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Mr. Trump, Bad Things Happen to the GOP When Conservatives Are Unhappy



Donald Trump seems to have become the latest in a long line of Republican candidates for president who allowed themselves to be confused about what it takes for the GOP to win the White House.

The Republican establishment thought Jerry Ford, Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney, George H.W. Bush in 1992 and Richard Nixon in 1960 could all win without committing themselves to conservative principles.

And we all know how well President Romney worked out.

Trump seems to making the mistake of assuming that conservatives are merely a “wing” of the Republican Party, perhaps like sugar growers or angora goat ranchers, whose votes can be had by making a deal or promises to protect or restore their federal subsidies.

Let’s get something straight – conservatives aren’t a wing of the Republican Party – we ARE the Republican Party.

We may not hold all of the levers of power in the Party apparatus or even have a majority of votes at a given Republican National Convention, but adherence to our principles decides who wins the November election.

And it’s the principles, not the rhetoric that matter.

Even an insider like former Senator Bob Dole recognized that he must come to terms with conservatives saying “If they want me to be Ronald Reagan, I’ll be Ronald Reagan.”

Dole thought he could shut conservatives up by putting pro-growth economic conservative Jack Kemp on the ballot as his running mate and then spending the rest of the election in a content-free bubble while his highly paid consultants looted the campaign.

Dole’s loss to Bill Clinton should be a lesson to Donald Trump about how important conservative policies and principles are to generating the conservative enthusiasm necessary to defeat the Clinton machine.

Likewise, the decidedly anti-conservative Senator John McCain thought he could finesse conservatives by choosing a genuine conservative, Governor Sarah Palin, as his running mate. Palin electrified what had been a lackluster Republican National Convention.

Once on the campaign trail, at huge rallies across the conservative heartland, her advocacy of a “drill baby drill” energy policy and her unqualified commitment to the right-to-life drew larger and more enthusiastic crowds than McCain ever did.

The response of McCain’s campaign team was to engage in content-free personal attacks on Obama and to try to stifle Palin’s advocacy of conservative principles, even as the candidate himself supported policies, such as the Wall Street bailout, that were anathema to conservative principles.

The result was a muddled campaign that left many right of center voters, especially libertarian leaning conservatives, wondering to where the maverick John McCain who had taken on the Republican establishment on their issues had disappeared.

You would think that the examples of not-the-President Romney, not-the-President McCain and not-the-President Dole would have convinced the Republican establishment that conservatives do have other places to go and things to do when the GOP nominates a candidate who won’t stand for conservative principles.

However, for most of the past 50-years (really the past century as I outlined in my book TAKEOVER) the Republican establishment has held the attitude “where else are they going to go” when conservatives demanded that Republican candidates for president campaign as conservatives and adhere to the principles the GOP espoused in its platform.

But conservatives do have other places to go between now and Election Day: I know I’ve got a 100-year-old apple orchard on the farm that needs tending, a bunch of grandchildren to keep me young and, while I’d never fail to vote, those Wednesday evenings given over to precinct meetings might be better spent at church.

Conservatives are getting restless and waiting to see if Donald Trump will break the cycle of Republican failure and commit to campaigning and governing according to conservative principles.

Bad things happen in the GOP when conservatives are unhappy. And Mr. Trump, being a lot smarter than his media detractors give him credit for, should be able to figure that out, even if it eluded the out-of-touch establishment Republicans who have opposed him at every turn.

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Trump or Hilary

I find Trump's attacks on Hilary rather ironic. It is not that they are not merited. But maybe he should clean up his own midden before attacking hers! Yes, Bill is a serial (philanderer, rapist, womanizer, sexist pig?). You fill in the word. However, Trump has boasted -- not just admitted, but boasted -- of his exploits such as sleeping with the wives of his friends. In a disgusting segment of one of the debates he crudely boasted about the size of his sexual anatomy and his virility.

He has attacked Hillary's integrity and conduct with enriching herself monetarily. Well, Donald, your integrity does not seem to be any better than hers! He has very publicly and repeatedly boasted about how much money he has given to officials from both parties to buy their votes, influence, or concessions, etc. whenever such might be needed.

He has flip flopped on just about all issues important to conservatives both recently and repeatedly. When questioned about this he had the nerve to say that he was changing and would probably continue to change. He didn't say in which direction he planned to change. Well, it is pretty hard to vote for a political chameleon who changes to fit whatever situation he is in, and probably depending on who he happens to be with.

Add to all that his personal demeanor and conduct. Shouting, bullying, and/or calling people names. He repeatedly called Sen. Cruz "Lyin' Ted". And why did he do this? Because Cruz quoted Trump,s very words that Trump couldn't defend concerning one of his flip flops. Trump publicly slandered a man for telling an unwelcome truth! Trump is an obnoxious, lying, bullying, narcissist!

Who is the worse - Hillary or Trump? Not sure. We pretty much know what we have with Hillary, and none of it is good. With Trump, I don't think we really know all of his villainy, but it is sure to come out in this campaign.

Not sure who stinks the most - Hillary or Trump!

conservative values

I feel like the writer is missing the point of Trump. For years it seemed all that conservatives could talk about was abortion, gay marriage, and religious freedom. But now the country is being crushed by the lack of jobs, uncontrollable immigration, and concerns about the Islamization of the West. Add to that the complete failure of the Republicans in Congress to do anything right in Obama's entire Presidency. If we don't fix these, and soon, we won't have a country left. Trump is the only one who understands how free trade killed our job and will do the one thing that will bring jobs back: tax imports again. He is the only candidate you can believe will stop illegal immigration and build a wall. And he is the only candidate who opposes Muslim immigration. Nobody else gets these things.

Conservative Values

Trump has already backed down from his positions while running. He is going to increase the minimum wage, tax "the rich," increase taxes on others, etc. Conservatives are about freedom -- that is their main agenda. Trump will make deals with anyone and everyone. He is a crony. He buys people off. Always has; always will. That will not work as the president. I think people voted for him (and many of them were Democrats, as is he) because they think he is a businessman. They want the country run like a business. It is not a business. It has to be run as the Constitution intended. That is what has happened to us. The Government (GOP & Democrats) has been running everything. They are not running the country as intended. And they don't want to. Trump is not a savior. He is a Democrat and always has been. He does not belong on the Republican ticket.