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Civil Rights Commissioner Gail Heriot Agrees with Conservatives on Executive Overreach, Gets Called “Ignorant Bigot” By Liberal Congresswoman

University of San Diego School of Law professor Gail Heriot thinks Obama’s “guidance” to states demanding they open school locker rooms, showers and toilets to students of both sexes is an example of the executive branch overreaching what the legislative branch intended. 

Far-Left Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren (CA-19) thinks disagreeing with Obama makes Commissioner Heriot an “ignorant bigot.” 

Gail HeriotThat’s right – standing for the rule of law and constitutional order now makes you an “ignorant bigot” if it clashes with Obama’s plans to transform American society by enshrining the Left’s bizarre new “gender fluidity” and “transgenderism” causes into law – without action by the legislative branch of government. 

What kicked-off the clash was Commissioner Heriot’s written testimony wherein she said, "We are teaching young people a terrible lesson. If I believe that I am a Russian princess, that doesn’t make me a Russian princess, even if my friends and acquaintances are willing to indulge my fantasy…". 

Of course the establishment media, such as the Los Angeles Times, have been quick to label Heriot’s comments “transphobic,” as you can see in the label of the video of the exchange with Lofgren on the LA Times’ YouTube channel 

But as we pointed out in our article, The Left’s Bizarre New Cause: Gender “Fluidity”, it can hardly be called bigotry to defend one of the fundamental precepts of the Western Enlightenment against an attempt to enshrine mental illness as a right that trumps the privacy, modesty and safety of the rest of society. 

Heretofore, what mattered was, shall we say one’s equipment. Thus, if one had completed sex-reassignment surgery, and changed one’s birth certificate to the newly assigned sex, one was considered to be a person of the newly assigned sex – regardless of one’s genetic sex.  

Now, according to the Obama Department of Justice, and its concept of “gender fluidity,” the only thing that matters is what one thinks about one’s sexual identity at any given moment.  

Cogito ergo sum, said René Descartes – I think, therefore I am.   

But one of the fundamental tests of mental health and rationality is self-awareness: If I think I am a monkey, or a breadfruit, when I am a human being – or if I think I am a woman, when I am genetically a man – I am denying reality and am in an abnormal state of mind.  

Courts and society have determined that people have the civil right to control their own bodies and appearance, thus changing one’s sexual appearance is allowed, if not universally embraced or recognized as a choice a mentally healthy person would make.  

But a civil right to – minute by minute – change one’s toilet habits and position?  

In a more rational time this would be recognized as the federal government institutionalizing a civil right to be mentally ill and to act out that illness without regard to the rights of others. But with Obama in charge of the federal government, rationality long ago left federal policy-making to be replaced by the drive to fundamentally change American society, regardless of how irrational and deviant the outcome. 

For more on Congresswoman Lofgren's cheapshot on Prof. Heriot see Stanley Kurtz's Zoe Lofgren’s Epic Cheap-Shot at Gail Heriot in National Review Online.

We urge conservatives to contact the University of San Diego School of Law Dean Stephen C. Ferruolo, (email [email protected] or telephone 619-260-4527 or Twitter @uofsandiego ) tell him Professor Gail Heriot is right, Obama's extra-constitutional order opening your local school showers, locker rooms and toilets to both sexes is the executive branch overreaching what the legislative branch intended.

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Civil Rights Commissioner Gail Heriot On Transgenderism

Obama's disrespect and disregard for the U.S. Constitution and his executive overreach should give conservatives a reason to vote for Donald Trump
as the next President of the United States who will follow the Constitution.
The left's ideology and policies of men using women's bathroom and vice versa is a violation of civil rights and religious freedoms of heterosexuals who are uncomfortable with transgenderism. These so called transgendered sexes should use bathrooms that match their original sex from their birth. Professor Gail Heriot is right that Obama's federal policy to have no regard for the legislative branch which is also a deviation from the norm of society by changing one's sexual identity to be a man or a woman
which should be deemed a mental problem which is not a healthy habit.