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Just Say NO To Chris Christie As VP

Christie Obama Jester

At this stage in the campaign, with less than two weeks to go until the Republican National Convention opens, Donald Trump’s number one job – as it really has been since Ted Cruz suspended his campaign – is to unite conservatives and center-right Republicans behind his candidacy.

Depending on which poll you choose to believe, the race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is either neck-and-neck (Quinnipiac) or Hillary Clinton is up by 10 points and running away with the election (Reuters/Ipsos) or Trump is now ahead by 4 points (Rasmussen Reports).

The common thread that appears to run through all of these polls is that Donald Trump’s problem demographics are mostly undecided conservatives – not that he is getting clobbered by Hispanics, African-Americans, women or any of the other groups to whom liberal reporters typically attribute blind support for Hillary Clinton.

To close the deal with right-of-center voters, Donald Trump's choice of Vice President is the clearest and most important signal he can send to conservatives that he will govern as a conservative.

This is the most important decision Trump will make between now and election day and if he doesn’t get it right it will crash his campaign and crush his chances of defeating Hillary Clinton.

Which is why the continued presence of New Jersey’s liberal Republican Governor Chris Christie on Trump’s short list for VP is so bizarre – Christie is the antithesis of what conservatives are looking for in a Republican candidate for President or Vice President.

To give you some idea of just how “un-unifying” (if that’s a word) that Chris Christie would be consider that just a year ago, when he was being touted as a top contender for the Republican nomination for President, 20 percent of Tea Party supporters told the McClatchy-Marist Poll that they would vote for Hillary Clinton over Chris Christie.

And 36 percent of Conservative-Very conservative voters polled were either undecided about Christie or would have voted for Hillary Clinton.

The problem with Governor Christie isn’t his pugnacious personality that some conservatives apparently like, it is his policies and record as Governor.

But had Christie been running in 2014 and faced a conservative opponent he might very well have been defeated for the same reason the Democrats were wiped-out in 2014 – high taxes and out-of-control state spending.

In 2013, as Governor Christie was racking-up a record vote total for his re-election, the anti-conservative facts of his record were obviously never raised by his Democratic opponent:

In 2014, the Tax Foundation placed New Jersey at #2 (12.3%) on its Annual State-Local Tax Burdens Rankings.

Many Republicans have never forgiven Christie for his effusive praise for President Obama days before the 2012 presidential election, but a less-remarked-upon decision by Gov. Christie—to embrace Obamacare’s expansion of Medicaid—is of much greater policy significance. Through 2022, the Heritage Foundation estimates that Christie’s Medicaid expansion will cost New Jersey taxpayers about $1.2 billion.

Christie’s “Bridge-Gate” Big Government bullying scandal associated with the monumental traffic jam created by the politically motivated closing of lanes on the George Washington Bridge at Fort Lee.

On the Second Amendment, Chris Christie not only supported the 1994 federal “assault-weapons” ban, but he did so with an unnecessary viciousness. While running for the state assembly in 1995, candidate Christie described those who opposed Bill Clinton’s crime bill as “dangerous,” “crazy,” and “radical” people who “must be stopped.”

Conservatives are also alienated by Christie’s appointment as a Superior Court judge in Passaic County, New Jersey of Sohail Mohammed, a Muslim terrorist defense lawyer with documented ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and their various front groups.

Christie’s political stewardship of the New Jersey GOP has been all about him. His record 2013 victory was a “lonely landslide” with Democrats retaining control of the State Senate and Republicans picking up just one seat in the New Jersey House.

Christie’s politically expedient flips on abortion are perhaps his biggest disqualifiers for conservatives, as he said to The Star-Ledger on Sept. 30, 1994, “I support Planned Parenthood privately with my personal contribution and that should be the goal of any such agency, to find private donations… It's also no secret that I am pro-choice.” And then he had the guts to say he was pro-life while running for President in 2016. 

Conservatives are not a wing of the Republican Party who can be bought-off or mollified with interest group-type favors and Christie’s positions on issue after issue are almost the antithesis of Trump’s conservative populism.

To win the fall campaign and defeat Hillary Clinton Donald Trump needs to first do two things; unite, and then excite center-right voters who have been, at best, reluctant supporters of Republican candidates for President over the past few cycles.

Nominating Chris Christie as his Vice President would be an all-but-fatal blow to those essential steps on the road to victory for Donald Trump. I urge all of my conservative friends to let Donald Trump know that we conservatives want him to just say NO to Chris Christie for Vice President.

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Christie is the wrong person for vp, for many reasons. Session, West, Gingrich would be much better picks. Personally I like Condelisa Rice, but she isn't interested. My next choice would be West followed by Newt & Sessions, Cruz.

NO to Chris Christie

For crying out loud! Picking Christie would be tantamount to choosing Joe Biden. Good grief! Mike Pence would be very good, also John Bolton. Both
are rock solid conservatives and can prove it. Only a solid conservative on
the ticket with Trump will get those on the fence to vote for Trump. Will
someone please explain that to him. Ye gods!

Trump's VP decision

I have abstained from voting my preference for Trump’s VP because I believe the choice should be his to make without any influence from the public.

Without intending to offer any recommendation, I will speculate that the dark horse question Richard has made several times just could be John Bolton because I see Trump and Bolton sharing the same tenacity for defeating terrorists.

John Wagner
Ann Arbor

Chris Christie

The only reason Christie endorsed Trump is
he knows he is not going to be Gov. of New
Jersey again and is looking for a job.

Say No to Chris Christie

I agree, NO CHRIS CHRISTIE! I'm hoping Jeff Sessions or Mike Pence! Put Christie anywhere but VP. Roger Stone hinted Jeff Sessions, but don't know if he's interested in the position. Donald did meet with Mike Pence. Pray! Some say Gingrich, but don't care too much for him either. Call Dr. Dobson and ask him to encourage a Sessions or Pence VP.