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Presidential Horse Race 2016: Trump is right – if Hillary isn’t charged, the system IS rigged

The long holiday weekend provided many of us a brief respite from politics, but that doesn’t mean nothing happened in the past few days.

To begin with, Donald Trump’s reaction to the rumors that Hillary Clinton isn’t going to be charged with any criminal wrongdoing in her personal email dealings was met with a familiar refrain from the Republican nominee, who once again claimed the system is to blame.

W. James Antle III of the Washington Examiner writes, “Donald Trump said on Saturday that if Hillary Clinton is not charged with anything in connection to her use of a private email server as secretary of state, it will prove Hillary Clintonhis contention the system is ‘rigged.’

“Trump was in the middle of a stream of tweets about the inappropriateness of Bill Clinton's private meeting last week with Attorney General Loretta Lynch when he seized on a CNN report claiming that no charges will be announced.”

Clinton also met with the FBI on Saturday morning for nearly four hours to cement any possible deal she can get to avoid being wrung up on criminal charges when she’s leading in the polls and many are predicting she’s an almost sure-bet to win the presidency.

Of course Trump made similar “rigged system” statements in the month prior to the fateful Indiana primary when Ted Cruz’s campaign was so successful in working party convention rules in Colorado and North Dakota to win all or most of the delegates from those states.

Polls showed Republican voters were receptive to Trump’s protests at the time and I honestly believe the “rigged” message was the main reason why The Donald started winning by huge margins beginning with the New York primary on April 19 and the five northeastern contests a week later (Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Rhode Island).

At that point, I argued the Republican delegate system wasn’t “rigged”. I still believe it’s true, but in Clinton’s case, there’s little doubt that something is wrong with the “system”.

Clinton herself has admitted it was an error in judgment to use a private server which violates federal law, but excuses herself by saying “others have done the same thing” and “nothing was compromised.” And we’re supposed to believe her…

Therefore, even at the most basic level, she broke the law. The fact other Secretaries of State may have done similar things (to a much lesser degree, by the way) isn’t an excuse. If you’re speeding on the freeway and get pulled over by a state trooper, I doubt he’s going to let you off by maintaining “everyone else is doing it.”

Besides, by comparison, Hillary was speeding as fast as a NASCAR racer.

In Clinton’s case the violations were particularly flagrant and there have been more than sufficient leaks to prove there was serious wrongdoing there. Bernie Sanders’ “rigged system” claim wasn’t enough in the Democrat Party to prevent Clinton from getting the nomination, as her voters – indeed, all Clinton voters it seems – didn’t appear to care about their candidate callously running afoul of the law.

When the charges started to fly they circled the wagons around Hillary the same way they did for Bill during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, where it was commonly heard, “It’s just sex” and “It’s a private matter between husband and wife.” Well, if the President of the United States perjures himself under oath and uses the power of his office to obstruct justice, it’s called a crime, not a personal matter.

The Clintons have been using special privilege since the earliest days to run their own personal political scam on the American public and sadly enough, about half of the people appears to buy it.

Bill Clinton’s secret meeting with Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch last week only goes to show the depths the Clintons will dive to in order to maintain their status. Trump is right; if Hillary gets off completely free in this case, the system most certainly is rigged.

Sadly, the question then becomes whether American voters will allow her to get away with it.

Despite Crooked Hillary’s obvious guilt, #NeverTrump is still definitely “With Her”

Of course Clinton may not even need to rely on just her voters to “get away” with breaking the law and laughing in our faces. The good people of the #NeverTrump movement are right there “with” her in continuing to assail Donald Trump instead of focusing attention on the perpetrator who really committed crimes.

The always reliable for an insult Kevin D. Williamson of National Review wrote on Friday, “Trump is out whining like the spoiled little princess he is and always has been that his fellow Republican presidential contenders, having been vanquished, are not making good on their promise to support the GOP nominee, presumably himself. Trump is of course absolutely correct that Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, et al. did make that promise, and that to withhold their support now would constitute violating a solemn promise made in public to their supporters.

“Breaking that promise is absolutely the right thing to do.”

In other words, we all get mad when politicians break promises, but we should be happy when they do it to stomp on Trump. Talk about an out-of-touch elitist point-of-view.

Williamson goes on to claim he isn’t the only Republican who has taken a step back from the party this year and relayed a story about spending an evening recently with friends who apparently feel the same way.

I guess there are an awful lot of sore losers out there who still can’t stomach the notion that they don’t know everything about politics and the voters desire something different than they do. It’s almost like they too are claiming the system is rigged against them because their candidate (in most cases, Marco Rubio or John Kasich) didn’t win this year.

Well, ding dong, the Republican establishment is dead and Donald Trump will be standing before us in two weeks to accept the Republican nomination. Williamson and all his #NeverTrump pals will then be stuck on the outside looking in, preaching to a nation of deaf ears about how awful Trump is while searching for their “Gary Johnson for President” buttons.

Not so coincidentally, Williamson is the same establishment honk who months ago not only helped start the #NeverTrump movement but began insulting Trump’s voters themselves, arguing that the blighted industrial towns of Middle America should be shut down and their residents move to other parts of the country in order to find work.

Yes, that’s right; don’t blame the corrupt politicians who rigged the system by showering favors on their crony capitalist chums and made bad trade deals -- impugn instead the workers for losing their own jobs and desiring to remain in the places they live instead of up and leaving en masse to (literally) find sunnier pastures down in prosperous states.

If Williamson is to be believed, whole regions of the country should be left to die out. Sheer brilliance.

