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Would You Fly On This American Airlines Plane?

The growing indications that the downing of EgyptAir Flight 804 was a terrorist attack and the revelation that the aircraft was vandalized with the threat “We will bring this plane down” scrawled in Arabic demand that a host of questions be answered by President Barack Obama, Speaker Paul Ryan and the rest of the advocates of unlimited Muslim immigration to America. 

And not the least of these questions is “Would you fly on the American Airlines plane in the photographs accompanying this article?” 

Muslims airportReliable estimates of the number of Muslims living in the United States are hard to come by since the census does not ask religious affiliation questions; 2.75 million* to 5 million, or .9 to 1.6 percent of the population seems to be a reasonable estimate. However, anyone who flies regularly and passes through the airports of our major cities will recognize that Sharia compliant Muslims are over-represented in the airport service staff.  

Indeed, in my own experience, the only two places I regularly see Sharia-compliant Muslims are at a suburban DC shopping center near a mosque with documented terrorist associations and at DC’s Ronald Reagan National Airport. 

This over-representation of Sharia-compliant Muslims in airports is even more alarming when set against the backdrop of the known goal of the Muslim Brotherhood to plant operatives to gain access to critical infrastructure, such as airports and nuclear power plants. 

Thus it should come as no surprise that Kuwait-born Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, the Muslim terrorist who killed four American military personnel in Chattanooga, Tennessee had applied for a job at an electric utility and that the San Bernardino, California Muslim terrorist Syed Rizwan Farook worked for the local government and as a health department employee may have had access to all kinds of information on soft targets in the San Bernardino County metro area. 

What is even more worrying, however, is the anecdotal evidence that American “refugee” resettlement organizations, that make millions placing so-called refugees in homes and jobs at taxpayer expense, target airport services in their placement efforts.  

Anecdotally, we know that 5 or 6 Muslim refugees have been placed recently in various capacities at Washington, DC’s Dulles Airport: in an airline customer service office, with Sky Chef caterers, and with Gate Gourmet caterers.   

So why, after the Blind Sheikh's bombing of the World Trade Center, 9/11, the rise of ISIS, and a multitude of Muslim terrorist attacks, including the downing of Russia’s MetroJet Flight 9268 with a bomb planted by an insider, and now EgyptAir Flight 804, do we allow Sharia-compliant Muslims to access soft targets like airliners? 

The answer is political correctness so run amuck on the part of the Barack Obama’s government** that it dismisses out of hand any rational questions about the threat Sharia-compliant Muslims pose to constitutional liberty, even when it looks to us, and to our friend former CIA officer Clare Lopez (now Vice President for Research and Analysis at the Center for Security Policy), that Muslim efforts to penetrate American airports, nuclear power plants and other infrastructure offer textbook examples of intelligence preparation of the battlefield. 

And the concept of intelligence preparation of the battlefield as part of a well thought-out C3 operation, C3 being military/intelligence community jargon for communications, command and control, is not a figment of the overwrought imaginations of Islamophobic conspiracy theorists. 

Contemporary reports tell us that prior to World War II the Japanese did it throughout Asia and the Pacific, the Nazis did it throughout Europe, especially where there were German-speaking minority populations, and during the post-Revolutionary period and the Cold War the Soviet Communists tried to do exactly the same thing in America and other western democracies. 

And it wouldn’t take facilitating a terrorist attack for Islamists to cause vast damage to America once their numbers in certain vulnerable economic nodes grow to critical mass – recall the crippling economic chaos caused by communist inspired strikes in France, Italy and Great Britain in the post WWII era. 

And yes, it can happen here – suppose just for a minute that a few years from now all of the Muslims who have been placed in airport jobs suddenly decide they need to stop work to pray five times a day – and strike for “religious liberty” if denied the right to do so. 

The reality is that Islam as it is practiced by millions of Muslims who believe in Islamic law – Sharia – is not a religion as those of us raised in the traditions of the Western Enlightenment would define the term. 

It is a totalitarian political system that seeks to regulate the minutest details of the lives of its adherents, while bestowing absolute power upon its self-appointed leaders. Sharia-compliant Islam is, in the words of Daniel Pipes, “transformed from a personal faith into a ruling system that knows no constraints.”  

