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Presidential Horse Race 2016: With friends like John McCain, who needs enemies?

Yesterday I talked about the anti-Trump war being waged by the major media and even some GOP leaders over Gold Star Father Khizr Khan’s speech last week at the Democrat convention.

Now it appears as though spineless political amoeba Senator John McCain has decided to join the pile-on scrum.

Louis Nelson of Politico reports, “Sen. John McCain slammed Donald Trump Monday morning for feuding with John McCainthe parents of a fallen Muslim soldier, offering perhaps his sternest rebuke yet of a candidate with whom he has clashed throughout the campaign process.

“’In recent days, Donald Trump disparaged a fallen soldier’s parents. He has suggested that the likes of their son should not be allowed in the United States — to say nothing of entering its service,’ McCain said in a statement released by his office Monday. ‘I cannot emphasize enough how deeply I disagree with Mr. Trump’s statement. I hope Americans understand that the remarks do not represent the views of our Republican Party, its officers, or candidates.’”

I wonder how McCain would have reacted if a Republican had issued such a statement about something he said during the fall campaign of 2008. McCain was weakly reluctant to attack Obama where it would hurt the most back then but apparently has no qualms with sticking it to Trump on an issue that’s been widely overblown by the media today.

It’s safe to say McCain embodies all that’s wrong with the Republican Party in 2016. He’s the one who should apologize for giving us eight years of Obama.

McCain’s decision to get involved in the kick Donald Trump matter now is curious since he’s just a few weeks away from his state’s Republican primary where he faces a serious challenge on the right in the form of Dr. Kelli Ward.

McCain’s keeping the Khan controversy alive seems strange considering he’s got other things to worry about. Like with Crooked Hillary, he likely figures it’s best to try and keep attention focused anywhere but on his record. Conservatives should know better than to put any stock into anything McCain says.

I can’t help but surmise this Khan affair must be dying out, partly due to the Khizr’s own questionable past.

Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner reports, “The father of a Muslim-American soldier killed in Iraq who is caught up in a war of words with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is an immigration lawyer who specializes in a highly controversial program accused of letting immigrants buy their way into the U.S.”

Just wait until the dirt comes out on Khan…

But sooner or later I would think American voters will get around to examining Crooked Hillary’s role in voting for the Iraq War and her fatal negligence that led to the death of four Americans during the Benghazi attack.

Isn’t it funny how Gold Star mother Pat Smith was basically ignored after her convention speech in Cleveland but all of this consideration is being given to Khan?

Trump would be much better off refocusing his attention onto Crooked Hillary rather than taking part in arguments he just can’t win. He can’t win them mostly because he doesn’t have any backup from people like John McCain. It’s time he took the fight to the enemy rather than constantly playing defense on his own turf.

Another Bushie leaves the GOP and hints of a Hillary vote

We all know John McCain isn’t the only spineless establishment Republican writhing in pain over Donald Trump’s nomination and subsequent non-politically correct utterances on certain matters. Hard as it is to believe, there are apparently more elites waiting in the wings to express their angst.

Jesse Byrnes of The Hill reports, “A top adviser to former Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush and a well-known figure in GOP circles says she's leaving the party and may vote for Hillary Clinton.

“Sally Bradshaw, who was a senior adviser during Bush's White House bid, told CNN she has left the GOP to become an independent.”

Maybe CNN could finagle a way to get Bradshaw, McCain and Khizr Khan on a split screen so they all can bash Trump at the same time. You could also include some of the whiney #NeverTrumpers like the RedState staff and they’ll all be singing the same tune.

In dissing Trump, Bradshaw threw out the usual establishment terms to describe him… you know, narcissist, misogynist, bigot…nothing new to see here.

Also as reported by Byrnes, Bradshaw said in an email, “This election cycle is a test. As much as I don't want another four years of Obama's policies, I can't look my children in the eye and tell them I voted for Donald Trump. I can't tell them to love their neighbor and treat others the way they wanted to be treated, and then vote for Donald Trump. I won't do it.”

