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The Right VP Keeps Populist – Conservative Coalition Together

A growing list of conservative leaders, including Media Research Center founder and president L. Brent Bozell III, investor and philanthropist Foster Friess, National Organization for Marriage President Brian S. Brown and Gun Owners of America’s executive director Larry Pratt, have joined CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie in an open letter to Donald Trump urging him to choose a running mate who is a committed cultural and constitutional conservative.

Donald TrumpThe letter said in part, “as partners in the new populist – conservative coalition that will elect you President if it remains united, to choose a principled limited government constitutional conservative as your running mate” and identified several potential vice presidential candidates who would alienate conservatives, including New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Ohio Governor John Kasich, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and retired Lt. General Michael Flynn. 

“Mr. Viguerie has often spoken of the new populist – conservative coalition’s game changing potential,” noted CHQ Editor George Rasley. “The key is for Donald Trump to weld it together permanently at the Republican National Convention by choosing a running mate who is broadly acceptable to both conservatives and populists.” 

“Chris Christie doesn’t work because he is basically Jeb Bush without the good manners. Likewise, Paul Ryan, Corker and Kasich are all notable largely for their betrayals of grassroots conservatives and populists,” said Rasley. “So, rather than spending the rest of the campaign attacking Hillary Clinton, Trump would be forced to spend the rest of the campaign working to reassure what should be his base that he wouldn’t betray them as had his running mate.” 

Here is the text of the letter to Donald Trump and the list of conservative leaders who first responded to Mr. Viguerie’s invitation to join him on the letter: 

Dear Mr. Trump: 
With less than a week to go until the Republican National Convention opens, we believe your number one job is to unite conservatives and center-right Republicans behind your candidacy. 
This is the most important decision you will make between now and Election Day and if you don’t get it right it will crash your campaign and crush your chances of defeating Hillary Clinton. 
And getting it right means avoiding candidates for Vice President who will alienate conservatives and call into question your commitment to govern according to conservative principles. 
We therefore urge you to avoid considering candidates with anti-conservative records, such as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Tennessee Senator Bob Corker, Ohio Governor John Kasich, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and others who have failed to defend our constitutional liberties and use the power the Constitution bestowed upon them to stop President Obama’s fundamental transformation of America. We also urge you to not consider pro-choice candidates such as Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. 
Mr. Trump, in the past several election cycles millions of conservative voters have stayed home because the Republican candidate for President failed to campaign as a conservative. Conservatives are not a wing of the Republican Party that can be bought-off or mollified with interest group-type favors – we are the Republican Party. 
To close the deal with right-of- center voters, your choice of Vice President is the clearest and most important signal you can send to conservatives that you will govern as a conservative. 
We therefore urge you, as partners in the new populist – conservative coalition that will elect you President if it remains united, to choose a principled limited government constitutional conservative as your running mate. 
(Name of organization listed for identification purposes only) 

Richard A. Viguerie


Brent Bozell
Founder and President, Media Research Center


Foster Friess


Rick Scarborough
President, Vision Action America


Dick Bott
Founder, Bott Radio Network


Rich Bott
President, Bott Radio Network


Ginni Thomas
President, Liberty Consulting


Elaine Donnelly


Ambassador Henry F. Cooper


David Bozell
President, ForAmerica


Rebecca Hagelin
Council for National Policy


Larry Pratt
Exec. Director, Gun Owners of America


Janice Shaw Crouse
Ph.D., The Crouse Institute


Joseph Farah
CEO/Editor,, WND Books, WND Films


Ron Robinson


Deroy Murdock
Contributing Editor, National Review Online


Jeffery Gayner
Chairman, Americans for Sovereignty


Jason Jones
Movie to Movement


George Landrith
President, Frontiers of Freedom


Nadine Maenza


George Rasley


Ann Quest
Unity Quest


George Strake


Donna Hearne
Exec. Director, Constitutional Coalition


Phil Buress
President, Citizens for Community Values Action


Tim Macy
Chairman, Gun Owners of America


Joe R. Gregory
Gregory Management Co.


William Federer


Peggy Dau


James N. Clymer


Joyce Weyrich


William Becker
President/CEO/General Counsel, FreedomX


Chuck Muth

President, Citizen Outreach


Brian S. Brown
President, National Organization for Marriage


Dick McCormack


Kim C. Bengard
It Takes A Family Foundation


Ariel Deval


David Preston
Exec. Director, Oklahoma Wesleyan University Foundation


Ali Akbar
Black Conservative Fund


Herb London
President, London Center for Policy Research


Preston Noell III
President, Tradition, Family, Property, Inc.


Fred Stoeker


Karen England
Exec. Director, Capitol Resource Institute, CA


Richard Ford


Steven W. Mosher
President, Population Research Institute


John Slavic
CEO, Slavik401k


Mark Bloom
President/Owner, Ole Podner, LLC


Diana Denman


Ellen Grigsby
Director of Institutional Partnerships
Open Doors USA


David Applegate


Ken Eldred
CEO, Living Stones Foundation

Paul Einarsson
COO/Chairman, Geophysical Service Incorporated


Floyd Brown
Chairman, Center for Journalism


Joe Knott III


Tricia Erickson
President, Angel Pictures Publicity


Jeff Knox
Director, The Firearms Coalition


Mike Spence
President, Conservative Republicans of California


Tim Daughtry, Ph.D.
CEO, Concord Bridge Consulting


Ralph Hudgens
Georgia Insurance Commissioner


Cindi Slaughter


Richard Hayes


Randy Brinson
Chairman, Christian Coalition of Alabama


Cathie Adams
Former Chairman, Republican Party of Texas


Joe Calvert
President, Rabon-Calvert Interests


John Trulio, Ph.D.


