cruz we will have a Commander-in-Chief that will direct our military even though he has no military training. When he makes a mistake its "oops." Then he'll try again.

With a President Trump we will have a Commander-in-Chief that will first fire all the wimpy Generals and replace them with Generals who know how to fight a war to win with minimal losses on our side. If a general makes a mistake, Trump will replace him with someone who will do the job right.

Trump is a proven leader who knows how to get the job done.

Also, please remember that it was brilliant businessmen directing others that made America great in the past, once our Founders laid the foundation of our country.

John Wagner
Ann Arbor


I will be voting for Cruz in November either as the Republican presidential candidate or as a write in candidate. I will not be voting for an ignorant bully named Donald Drumpf. For too long the Republican Party has nominated a centrist candidate. Now with Drumpf we have, not a centrist, but a New York liberal. Sorry Republicans but if this is the best you can do, then count me out. I'm all in for Cruz!

Voting for Cruz no matter what.

With that scenario, Hillary wins and America dies

Donald Trump

Why are SO MANY conservatives SO scared of Donald Trump being our nest president. I am a Reagan Democrat and have voted Republican ever since. I am a born-again Christian and NOT at all afraid of Trump as our next president - if fact, I am looking FORWARD to this! He will be a breathe of fresh air in Washington where Democrat or Republican - it's ALWAYS "Business as Usual", as that fellow said above. And I for one am sick and tired of it - I'll bet you Donald Trump will not give our United States of America over to the one-worlders, so I for one will vote for him every chance I get. Come on people - if you're a conservative do NOT vote for Cruz - he's NOT going to make it and if he were to be our candidate he wouldn't beat 'ole HIllary But Trump would as he "knows where all the bodies are buried', so-to-speak and she won't stand a chance against him! A vote for Ted Cruz is a vote for Hillary and a vote for Bernie is a vote for HIllary! She and Bill CANNOT get into our White House again - besides all the BS we had to contend with while they were there, they took with them everything but the kitchen sink when they left - (and maybe they took that too!). This is NOT what our founders had in mind when they created our country and it IS our country - belongs ONLY to the people (Yes, Obama - this IS the truth - tho you have done everything you possible could to act as if it belonged to the one world crowd and I'm sure you were paid very well for how far you've sold us down-the-river in the last 7 years and 2 months!)


Here’s why we want Trump.  Yes he's a bit of an ass, yes he's an egomaniac, but we don't care. The country is a mess because politicians suck, the Republican Party is two-faced & gutless, and illegals are everywhere. We want it all fixed! We don't care that Trump is crude, we don't care that he insults people, we don't care that he had been friendly with Hillary, we don't care that he has changed positions, we don't care that he's been married 3 times, we don't care that he fights with Megan Kelly and Rosie O'Donnell, we don't care that he doesn't know the name of some Muslin terrorist.
This country is weak, bankrupt, our enemies are making fun of us, we are being invaded by illegal's, we are becoming a nation of victims where every Tom, Ricardo and Hasid is a special group with special rights to a point where we don't even recognize the country we were born and raised in, "AND WE JUST WANT IT FIXED" and Trump is the only guy who seems to understand what the people want. 
We're sick of politicians, sick of the Democrat Party, Republican Party, and sick of illegals. We just want this thing fixed. Trump may not be a saint, but doesn't have lobbyist money holding him, he doesn't have political correctness restraining him, all you know is that he has been very successful, a good negotiator, he has built a lot of things, he's also not a politician, and he's not a cowardly politician.  He says he'll fix it and we believe him because he is too much of an egotist to be proven wrong or looked at and called a liar.
Also we don't care if the guy has bad hair. 
 We just want things fixed. 

