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#IslamBloodyIslam Should This Billboard Be Removed?

A billboard critical of Islam posted along Seashore Avenue in Anastasia Island, near Jacksonville, Florida, has sparked an online petition calling for its removal and generated worldwide opposition to any speech that is critical of Islam. 

The idea that any criticism of Islam or introspection into its doctrines is prohibited on pain of death is an essential element of Sharia, or Islamic law.  

Islam Bloody IslamMore and more Islam relies on Western political correctness to self-censor and impose Sharia on itself, thus undermining constitutional guarantees of freedom of speech and prohibitions against the establishment of religion. 

Such is the case in Florida where Ayman El-Sawa, a member of the Islamic Center in St. Augustine, told, that he plans to meet with local government and St. Augustine Beach Mayor Rich O’Brien to discuss the billboard. 

“I believe as an activist, we should work with our local government,” El-Sawa said according to reporter Emelia Hitchner. “I believe every great thing that has happened in this great country happened because people came together and worked with the government.” (emphasis ours) 

Worked with the government to do what?  

End constitutional guarantees of freedom of speech and prohibit telling the truth about Islam and Muslim culture is what it sounds like to us. 

Consider that in the aftermath of the Garland, Texas Islamist terrorist attack, and a subsequent “fatwa” or Muslim religious order pronouncing a death sentence against Pamela Geller, an organizer of the Garland cartoon event, America’s major media spent weeks trying to establish moral equivalence between telling the truth about Islam, and its political ideology Islamism, and so-called “hate speech.” 

“Hate speech” is an extra-constitutional term that has been invented by the Left to silence anyone who defends Western Judeo-Christian values and culture. 

Our friend Diana West calls this “The Islamization of the Mind,” and she’s right; it is here and it is spreading through the self-imposed Sharia compliance of the establishment media. West says this is a low-ebb marker reflecting the extent to which their fellow-citizens in media and politics prefer to embrace "dhimmitude" (non-Muslim compliance with Sharia) rather than support the defenders of their own God-given liberties. 

As I see it, Islam, and its bizarre medieval Sharia practices, such as sentencing homosexuals to death by slow hanging (Iran) or throwing them from roof tops (the Islamic State) and killing women who “dishonor” their families (the United States and Worldwide) cannot withstand scrutiny according to the western philosophical principles upon which our culture is based and that are inimical to liberty under the Constitution of the United States. 

To say that expressing that analysis is “hate speech” is likewise inimical to the Constitution and reflective of the weird cultural self-loathing that is the stock and trade of the kind of far-Left “hate America” crowd that just can’t seem to grasp that two of their most sacred secular tenets, feminism and legal protection for homosexuality, are among the most intense conflicts between Islam and their post-modern secularism. 

Your God-given rights to freedom of religion, freedom of thought, freedom of speech and freedom of conscience are under grave threat, not just from Islamists seeking to impose their culture and way of life on us, but from the cowardice of America’s elite. Only the vigilance of America’s country class can prevent the further advance of Sharia compliance in America.  

We urge you to join us at CHQ and the small group of defenders of free speech and constitutional liberty here in America, who stand on the front lines of the very real fight for liberty against followers of Islam's creed of violence, repression, and exploitation of women, children and non-Muslims by downloading and posting an image of this billboard to social media using the hashtag #IslamBloodyIslam. 

George Rasley is editor of Richard Viguerie's He has studied Islamic culture for forty years, lived in a Muslim majority country and travelled extensively in the Muslim world. A veteran of over 300 political campaigns, he served on the staff of Vice President Dan Quayle and as spokesman for now-Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee Mac Thornberry. He has served as a staffmember or consultant to some of America’s most recognized conservative political figures. He is a member of American MENSA and studied international relations at Worcester College, Oxford.

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No the billboard should stay. t's reckoning time with islamic special interests in the USA. They must assimilate or go down and out.


The terror this political organization represents is world wide. They are determined to mimic the God of the Jews and the Jesus of the Christians. Mohammed wanted to be like Jesus over 300 years after Christ. They are barbaric and the only thing they understand is results not threats . We allow them into other nations and they destroy them with the sharia law and thier pedipholic values.They are heathens and only want immediate pleasure, they even reward after death to those that kill themselves virgin women for their pleasure. Leave the sign it is one of many things we should do to combat Islam and the muslim president and the muslim loving candidate Hillary.

Keep it up!!

“The Mohammedan conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history and said to be the greatest holocaust the world has ever known spanning 800 years of brutal murder. The Islamic invasion didn't stop in the 1700's.
At some point in the 2020s, India will be home to more Muslims than any other country in the world.

Muslims also invaded Europe just after the fall of Rome which resulted in a series of crusades to push them back.
And now again in recent years Muslims are invading Europe with increased general crime, rape and murder in their wake. Pakistan and Indonesia Muslim population has also sharply risen. Everywhere the population of Islam grows so does the violence and intolerance for anything other than brutal Sharia law.

So.. I think this billboard should stay up as long as we can keep it there as a warning to those who don't know history .. that they should study it more carefully. Be warned!


First, the politically correct progressives fail to understand that not all of humanity sees and views life the same as we do in the western world.

Second, there is a clash of cultures once again brewing in the world whether the progressives want to accept it or even acknowledge it.
The radical Islamic terrorists understand they can not win in an all out war with the west so they are satisfied creating havoc on the western culture and understanding that time is on their side if they are patient. They fully understand that they can beat us by just waiting and watching, watch the millions of muslims immigrating to the west or as is now happening forcing their way into countries as refugees.
The claim that they are assimilating in the United States of America is a façade. They come here and begin their slow but steady movement to convert American citizens and push their religious customs on America. I believe there has been surveys showing that even the moderate muslims want sharia law to be the law around the world.
This sign explains and defines the islamic religion and those who practice the worst aspects of the religion as it was practiced in the time of mohammed. Unlike the Christian religion the islamic religion has never had a reformation.
There was just another story about a Restaurant in Vermont that put up a sign in a public space advertising beacon and a muslim women complained because muslims do not eat port so the restaurant took the sign down. No wonder people have islamophobia when they come to our country and attempt to use political correctness to control our culture and our society based on their religion.
What the progressives fail to understand is that the so called moderate muslims play a big part in transforming America, when we have to change what we do to placate the islamic religion in America then we have taken the first step to conversion or death. Either the physical death of ourselves or the death to our culture and our nation as it was created in 1776.
If being a patriotic American citizen who wants to protect our country and our culture equals islamophobia then call me islamophobic.


No it should not be removed... this belief in Sharia Laws is not compatible with the USA laws and we as Americans do not believe in honor killing and do not want our courts to give the Sharia laws a pass on religious beliefs


We should have more of these all across America!

Muslim Cult

This is not a Religion, its a cult that preaches Lying to the Infidel and if you don't believe in what they believe they enslave, extort or murder you. That is a Muslims Religion and what I call a Lunatic Cult. Any one who worships the Koran is a Terrorist and needs to be expelled from our Country. They want our Laws repealed and Sharia Law it its place, they do not want to join America they want to destroy America. Get out of my Country!!!! Vietnam Vet

P.S. Examples are all over Europe and even here now where the FKing DemoRAT/Liberls has allowed Sharia Laws to be established in our Courts in 4 States.