Malcolm Morris
Counsel on National Policy


Allen Herbert
Chairman, American-Chinese Fellowship


Betty Hanicke


Carla Sands


John Wheeler
Wheeler Communications


Jay Snyder
Synder Nationwide Real Estate


Dran Reese
President, The Salt & Light Counsel


Wade Kirby


Bob Muckenhirn


Jay Mount


Robert Conover


Randy Long
Long Business Advisors, LLC


Peter Metrahi


Nancy Schulze


Walt Longyear


Bill Becker


William H. Ball Jr


Doug Gamble


Bob Herndon


Lynne Herndon


Bill Shirley


Mary Ann Howard


Jeffrey Saler


Judy Swanson


Bobby Cooper


Junius Graham


Holly Rich


Jeff Mullis


Kay Trudell


Robert C. Giargiari


Daniel Pedrotti


Carol Navarra


Esther Pierce


Gary D. Terhune


Stephen Bostwick


John Wagner


David Silbernagel


J. Chang


Kelly O’Dell


Paul Artman


Daniel Smith


Troy Crowe


Wayne Salhany


Chuck Lillie


Richard Meyer


James Foster II


Sally Zehnal


William Price


Joan Sullivan


Ann Rimmer


Mary Lee Maloney


CB Robertson


Dan & Susan Keliher


Linda York


Sharon Krotts


Martha Johnson


Jimmy Wright


Michelle McAfee


Micheal Pyburn


Karen Young


Robin O’Connor


Robert Lewis


Richard Hennessy


Jesse Brannen


Tony Auciello


Joseph Dwyer


Robert McMillian


Gordon Waltemade


Bill Smith


Dave Wallace
Restore America’s Mission


Marc Devillers


Lucy Pehl


Art Kelly


Thomas Dietz


Nancy Bowman


Loren Kraus


John Reagan


Jerry Lehi


Lloyd Monk


Kathleen Burnett


Matthew Sorrell


Mark Sell


Dennis Stewart


Evelyn Ylagan


Jay Stanford


David Lannan


Diane Lowewen


George Conner


Joyce McFaddin


Susan T. Swain


Billy Utz


John Allen


Colleen Hall


Joy Young


John and Nancy Miles


Colleen Rotter


Terrence Conaway


Dale Young


Debbie Jessup


Doren Renfrow


Paul H. Evans


Maureen Brennan


Holly Ahern


William L. Comer


Alfred Luna


Karen Awbrey


Art Zavala


Lupe Zimmerman


Tim Kelly


Claude Otey


Aleta Ballou


Derk Simonson


David Chin


Chris Miller


Jennifer Wolfe


Kevin Guerrero


David Aanerud


Joseph M. Heinzen


Melissa McCool


Thomas Stein


Joel Chetlain


Darlene Klingenberg


Jerry and Marie Wolpers


Marsha Sayler


Phil Bolles


Done Eikermann


Bruce Hunter


TC Bundy


Robert Vogeler


Henry Jackson


John Kramer


Donna Swanson


Twyla Bacon


Carole White


Charles Ferguson


Ginger Shows, M.D.


Cheryl Little


Brian Lackey


Rusty Schalin


Richard Mason


Matthew Schaefer


Wallace Hoffman


Stephen Martz


Jeffrey Long


Mike Rogers


Charles Becker


Cliff Hanscom


Nino Borrelli


Denny Allen


A.F. Montealegre


Janis Robinson


Kathleen Patten
CEO, American Target Advertising 


Allen Hebert
Chairman, American-Chinese Fellowship


Mark J. Fitzgibbons

Click here to add your name to the list of conservative leaders urging Donald Trump to choose a conservative running mate.

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I've been writing the Trump Campaign and urging Jeff Sessions for VP. He is a True Patriot, never backs down, has a stellar record in the Senate and appeals to everyone. I agree that a Non-Conservative would be a disaster. Many think it will be Mike Pence or Newt Gingrich, but I like Sessions and Ben Carson.

Acceptable VEEPS

This is just one guy's opinion, and it sort of gives away the farm, but I'm more interested in defeating Hillary Clinton, so I'll accept any reasonable veep pick by Trump.

That said, I'm a social conservative, AND I would prefer the most socially conservative pick that will also WIN.

In order, I think that to be:

1. Marsha Blackburn
2. Newt Gingrich
3. Mary Fallin
4. Marco Rubio
5. Rick Santorum
6. Mike Pence
7. Mike Huckabee

VP Picks

I agree with your idea of Rick Santorum, Mike Pence ot Mike Huckabee, but right now I'd love to see Jeff Sessions or Ben Carson as VP.