None of the possibilities propounded in this article are radical or “Islamophobia” – the warnings for them can all be found in the al­Qaida timeline published in 2005 in the German magazine der Spiegel and accessible in English through this link

According to that timeline we are now in the first year of the period of “Total Confrontation,” and it is long-past time that our government acknowledged the threat that Islam poses to constitutional liberty and took the same steps against Islamism to prevent terrorism through the penetration of our airports and other critical infrastructure that we took during our confrontation with Soviet Communism. 

*Thomas D. Williams, PH.D., Muslim Population in U.S. to Double by 2050,

**For a book length examination of this disaster please buy and read Catastrophic Failure: Blindfolding America in the Face of Jihad, by our friend  Stephen Coughlin.

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Dr Williams' defensiveness regarding "mohammedanismphobia"

This is a very good article and it should be passed around and published as much as possible, so that the folks in Rio Linda or the Americans who bury their heads in the sand somehow read it. And the answer to the rhetorical question, would I fly on this aircraft. The answer is absolutely not. For one thing, I used to fly so much for work, and hated it then but remember fondly not worrying about mohammedan workers at the airport sabotaging the aircraft. But now, with having to take your shoes off, forget it. Not interested in flying. Anyone who wants to see me can come here to see me.

AND, with the deference given to mohammedans by Barack Hussein Obama and his bleeding heart flunkies, double forget it. I am simply not interested in anything that those pathetic fools touch, just because of their stupid ideology--mohammedanism is not a religion. And with the statistic that something like 20% of mohammedans accept the violence of the mohammedan ideology, and a similar percentage are sympathetic to the mad dog mohammedans in the Middle East, triple forget it.

Like Trump says, OUT! GET 'EM OUT!

Now the purpose of this post: Dr Williams, you do not have to be defensive about the purpose of your article. Intelligent, red-blooded Americans know that "None of the possibilities propounded in this article are radical or “[mohammedan]phobia.” It is not good to be defensive about your information.

Muslims in airports

The thing I worry about the most is Muslims owning airport retail businesses and having access to back hallways, loading docks and electrical rooms. I flagged down NYPD when I observed two Muslims in a car video-taping JFK airport fuel depot from a road outside the fenceline near a snack wagon. They had a bumper sticker on their car "Muslims unite." NYPD officers just rode by and waved. Same thing when I observed and heard a Muslim clerk in Liberty Books playing a terror jihad audio cassette stating "to resist the American and British infidels during your jihad if you are captured according to Osama and Mullar Omar !" The police and FBI did nothing. Same thing when a member of the New York State Guard brought explosives, his own AR-15 and a flag he claimed was from WTC to the barracks at Camp Smith. The FBI stated they followed the suspect to Washington and lost him. The NYSP-FBI would not obtain a search warrant for the suspect's house even though there were 6 soldiers who witnessed the suspect with the explosives. No NCO took immediate action to confiscate the explosives. Then Lt. Mohammad Butt fled to Pakistan after 9/11 and my commander refused to report this up channel. Our nation is weak on terror. Airports should be a total restricted area with passengers checking in miles from the airport and be bused to the runway.


That does NOT work with the muslim in chiefs agenda. LAST time I flew, I saw muslim women with head scarves handling baggage. I had to take a valium to finish the flight. And I will NOT be flying any time soon. I had rather drive and take my gun!


The fact we even have to reply to such a stupid reason of having Terrorists checking passengers going on our planes for explosives and guns and knives is so stupid I can hardly hold back the real language I would like to use for this article. Any Muslim here in this Country is a Terrorist by their compliance and dedication to the Koran that orders the believers of the Koran to LIE to the Infidel and smote them in the Neck (cut their heads off) if they do not convert to the Muslim Religion (CULT), I don't know of any other Religion today that says murder anyone that doesn't believe what you believe should be murdered. Get these Muslim Bastards out of my Country, they do not want anything but total control of our way of life and our beliefs and Sharia Law. Vietnam Vet


I agree! As far as i'm concerned anyone who covers their face is a terrorist or at the very least a criminal. The only exceptions are "Zorro" and "The Lone Ranger"!

Flying American airlines

Unvetted Muslim working there and can travel without body search-l am not flying no where