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Open Letter From Cultural Conservatives To Donald Trump

CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie and a group of prominent cultural conservative leaders invite you to join them on an open letter to presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. The letter spells out the reasons why selecting an anti-conservative Republican vice presidential nominee, such a New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, retired Lt. General Michael Flynn or Speaker Paul Ryan would damage, perhaps fatally, Trump's hard-won support from cultural conservatives. 

Dear Mr. Trump:

With less than a week to go until the Republican National Convention opens, we believe your number one job is to unite conservatives and center-right Republicans behind your candidacy.
This is the most important decision you will make between now and Election Day and if you don’t get it right it will crash your campaign and crush your chances of defeating Hillary Clinton.

And getting it right means avoiding candidates for Vice President who will alienate conservatives and call into question your commitment to govern according to conservative principles.


We therefore urge you to avoid considering candidates with anti-conservative records, such as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Tennessee Senator Bob Corker, Ohio Governor John Kasich, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and others who have failed to defend our constitutional liberties and use the power the Constitution bestowed upon them to stop President Obama’s fundamental transformation of America. We also urge you to not consider pro-choice candidates such as Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.


Mr. Trump, in the past several election cycles millions of conservative voters have stayed home because the Republican candidate for President failed to campaign as a conservative. Conservatives are not a wing of the Republican Party that can be bought-off or mollified with interest group-type favors – we are the Republican Party.


To close the deal with right-of- center voters, your choice of Vice President is the clearest and most important signal you can send to conservatives that you will govern as a conservative.

We therefore urge you, as partners in the new populist – conservative coalition that will elect you President if it remains united, to choose a principled limited government constitutional conservative as your running mate.





(Name of organization listed for identification purposes only)


Richard A. Viguerie

Brent Bozell
Founder and President

Foster Friess

Rick Scarborough
President, Vision Action America

Dick Bott
Founder, Bott Radio Network

Rich Bott
President, Bott Radio Network

Ginni Thomas
President, Liberty Consulting

Elaine Donnelly

Amb. Henry F. Cooper

David Bozell
President, ForAmerica

Rebecca Hagelin
Council National Policy

Larry Pratt
Exec. Director, Gun Owners of America

Janice Shaw Crouse, Ph.D.
The Crouse Institute

Donna Hearne
Exec. Director, Constitutional Coalition

Phil Buress
President, Cititzens for Community Values Action

Tim Macy
Chairman, Gun Owners of America


Joe R. Gregory
Gregory Management Co.


William Federer


Peggy Dau

James N. Clymer


Timothy Daughtry, Ph.D.
Conservaative Author and Speaker


George Rasley

Campaign has expired

We're sorry this letter has expired please go to for our latest conservative calls to action