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Political Correctness Defeated (Temporarily) General Boykin Reinstated

After bowing to complaints by a handful of gender-bending Leftists and relieving retired LTG Jerry Boykin of his teaching duties over remarks he made in opposition to Obama’s same-sex bathroom policies, Hampden-Sydney College has reversed course and invited General Boykin back for a tenth year teaching in the College's Military Leadership and National Security minor as James C. Wheat Professorship of Leadership. 

This looks like a big win in the battle against the insanity of political correctness, but a close reading of the Obama restroomsCollege’s statement tells us that it is at best a temporary victory. 

In the Facebook post of the announcement regarding General Boykin’s reinstatement, Interim President Dennis Stevens said he was pleased that General Boykin will be with Hampden-Sydney for one more year

Stevens’ statement further announced that “at the end of the 2016-2017 academic year, the College will continue with its plan to restore the Wheat Professorship to short-term appointments in order to bring multiple perspectives on leadership to its students.” 

What do you bet that the next James C. Wheat Professor of Leadership will be a social justice warrior of some sort, as opposed to a genuine American hero and warrior like Jerry Boykin? 

When General Boykin said jokingly, "...the first man who goes in the restroom with my daughter will not have to worry about surgery" he wasn’t just speaking for himself. 

Comments similar to what General Boykin said have been posted on Facebook and sent via Twitter thousands of times, but chastising these normal, but otherwise anonymous Americans wouldn’t have the same chilling effect on freedom of speech and thought as bringing down a real American hero for advocating what millions of American parents think, hence the campaign to discredit General Boykin and terminate his employment with the private liberal arts college. 

And like Target, Starbucks, and other supporters of Obama’s bathroom edict, Hampden-Sydney College caved-in to political correctness and complied with the radical’s demands – even though they were based on a gross mischaracterization of Boykin’s remarks. 

Attempting to intimidate Jerry Boykin is obviously a fool’s errand. With a distinguished career in the military and public service behind him – in addition to commanding the Army’s elite Delta Force he also served as United States Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence – he long ago proved he is immune to intimidation. 

But General Jerry Boykin isn’t the actual target of the far-Left’s intimidation tactics – their target is you

What they want to do is intimidate Moms and Dads out in Real America; they want you to be afraid to oppose allowing men into the women’s restroom, locker room and shower and to sit down, shut up and accept their remaking of American society and culture because you’re afraid of losing your job. 

And this battle is not and never has been about those few individuals in our society that have “transitioned” from one sex to another. Courts and society have determined that people have the civil right to control their own bodies and appearance, thus changing one’s sexual appearance is allowed, if not universally embraced or recognized as a choice a mentally healthy person would make. 

This battle is about the dangerous predators that will use this mandate to accept gender fluidity to enter any place where a woman has the right to expect privacy and security.  

Ultimately, this battle is not about what happened to General Jerry Boykin at one small college in Virginia. The real issue is stopping the insanity that endangers the women and girls that we care about in our lives and standing up to the attempts to normalize the abnormal through the vicious imposition of political correctness in speech and thought. 

We hope that all who read this will fight this attempt to intimidate cultural conservatives wherever they find it and, like General Jerry Boykin, take a stand to protect our wives, mothers, and daughters/granddaughters from these assaults on their privacy and safety.

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Think I'm beginning to smell the handwriting on the wall at HSC........hope not!

Women victims once again

This is an assault against women and thair rights simply put. What woman has signed on for this peep show? What little girl wants boys in her bathroom, in her shower, in her dressing room? What parent volunteered this mandate for their daughters?

No parent who has a female child and is normal can support this new agenda of the left. Shame on our nation for allowing this abuse of women. Create a third bathroom if you must but do not heap this injustice on the women of our country.

Women have been treated like second class citizen's for decades and longer and have fought hard to change their futures and move on. This is definitely a step backwards. I can not believe this is being accepted and approved. Women are half the country, why are they not screaming about this? Utterly disgusting and being allowed for a few transgender souls. Something is dreadfully wrong with this picture and definitely this does detract from the women's score card on gender bias.

Why is it only over letting men who are confused about their identity that are allowed access to women's private places. I can tell you why. Cause men if grabbed or molested would fight back and likely harm any other man who attempted any thing of that nature. Women and girls are less of a threat physically and as usual are more than likely going to be the victim of said gender confused men or so they claim.

This falls in the FED UP category. Enough is enough. Vote these demented elected officials who allowed this terrible decision to proliferate out of office the moment they run for reelection. Remove them and remove this illegal edict of this idiot sitting in the White House.

The new reality

Seems that we as a nation should be able to accept people for who they are but at the same time we should be able to accept that people do not have to bow down to the political correct crowed and accept every demand that they make.
There were recent articles suggesting the transgender people are somehow mentally ill, probably not far off as it was compared to ultra thin people mostly females believing they are fat.
So we should be able to accept that perhaps the transgender do actually have a mental problem and treat them accordingly but we do not have to accept their desire to use the incorrect bathroom from which they were born.
It is good to see this University see the errors of their way and invite General Boykin back to teach.