Trump for President

We the people are speaking LOUD AND CLEAR!! The Republican Party needs to LISTEN!! I have a minister, I don't need the leader of my country to be my minister. I need him to keep me and my family safe so I have the freedom to worship how I wish, feel safe to travel where I wish, keep our military strong so I feel safe and take care of our veterans the way NO ONE TO DATE has done!! The Republic Party needs to have his back because he is our best bet to save our country. The fact that he can't be bought by the party is a plus for the country...not a detriment

Trump winning the Primary

If MR. Trump wins the Primary and he will, WE should all get behind him. As the one person stated, We gave you the house and senate and you have not done your job! When Mr. Trump is elected and becomes President the house and senate can try and do there job if they have a problem with him, unlike how the have given the kid glove treatment to obama!!!!

Not sure what the fuss is about

The bottom line is, we hired deadbeats to represent us. So what do we do now? We fire them next term, hire someone else and get behind anyone going for President the people vote in to fight Hillary. Anyone - my dog - would be better than her.

RNC behind CRUZ

Why am I not surprised. They want someone they can control, even if he isn't an American born son. We signed a pledge when this thing began, and so did the RNC and candidates. Since TRUMP is way ahead of the last two running, and the RNC feels it is time to announce their backing, they have not kept their pledge. They are putting their support, not to endorse a man who doesn't qualify and can't get along with anybody in the political world, but to stop TRUMP. That is not honoring their pledge to get behind what the people want, and someone we know can beat Hillary. We lost standing behind Romney in good faith last time, and learned our lesson. We will not get behind a loser again, someone we have no taste or faith in. We will not vote for CRUZ or any candidate dredged up with electorates, and if you wish to lose, continue thinking we are the ones not keeping our pledge. We expect an about face and soon so we can get on with MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. No politicians owned by PAC or lobbyist money will or can beat Hillary. If we are expected to vote for anyone besides TRUMP, we won't and if it's CRUZ or Hillary, it won't make any difference. It is the same ticket.

Government "By the People"

Not by the party.

Let's get behind Trump. If Cruz beats him fair and square (by vote of the people), lets get behind Cruz. It the Establishment has other ideas, dump the establishment and vote for Trump.
We cannot allow the Republican Machine to derail us and get Hillary elected!


It is time for us to make a change at the National level that is in Washington DC; we republicans gave them the senate and congress for the
first time in many years. Have they done anything constructive; no it has
been politics as usual. Trump is the best candidate for the office of
President; what has TED Crus done except go along with the rest of the
politicians in essence not one darn thing.
We do not need a president who is owned by the lobbyist; do not think Trump
is perfect but who of us is. He, Trump, is what this country needs at this
time in history; just like an actor Ronald Reagan became a great president.

An American by birth
and Veteran by choicer


The people want someone who doesn't answer to privet interest! Donald Trump ls paying for his own and doesn't have to play that game. The grass roots don't like someone they can't control. We should back that. Do you want another 4 possible 8 years of Obama?


You should print out the Mark Levin Conservative Manifesto in his book
Liberty and Tyranny. Send copies to all the Congressmen and all candidates and lets' get a positive platform rolling.


If trump gets the nomination, then conservatives need to get behind him!!!! If they dont, then they are just another killary clinton puppet!!!!!

Donald Trump for President

I would hope all the conservatives get behind Donald Trump. He will be the best President this country has had in years. Every election we have backed the nominee whether or not we agreed. We have worked hard to get the majority in the House and Senate and they let us down. Now the conservatives should stop bellyaching and get on with it.

Donald Trump for President
He will make America Great Again!


Please go with the person who the people want. I do believe we will have a 3rd party run if you go against people. I realize you can change rules blah blah but I feel it will destroy party if it is done. I am 68 and recently change my party affiliation. I do not like what the Democratic party has become. I can tell you this if politics appear corrupt I will vote 3 rd party even though I believe that will put Democrat in office Cruz is not the man. Many have said they feel nauseated listening to him. Kasich is more concerned what he will be or get. He only knows one pronoun "I". I do believe Trump is conservative. We all change our beliefs and goals as I am sure you have. I sure would not want to follow my beliefs from my 20's


To me those so called conservatives who don't support the republican nominee are spoilers and are doing precisely what we the people have abhorred about the status quo politics and government.

