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Trump and Cruz Getting Suckered into Destroying Each Other

The “War on the Wives” between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, that has grown increasingly cruel over the past week, should have conservatives and their populist allies asking “Cui bono?” an old Latin legal term meaning “Who benefits?” from the hostility that now threatens the hoped-for anti-establishment alliance at the Republican National Convention. 

And the answer of course is that only the Republican establishment and the Washington Cartel whose destruction a Cruz and Trump alliance would accomplish benefit from the war that is breeding this intensely Trump and Cruzpersonal hostility. 

So, let’s take a look at where this all came from and how it started – and who started it. 

The War on the Wives began when “Make America Awesome,” an independent Super PAC (really more of a fundraising mill) run by liberal establishment Republican consultant Liz Mair, ran an ad attacking Donald Trump through his wife, Melania. 

You may recall we told you all about Liz Mair and her liberal past and record of failed campaigns when Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker briefly hired her before his campaign tanked. See “Gov. Walker: Who You Walk With Tells Conservatives Who You Are," “Scott Walker and the Establishment Republican Consultant Problem,” “Exposing the Unseen Hand Wrecking the GOP” and “Where’s The Establishment GOP’s #NeverHillary Hashtag?”. 

The ad repurposed a British GQ spread promoting Trump’s brand in which Mrs. Trump appeared to be nude, adding the tag line “Meet Melania Trump. Your Next First Lady.” (We’ve noted this spread ourselves, but our critique is what using women in this manner says about Trump, not Mrs. Trump.) 

Mair put a $400,000 buy behind the digital ad which appeared right before the March 22 primaries mostly in Utah, but also apparently in Arizona as well. 

The result, entirely predictable to anyone who has been observing Trump and his campaign, was that Trump unloaded both barrels against Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi – and in a personal, juvenile and mean attack that is the signature of the Trump Team. 

Naturally, Cruz responded with “lay-off my wife” just as he did when the establishment media attacked his children back during the Christmas holidays. 

And then the phony “Cruz is having multiple affairs” story appeared in the National Enquirer, the august journal of public policy and news whose normal content is spurious articles about Hollywood celebrities and space aliens. 

Unfortunately, for the anti-establishment cause Cruz (understandably) took the bait and attacked Trump for planting the story and has now declined to say that he will support whomever the GOP nominee is — something he'd been promising for months.  

"I don't make a habit out of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my family, and Donald Trump is not going to be the Republican nominee," Cruz told reporters Friday afternoon according to Patrick Svitek of the Texas Tribune, his clearest suggestion yet that he could not back the billionaire if he is the GOP's standard-bearer in the general election. 

Cui bono? 

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, the two smartest guys in the contest for the GOP presidential nomination, are being played for suckers by the Republican establishment and their allies in the Washington Cartel. 

The establishment’s goal is to sow as much chaos as possible in the lead-up to the Republican National Convention so that no candidate reaches the magic number of the 1237 delegates necessary to win the nomination on the first ballot. 

At that point the insiders of the Republican establishment will step in to choose their preferred candidate (our money is on House Speaker Paul Ryan) to derail the populist conservative revolution now threatening the establishment stranglehold on Washington. 

Healing the cuts from this latest round of attacks won’t be easy, especially in an environment where one player (Trump) says he never apologizes or asks forgiveness. 

Grassroots Trump and Cruz supporters need to be smart about who the real political enemy is in this contest – it is the Republican establishment, not the other anti-establishment candidate. By turning the remainder of the Republican primaries into a hate-filled personal vendetta Trump and Cruz are playing right into the establishment’s hands.

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prospect of trump presidency

Any American citizen who is paying attention to what is happening between trump and Cruz at the moment should consider the following.
First, Cruz can not legally have any dealings with the super pac that put out the picture of trump's wife. He can condemn it but can not tell the super pac to cut it out because that may appear that there is some connection between him and the super pac that would put him in a predicament with the election laws. The best that Cruz could do and should do is to put out a blanket statement informing any of his supporters not to participate in this kind of activity because it only takes away from his message and his campaign.
Second, if what we are seeing from trump over the past 6 months or so is any indication of what we will see over the next for years of a trump administration does not scare the hell out of people then we as a nation are in real big trouble.
It is easy to agree with many of his policies but we should understand that how he acts now will only be 10 fold worse if he does get elected. He can call it being tough, I call it low class.
Can anyone imaging four years of trump calling everyone who disagrees with him a liar and using the position of the Presidency to personally destroy those who he disagrees with?

Trump's poison

How is a candidate to defend themselves against false accusations then? Of course that is what is getting all the airtime and Internet space, but Senator Cruz is continuing on with his events and speeches that are on the issues that the people are interested in hearing about. Mr. Trump and his campaign are due the fault of this whole mess and will die by his lies and poison as the polls are already showing.

And if the GOPe Dopes steal the nomination, they lose

Just like Romney lost the last election as much for Papa 'Gnome' Sununu's last minute stacking of the rules against Ron Paul, as for any flaws the candidate possessed, with a few million staying home in disgust, any obvious tampering with the nomination this time will result in many millions staying home, or writing in other names, in disgust.

I have thought from the beginning, that the nation's bet hope of sticking it firmly to the establishment is for Trump and Cruz to maintain a civil alliance, and be ready to pool their delegates at the convention.

That also happens to be the best way for the nation to survive a possible Trump presidency - having Cruz as the administration's conscience.

And if the GOPe Dopes steal the nomination,l they lose

In response to mike on Mon, 03/28/2016, - 08:26.
You would be correct if the GOP manipulates the system to get someone to be nominated who has not been a candidate thus far.
However, if you are saying that if trump does not have the requisite number of delegates at the time of the convention in the first round of voting and Cruz or God forbid Kasich gets the nomination you are WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.
There is a legitimate reason they have a number designated as being necessary to be nominated, it is called having the majority of delegates.
It is obvious to any rational person that if there were not 17 candidates running for President on the GOP side trump would not be in the lead since the majority of voters have voted against trump and for other candidates.
The system is and I believe has always been that after the first vote if there is not a single candidate with the required delegates there is a second vote and all the delegates are free to vote their conscience. That is where the wheeling dealing comes in and if you support trump then you know the blowhard says he can make the best deals well lets see him start at the convention at the second vote.
The real question here is who is trying to circumvent and change the system the GOP or trump who wants to gain the nomination without having the majority of delegates? Perhaps both are and we should demand that the GOP stop trying to get a non candidate nominated and the candidates accept the system as it is set up and abide by the vote whether it is the first vote or the 10th vote.