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The Summer Revolution Part 4: The Left's Multilayered Battle Plan For Cleveland

Larry Bresler Organize! Ohio

In Parts 1, 2 and 3 of our series “The Summer Revolution” we explained and documented how a web of Far-Left organizations, funded in large measure by billionaire convicted currency manipulator and Nazi collaborator George Soros, and encouraged, and to some extent coordinated by the Democratic Party, plans a series of revolutionary disruptions of American civil order to influence the outcome of 2016 presidential election.

In “The Summer Revolution Part 3: At Least 5 Police Officers Killed In Dallas Ambush” we documented the connection between the violent Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists who provide a major element of the shock troops for this revolution and the longtime hard core Leftists who fund it and put it into motion.

But there’s another group of violent Leftist revolutionaries who have long been cultivated and funded by Soros and his allies on the Far Left who will be in Cleveland to join their anti-American BLM allies in trying to disrupt the Republican National Convention – the anarchists of the Black Bloc and the “Occupy” Movement.

Informally organized through social media, such as “Resist the 2016 Cleveland RNC” and “,” @OccupyCleveland and the violent protests will be given cover by established Far Left groups and activists, such as Larry Bresler, executive director of Organize Ohio.

Bresler is also an alumni of the Poor People's Economic and Human Right Campaign (PPEHRC). The PPEHRC is, as Accuracy in Media's Tina Trent put it, an organization with a web presence that seems to form local ad-hoc chapters, when useful, from among the most politicized and least credible members of the “homeless” movement. 

The public image the groups fronted by Besler are attempting to project is one of peaceful protest for typical leftwing causes – racial preferences, expanding government health care and keeping poor people welfare dependent.

In a May 20, 1016 interview Bresler told WKYC TV of Cleveland that he and about 5,000 others will march on the first day of the Republican National Convention. That group and 28 others are working together to assemble the End Poverty Now March. But that's just one of many events activists have planned.

Bresler says there's no way to know how many activists will show up, but he expects “most” will follow the rules.

"I think the vast majority of marchers that are coming are intending to be very peaceful. There are always a few people that want to cause disruptions. They're not a part of us," Bresler said.

The Facebook group Resist the 2016 Cleveland RNC posts information on planned protests and has a link to, which calls itself "the coordination hub for all events taking place in response to the Republican National Convention" and the links provided on the social media pages of Resist the 2016 Cleveland RNC and would suggest otherwise, as would journalist and onetime activist leader Mark Satin who observed back in 2000, while participating in protests at the Philadelphia Republican National Convention:

Ever since Seattle, protesters have been claiming that any violence ‘not caused by the police’ has been the result of bad apples or weird anarchists…”

When you watch what goes on at street level, though, you get a very different perspective on things.

True, probably fewer than 500 protesters in Philly were smashing windows, punching cops, overturning dumpsters, etc.

But the violent protesters were never stopped or even verbally discouraged by the thousands of other protesters. On the contrary—whenever violence was being wrought, the norm was for the “nicer” protesters to conduct support activities, such as chanting, cheering, and running amok so the police couldn’t easily give chase.

Besides, the theoretically neat distinction between “violence” and “nonviolence” becomes much less neat at street level...

There weren’t “good” and “bad” protesters in Philly. The protesters were an organic whole. They may have done different things on the street, but their separate acts were as connected as fingers on a hand.

And when you looked closely at that hand, it was really ugly.

That’s because the shock troops for these protests funded by Soros and the Far Left and recruited from the Occupy movement, the New Black Panthers and the Black Lives Matter movement – and who share funding sources with Far Left progressive organizations around the country – have an entirely different and violent, but complimentary agenda.

And regarding Cleveland they are not bashful about telling the world about their violent intentions through social media; in one recent post saying, “Should Trump win the nomination, shit is going to go down with riots everywhere. Democracyspring will be throwing the biggest civil disobedience action in a century in washington dc on the 13-18th. Lots of people training to get arrested.”

And lots of people planning violence and “riots everywhere” are engaged in active operational security measures explaining to Black Bloc and Occupy activists, “Don’t ask, don’t tell! Don’t ask others to share confidential information you don’t need to know. Don’t brag about illegal things you or others have done, or mention things that are going to happen or might happen, or even refer to another person’s interest in being involved in such activities. Stay aware whenever you speak; don’t let chance allusions drop out...”

And these violent Cleveland-bound rioters are heading into friendly territory.

In 2011 at Occupy Cleveland, a 19-year-old woman was raped while she was inside her tent and, most alarmingly, in 2012 five Cleveland Occupy activists were charged with plotting to blow up the Brecksville-Northfield High Level Bridge, which spans the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and carries a four-lane highway.

Occupy Cleveland Bomb Plotters

Douglas L. Wright, 26, joined alleged co-conspirators Brandon L. Baxter, 20, a.k.a. "Skabby," and Anthony Hayne, 37, a.k.a. "Tony" and "Billy," Connor C. Stevens, 20, and Joshua S. Stafford, 23, were all arrested in connection with the plot. Wright, Baxter, Stevens and Hayne received lengthy prison sentences while Stafford was put under psych evaluation.

Now, here’s a key dot, reported by CNN in 2012, that CHQ readers should connect to the potential violent disruption of the Republican National Convention:

According to the complaint, authorities were first alerted to the beginnings of the alleged scheme last year when an undercover FBI employee attended a protest group's event.

