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The Devil and John Boehner

Courtesy of former Speaker of the House John Boehner the Devil has made a sudden and surprising reentrance into American politics after being banished for years by political correctness. 

“Lucifer in the flesh,” is how Boehner described Texas Senator Ted Cruz during a recent commentary at Stanford University. Boehner went on to say that while he would vote for Donald Trump or fellow Ohioan John Kasich he would not vote for Ted Cruz were he to become the Republican nominee for President. 

John BoehnerBoehner’s choice to equate Senator Cruz with Satan drew quick rebukes from a variety of conservative leaders, including CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie. 

In an interview with’s Barbara Hollingsworth Mr. Viguerie said, “I guess Boehner must be very well-acquainted with the Devil because if there’s anyone whose duplicity and fecklessness put the Republican Party through hell over the past six years and consigned it to its present state of political purgatory, it is John Boehner.” 

“It’s ridiculous,” Family Research Council president Tony Perkins said when CNSNews asked him to comment on Boehner’s remarks. “Ted Cruz was simply doing what he campaigned on, and that’s anathema to congressional Republicans like John Boehner, who campaigned on the same issues and never did anything about them." 

But “Boehner may know something about [Lucifer] because he carried a lot of policies that Satan would embrace, such as funding Planned Parenthood,” Perkins pointed out. 

“I think it is a further indication that the creatures of Washington are more interested in preserving their power than saving the country and they truly resent that Ted Cruz shined a spotlight on them,” Erick Erickson, conservative talk radio host and editor of The Resurgent, told CNSNews. 

“Former Speaker of the House John Boehner shame on you!” Franklin Graham tweeted. “You had no business calling @TedCruz ‘Lucifer in the flesh’ – this is an embarrassment.” 

“This level of discourse is disappointing, especially coming from a former party leader like Speaker Boehner. All members of our party—and especially our leaders—should be above calling each other names, let alone accusing each other of being Satan,” Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) told Hollingsworth. 

Americans who went to school when American history was taught without political correctness and when the values of Western Civilization and the American Founding were inculcated as part of those history lessons may recall the short story “The Devil and Daniel Webster,” by Stephen Vincent Benét. 

In the story Daniel Webster was called upon to plead a case before a judge and jury of the damned to defend a man named Jabez Stone, who had sold his soul to the Devil. Unlike the inarticulate Boehner, Daniel Webster was certainly among the greatest orators ever to serve in Congress, and also unlike the feckless Boehner, Webster was thought by many to be the greatest man of his day.

However, there is one similarity between Boehner and Webster; in the years before the Civil War Daniel Webster was the architect, along with Henry Clay and John Calhoun, of a number of political compromises which were intended to save the Union. Like John Boehner he was criticized for being a compromiser, but Mr. Boehner apparently never read Benét’s story, or if he did he missed its lessons entirely.

The key part of the story comes toward the end of the trial when Daniel Webster was about to give his summation:

It got to Dan'l in the end, and he began to heat, like iron in the forge. When he got up to speak he was going to flay that stranger with every trick known to the law, and the judge and jury too. He didn't care if it was contempt of court or what would happen to him for it. He didn't care anymore what happened to Jabez Stone. He just got madder and madder, thinking of what he'd say. And yet, curiously enough, the more he thought about it, the less he was able to arrange his speech in his mind. Till, finally, it was time for him to get up on his feet, and he did so, all ready to bust out with lightnings and denunciations. But before he started he looked over the judge and jury for a moment, such being his custom. And he noticed the glitter in their eyes was twice as strong as before, and they all leaned forward. Like hounds just before they get the fox, they looked, and the blue mist of evil in the room thickened as he watched them. Then he saw what he'd been about to do, and he wiped his forehead, as a man might who's just escaped falling into a pit in the dark. 

For it was him they'd come for, not only Jabez Stone. He read it in the glitter of their eyes and in the way the stranger hid his mouth with one hand. And if he fought them with their own weapons, he'd fall into their power… 

In his denunciation of Ted Cruz as “Lucifer in the flesh,” in busting out with “lightnings and denunciations” against Cruz, and the millions of honest limited government constitutional conservative citizens who support him, John Boehner fell into the pit that Daniel Webster avoided, and if he hadn’t sold his soul to the Devil long ago, he’s certainly in Old Scratch’s power now. 

Click here to read “The Devil and Daniel Webster” by Stephen Vincent Benét.

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john boehner and the devil

john boehner looked into the eyes of Senator Ted Cruz and saw Lucifer it was in reality his own reflection.