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GOP Convention Report: The Secret Rule To Make The GOP The Party Of Priebus And Ryan

One of the most consequential inside stories about the Republican National Convention, completely untold by the establishment media we might add, has been the proceedings of the Rules Committee. 

UPDATE: Speaker Paul Ryan has been busted! Ryan has been outed making phone calls to delegations trying to get them to rescind their request for a Roll Call vote on the Rules, a move that would all but institutionalize fellow Wisconsinite Rience Priebus as Chairman and guarantee that his corrupt cronies control the RNC indefinitely.

The establishment media obsessed as it was with the #NeverTrump cabal rightly reported that it was “crushed” in the Rules Committee – and it was crushed with the support of the large contingent of conservatives on that Rules Committee Meetingcommittee. 

But what the establishment media didn’t report is that there is another parallel battle going on that will decide whether the Republican Party is a grassroots-driven Party, or whether is it is little more than a money machine to be looted by cronies of RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and Speaker Paul Ryan. 

In a process that can only described as deceitful and corrupt – two hallmarks of Priebus’ tenure as Chairman – Rules Committee Chairman Enid Mickelson and the staff of the RNC (paid for by your contributions if you were duped into giving one) lied to keep the Rules Committee in abeyance for over four hours so that they could whip votes against a package of Rules changes advocated by Virginian’s Morton Blackwell and Ken Cuccinelli designed return more power to the grassroots. 

I’ll let our friend Robert Eno of Conservative Review describe the details:

As the meeting finally got underway any rule that would have placed limits or checks on the Chair of the Republican Party was soundly defeated. These rules included allowing committees to elect their own chairmen, requiring the presence of a parliamentary professional at all RNC meetings, lessening the grip of the chair on the budget committee, among others. Every attempt was quickly characterized  as an attack on Priebus. Priebus’ allies always couched their arguments against transparency in a veil of teamwork and unity.  

Similarly, pro-Trump forces argued there just wasn’t enough “time” to take up any “complex” rules changes in the short period allotted for the committee’s work. Those establishment voices wanted to stop amendment after amendment so that the full RNC could study them. This mechanism for that is Rule 12 of the RNC rules which allows RNC rules to be modified by the members of the RNC rather than the quadrennial convention. 

Contrary to Priebus’ assertion via press release, this takes away significant power from the grassroots, acts as an excuse for rushing rules committee meetings, and shifts power for rule making away from the grassroots to the RNC itself, albeit with a high ¾ member bar. 

Morton Blackwell, the founder of the Leadership Institute and a longstanding member of the Republican National Committee, called Rule 12 the worst of the 2012 Romney rules package. He has fought for four years to remove it. Yesterday, he fell short once again. Like the rest of the proceedings, a power shift towards the establishment remained in effect. 

It was during the debate around Rule 12 where Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah (A, 100%) first rose. The Senator was outraged that multiple people had denied Blackwell’s attempts to speak for an additional two minutes on Rule 12. Lee rose not only in support of removing Rule 12, but in support of Blackwell himself. Lee stated that he found it offensive that a simple request for two more minutes, which is routinely given even to himself and Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas (A, 97%) in the Senate was denied to Blackwell. 

Blackwell also lost a fight to restore minority rights to the Republican National Committee. Under the current rules, a resolution may be brought to the floor at an RNC meeting with the support of one member from ten state delegations. The new rules require two members from ten states, an extremely high bar. 

Yesterday’s long proceedings were a major victory for the Trump campaign and the establishment, which of course are now one and the same. Grassroots voices were routed in the name of unity. Despite a campaign against a “rigged process,” Trump allied with the party establishment to continue rigging the game. 

Near the end of the proceedings the anti-grassroots spirit was taken to its logical conclusion via the passage of a resolution making the contact information of Rules Committee members confidential. An attempt to stop the grassroots from being able to easily contact members, it passed overwhelmingly. 

Not only did the establishment crush the grassroots yesterday. It voted to make it harder for the grassroots to voice their displeasure.  

This rigging the game as Donald Trump so correctly terms smells of the same corrupt tactics John Boehner and Paul Ryan use in the House of Representatives to stifle conservative opposition to their corrupt bargains with Obama and the business as usual lobbyist and professional political class who are the intended beneficiaries of the new Rules Priebus and the RNC insiders have crafted. This is exactly the kind of heavy handed anti-grassroots behavior that fueled the rebellion that nominated Donald Trump and while Trump is now the nominee these Rules changes – if implemented – show that the need for a rebellion against the corruption at the Republican National Committee is still needed. 

We urge you to contact members of your state delegation or RNC members to urge them to support the Morton Blackwell – Ken Cuccinelli backed Rules changes and to reject the anti-grassroots insider Rules that will make the GOP the permanent fiefdom of Reince Priebus, Paul Ryan and their highly paid cronies. 

Here’s a list of RNC members to contact via email: 


VIMrs.LillianaBelardo de O'[email protected] 

DCMr.José[email protected] 

TXMs.Toni [email protected] 

OHMs.Jo [email protected] 

PRThe HonorableJennifferGonzalez [email protected] 

ASMr.Utu [email protected] 

NYMrs.Jennifer [email protected] 

MIMs.RonnaRomney [email protected] 

ASThe HonorableSu'[email protected] 

RIMs.Lee [email protected] 

KSDr.HelenVan [email protected] 

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