The #NeverTrump line of thought doesn’t appear to be fading, either.

Jason Taylor of The Resurgent wrote over the weekend, “When it comes to running the Nation, and being the leader of the free world I will make no apologies to say that Hillary Clinton is far better suited (no pun) to handle the day to day activities that a President must handle. I trust Hillary to keep this Country out of war, and out of trade wars. I can’t say that about Donald Trump. I fear an entire electorate has been duped by Trump and his ilk. This is no time for games. No matter how much we hate the Clinton’s this is about the safety of our Nation, and those that will come after us.

“This is not an easy choice, but I will take the woman over the child.”

Seriously? We have one major party nominee who is a known criminal and #NeverTrump continues to amuse itself by attacking a successful businessman just because they don’t like him personally. I’m not sure Taylor’s “woman over the child” statement means he’s now in the “I’m With Her” camp, but it certainly looks that way.

The (for lack of a more descriptive word) idiot Taylor then went on to trash Sarah Palin as well.

It sickens me to see people who I used to respect so willingly travel down the road to ruin. At this point, the best thing that could happen is for their faction to lose, because not only are they on the wrong side of the political argument, they’re advancing the very same policies (by helping Hillary) they’ve pretended to oppose for years.

The battle is on, folks. It’s no longer between the Republicans and Democrats, it’s between the forces of yesterday who see benefit in the establishment Republican Party a bunch of figureheads who make promise after promise that they’ll defend the cause of liberty but fall short when push comes to shove. This is the Republican Congress that was supposed to stop Obama but failed time after time because they simply won’t fight.

The Trump side, on the other hand, welcomes a chance to make real changes with new people with new ideas. Donald Trump wasn’t the first choice of many of us, but he’s what we’ve got and he’s not making deals with the Attorney General to stay out of the pokey like Hillary is.

The choice is clear. I’m not “With Her”.

Former Republican candidates divided on attending Republican convention

While we are fully aware of where the #NeverTrump faction stands in regards to Trump, some of his former rivals for the Republican presidential nomination aren’t tipping their hands.

Ben Kamisar of The Hill reports, “With a little more than two weeks before the GOP convention, Donald Trump’s former primary foes are far from presenting a unified front around their party’s nominee.

“The lack of some key endorsements could make convention plans difficult, especially since Trump has declared an endorsement to be a pre-requisite for a speaking slot. While Trump has signaled he wants an unconventional line-up of convention speakers, the handful of Republicans skipping the event or balking at endorsing the nominee could limit the party’s options.”

In his article, Kamisar looks at all of the former candidates and reveals where they stand on Trump. The “will be attending the convention” group includes Ben Carson, Ted Cruz (though it’s not clear if he will endorse Trump or speak at the event), Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Scott Walker and Rick Perry.

Only Cruz would be guaranteed a speaking slot (should he want to take it) according to GOP rules, since his name would be placed in nomination for having won the majority of delegates in at least eight states.

The “will not be attending” crowd includes Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham and Bobby Jindal (Jindal has said he will vote for Trump though).

Undecided on attendance are John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and George Pataki, all of whom are in various states of waffling over Trump’s nomination.

Jim Gilmore has indicated he supports Trump and will do what he can to help in Virginia. It’s not clear if he’ll be at the convention.

Carly Fiorina hasn’t specified whether she’ll be at the convention and hasn’t endorsed Trump, but continues to insist in emails to supporters that Hillary Clinton needs to be defeated. Take from that what you will, but I highly doubt Fiorina would be so small as to let a personal grudge against Trump completely destroy America’s next half century under Hillary Clinton.

We’ll leave that task to the gopher hole miners of the #NeverTrump movement…and Lindsey Graham.

If there is anyone in America who has the right to judge Trump, it’s his former rivals, most or all of whom have suffered under the nominee’s scorched earth tactics during the primary campaign season. For example, I don’t hold it against Jeb Bush for failing to support Trump now…he arguably took the worst of it.

But even Bush is wise enough not to join in the smear campaign. Again, that’s #NeverTrump’s job.

My thinking is in the end, the former presidential candidates will do the right thing – most of them, at least. John Kasich will hold out as long as possible to save any piece of the spotlight for himself. The rest will likely indicate their preference by convention time.

Either way, Trump will go on. We all know he will be in Cleveland in a couple weeks.

Trump will release list of convention speakers this week, ending the mystery

Finally today, though we’re still not sure whether Trump’s former GOP presidential rivals will attend the convention – or be allowed to participate – Trump himself announced he’ll supply a list of speakers this week, on Wednesday.

Kristen East of Politico reports, “Donald Trump says he has lined up all the speakers for the 2016 Republican National Convention — and will reveal them next week.

“The party's presumptive nominee tweeted Saturday that speaking slots for the upcoming convention in Cleveland are ‘totally filled,’ and there's a ‘long’ waiting list of more speakers.”

The media has delighted of late with reports of few people wanting to speak at the convention, as if Trump is so universally despised that absolutely no one could be found to take part.

Nonsense. If he wanted, Trump could find enough willing volunteers among his former rivals to fill an entire evening with pro-ticket speeches. It’s not that hard, really.

For those that desire to stay away, let ‘em.

I for one think it will be interesting to see a political convention that doesn’t necessarily follow the script of the past few decades. Who really needs to hear speeches from establishment politicians anyway?

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Comey owned by the Clinton's

Did any one really think Comey, who once worked for the Clintons would indict Hillary? They own him, Lynch and most of the DC corrupt politicians. The whole thing was just a show for the people, but the vast majority are not fooled.