The employee was deployed, the complaint said, because of "an initial report of potential criminal activity and threats involving anarchists who would be attending."

During the event on October 21, 2011, an undercover FBI employee observed "four suspicious males with walkie-talkie radios around their necks," the complaint says. Some of the men also donned black masks while carrying anarchist flags and "acted differently than the other people in attendance."

The men were "constantly moving through the crowd expressing displeasure at the crowd's unwillingness to act violently," it says.

"During a briefing between protesters and organizers, the organizers explained who would be arrested, emphasizing that they wanted everyone to conduct peaceful civil disobedience," the complaint adds. "One of the original four men turned away and said 'f--- that' before the group of men walked away."

Now here’s the other dot: The Occupy movement was and is being funded by the Soros-affiliated Alliance for Global Justice, the Open Society Institute and the Tides Foundation. The same organizations that are funding the violent Black Lives Matter movement and the same sources that fund community organizing operations like Organize! Ohio and similar organizations around the country.

Much of the money received by the Tides network of philanthropies has come from Soros’ charity, according to philanthropy databases according to reporting by Mathew Vadum.

On October 1, 2011, Occupy Wall Street retained the Alliance for Global Justice (AGJ) to serve as its fiscal sponsor i.e., to manage the processing of online donations to the movement. It is important to recognize that in this revolutionary effort the Alliance for Global Justice role as a “fiscal sponsor” means that it serves as a financial clearinghouse for radical causes that haven’t filed papers to incorporate themselves as nonprofit organizations. (And that we note may not want the IRS and state legal and regulatory scrutiny that goes with incorporation as a not-for-profit.)

Donors give money to the Alliance and are then able to deduct the donations from their income tax even though the cause they are funding isn’t recognized as tax-exempt by the IRS. Fiscal sponsors take a percentage of donations as management fees, and then pass on the rest to the cause favored by the donor.

The Tides Foundation similarly facilitates large pass-through grants to outside groups, many of Tides’ grantees are essentially activist startups. Part of Tides’ overall plan is to provide day-to-day assistance to the younger groups that it “incubates.

And as NewsBusters’ Iris Somberg reported, “Organizations that joined the [Occupy] protesters were granted more than $3.6 million from Soros’s Open Society Foundations. On Oct. 5 there was a “march in solidarity with #occupywallstreet” that listed seven such groups out of the 16 overall supporting the protest. Those seven organizations received $3,614,690 from Soros’ Open Society Foundations since the year 2000, with more than $2 million going to Common Cause Education Fund, part of Common Cause, and another $1.1 million to”

Additional funding, said Somberg, went to the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Community Voices Heard, Coalition for the Homeless, Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project (NEDAP), and

The Occupy movement enjoyed strong support from many labor unions and federations representing millions of public-sector workers, such as the AFL-CIO, the AFSCME, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), and the United Federation of Teachers. The United Federation of Teachers even donated space to Occupy Wall Street in its New York headquarters.*

In other words, many of the same causes and kinds of organizations whose banners form the backdrop in Larry Bresler’s Organize! Ohio office.

Make no mistake about how this is going to work.

While Far Left activists like Larry Bresler make the ideological and political case in the guise of peaceful protest, the shock troops from Black Lives Matter and the Occupy movement will be in the streets fighting with the police and trying to violently influence the outcome of the 2016 election.

And the money that funds both the violent front and the pre-violent front in the Left’s war on America comes from exactly the same sources.

To say that the pre-violent Soros-funded Left does not know how the other, violent Soros-funded Left works, and does not expect it to play its part in the coming attacks on the Republican National Convention defies common sense, and the long record of cooperation in creating violence, and then excusing them and covering for them that they share.

George Rasley is editor of ConservativeHQ, a member of American MENSA and a veteran of over 300 political campaigns, including every Republican presidential campaign from 1976 to 2008. He served as lead advance representative for Governor Sarah Palin in 2008 and has served as a staff member, consultant or advance representative for some of America's most recognized conservative Republican political figures, including President Ronald Reagan and Jack Kemp. He served in policy and communications positions on the House and Senate staff, and during the George H.W. Bush administration he served on the White House staff of Vice President Dan Quayle.

*We gratefully ackowledge Discover the Networks for general facts about the Occupy Movement and its connection to Soros and the Far Left, click this link for their indepth study.

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Funding sources for anarchy in our nation

What continues to astound me is the seeming endless supply of money and logistics that these leftist terror groups have. Which makes the IRS' going after TEA Party and other Conservative groups a criminal act of huge proportions. But for the life of me, I also don't understand why these dolts in our Congress aren't going after the money trail that these groups all leave behind. i.e. who is paying for all this endless travel they seem to do, where they stay, where do they get their money for food and who is paying for offices, phones, all the professionally printed signs and shirts and the computer equipment needed to carry out this anarchy?

dolts in our Congress exactly the problem

For many years, under both Democratic and Republican majorities the House Un-American Activities Committee conducted hearings and published reports on sources of Communist funding of front groups. Today's Republicans are so cowardly and politically correct it would never occur to them to replicate that effort. If you go to parts 1 and 2 of the series it will link you to some private sources of this information.