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Scott Brown Money Bomb Raises $1.3 million in One Day

That shaking noise you're hearing is the uncertain hands of Democratic Party leaders in Massachusetts trying to pick up the pieces of the failing Senate campaign of Martha Coakley. The special election to fill Senator Ted Kennedy's seat in the United States Senate  will be held a week from today on January 19, and all the momentum is with conservative Republican Scott Brown.

Here's the latest: Yesterday, the Brown campaign held a "money-bomb" fundraising event, and raised $1.3 million. I don't know for sure, but that might be some sort of a record.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, here's how Wikipedia defines a "money-bomb."

The term "money-bomb was "coined in 2007 to describe a grassroots fundraising effort over a brief fixed time period, usually to support a candidate for election by dramatically increasing, concentrating, and publicizing fundraising activity during a specific hour or day. The term was first applied to a supporter-led fundraiser on behalf of presidential candidate Ron Paul, in which context the Mercury News described a moneybomb as being "a one-day fundraising frenzy". The effort combines traditional and Internet-based fundraising appeals focusing especially on viral advertising through online vehicles such as YouTube, Myspace, Meetup, and online forums. In the case of lesser-known candidates it is also intended to generate significant free mass media coverage the candidate would otherwise not receive. Moneybombs have been used for grassroots fundraising and viral activism over the Internet by several 2008 presidential candidates in the United States. It continues to emerge as an important grassroots tool leading up to the 2010 midterm elections in the United States. Check source here.

Our sources on the ground in Massachusetts tell us that Brown is within the margin of polling error, and is closing fast.

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