Loretta Siani

Learn History at Hillsdale College

All you Cruz supporters need to learn your history as I have. I lived through WWII and just missed the planned invasion of Japan. I've also studied history at Hillsdale College.

Cruz is a young smart politician. I've had it with this kind of leadership. Trump is America's salvation, and anyone who doesn't recognize this just hasn't studied history.

America was made great in the 19th and 20th centuries to 1945 by the entrepreneurship of such men as Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Dow. Then look at a few in the early 20th century such as Boeing, Ford, and Higgins. Do any of you even know how Andrew Higgins (according to Eisenhower) won WWII? These are all businessmen who had very little knowledge of the businesses they created. But they were leaders -- just like Trump.

I've learned about Trump's nature enough to know that I trust him. Study your history folks and let the People decide the election instead of contriving ways to defeat Trump in an evil way.

John Wagner
Ann Arbor

Trade War

Apparently you didn't study History hard enough at Hillsdale. Japan bombed us at Pearl Harbor as a result of Sanctions we put on Japan, denying them Rubber, Iron and Fuel. Very Simplified: All of this started because Japan wanted to trade with China, and we didn't want to "share". In other words, Trade Wars start REAL WARS. Trump WILL start a Trade War with CHINA, Canada and Mexico. Migrant Workers WILL strike, there will be food shortages. How will you feel when there is NO Produce in the stores? There WILL be Food Riots. All of this and MORE, because Trump is a BULLY who can't handle NOT getting his own way. Like a BULL in a CHINA SHOP, Trump doesn't have the Finesse to solve any problem. He will be negotiating with POLITICIANS, but THESE Politicians are from OTHER COUNTRIES, and he won't be able to "buy them off" as he has done here in the USA. He WILL make things worse, that is if he can defeat Hillary, and for some reason, the Numbers consistently show...he can't.

Trade war

The sanctions were put on Japan for the very reason that Roosevelt was in over his head. He needed the war to distract from his failings as a leader. The men and old navy ships at Pearl were "expendable".
FDR thought that his dabbles in socialism would be enough to spur the economy. As with all experiments in socialism it failed. He had no business acumen, ignored his advisors, and bore on with a single purpose of mind. Sound familiar?

FDR meant well and did want the country to survive, However, by misinterpteting the evil and strength of Hitler, he invited the growth of Naziism, Familiar yet?zh During the thirties, FDR let our military wane in lieu of hand out programs. If he had not interfered with the gold standard and had urged our mighty industries to grow, the depression would have run out long before 1940.

A tremendous number of fine young men died due to the blind ideology of FDR. Luckily the industrial giants like GM, Ford, Boeing and hundreds of others were able to ramp up, produce war goods, and defeat two major enemies. One manufactured and one thought to be a JV. It has been said "study history, if you do not pay heed, it will be repeated". Let us pay heed.

Learn History...

If I recall...Higgins was a small time swamp boat builder from New Orleans area. He designed and built a shallow draft boat that could be used as a landing craft for the invasion of Europe...Could have gone to Wikipedia, but resisted the temptation...correct me if I am wrong. I agree TRUMP talks my language. Mike Wagner Milford P.S. I envy you your time spent at Hillsdale....truly the best of the best.

Learn istory

Mike Wagner (no relation) is not wrong, but Higgins's operation was not exactly small in the end. Mike should "YouTube" Andrew Higgins and watch factual accounts of the monumental contribution Higgins made to the WWII effort.

John Wagner (retired teacher)
Ann Arbor

The GOP has for the past

The GOP has for the past eight year's have had a problem of not listening to the will of the voters, not following thru on promises, and follwing the liberal political correctness that's plaguing this nation,
I think its time for the GOP to pull together and support the PEOPLES winner and start to come together and look forward.


The republicans need to unify behind Conservative principles. Get Mark Levin's book Liberty and Tyranny and make copies of his Conservative Manifesto
and send it to everyone you know.