The Golden Rule doesn’t really apply to Crooked Hillary either, does it?

I wonder if Bradshaw will be able to look her children in the eye if Hillary wins and the Supreme Court effectively takes from the Bushies all of their crumbs they’ve managed to win over the years on the causes where they’ve actually been effective.

No one who’s conservative could even fathom voting for Hillary – or someone other than Trump.

I don’t know who Bradshaw is, but honestly, who cares what a Jeb Bush advisor thinks about Trump? CNN only features her views in the first place because they think it makes Trump look bad. It doesn’t. It makes Jeb and the rest of the Bush family look like sore losers and whiners, which they essentially are in fact.

Anytime someone in the Bush family might wonder why conservatives still aren’t wild about the Bush presidencies years after the fact, they need only look to comments from people like Bradshaw.

Perhaps she could even stump for Hillary now that it appears like she’s “With Her.” What a disgrace. She’s leaving the party? Good riddance.

Ted Cruz still confounded over the reaction he received at the RNC

It’s almost been two weeks since Senator Ted Cruz’s fateful non-endorsement speech to the Republican convention in Cleveland and some people still can’t stop talking about what he said – or more importantly, what he didn’t say that night.

Eliana Johnson and Tim Alberta of National Review write, “Unnerved by the scope of the fallout, Cruz is attempting to defuse tensions behind the scenes. He and his lieutenants are confident that the controversy will die down and believe that Trump’s every misstep between now and November will validate Cruz’s decision to withhold his support. They also realize, though, that his run in 2020 — not to mention his Senate reelection in 2018 — will be immeasurably more difficult without the support of the financial and grassroots networks he cultivated in 2016, significant portions of which he has angered with his recent actions.

“With that in mind, Cruz convened a conference call with donors to his presidential campaign the weekend after his speech and worked to clarify his remarks, which were widely interpreted as a public rebuke of Trump. According to a participant on the call, Cruz told donors that he didn’t anticipate the intensity of the audience’s response; nor did he intend to signal his alliance with or allegiance to the so-called Never Trump movement, which has worked to recruit a third-party presidential candidate.”

That Cruz failed to see in advance how poorly he’d be received is an understatement. Every single #NeverTrumper in the so-called conservative media took Ted’s failure to utter the “v” or “e” words in reference to Trump as evidence he was off the party bandwagon. They promptly ran like a dog to a whistle to Ted’s side as a result, spilling effusive praise on him for his “principled” stance. In an instant, Cruz likely made more friends in the Republican establishment than he ever believed he could.

Adding to the disgrace, Cruz even had Hillary Clinton saying she agreed with him on his “vote your conscience” suggestion. That’s not a positive development for Ted.

And for Cruz to say he didn’t anticipate the intensity of the reaction is hardly an excuse. Once he heard not only the resounding boos from the delegates but also the white hot anger from conservatives such as Richard Viguerie shortly after he finished speaking, Cruz would have realized that maybe he’d miscalculated.

But in response, Cruz only doubled down on his stated “vote your conscience” position the next day (when meeting with the Texas delegation) and hasn’t been heard from since. Cruz has perhaps benefitted from Congress being in recess and the Democrat convention taking center stage last week. Add the fact the media continues to hound Trump for every little petty matter unrelated to this year’s election and Ted has all but disappeared from view.

Cruz has become old news. Not only has he slipped out of the news cycle, the last impression he left with people was one of intense anger and betrayal. True, the matter has been tucked away in most peoples’ minds right now – but only temporarily.

While emphasizing that he’s still fervently “#NeverHillary” and maintaining his silence on a potential vote for Trump, Cruz is trying to have it both ways, a quandary he will need to try and emerge from at some point.

According to Johnson’s and Alberta’s story, Cruz’s donors and potential supporters are still furious at Ted for the convention snub. And apparently, Cruz remains adamant about not changing his non-endorsement stance.

Something has to give.

If Cruz is to have any kind of a political future at all, he’ll need to get the Trump non-endorsement monkey off his back; otherwise the controversy it generated will follow him the rest of his days. I personally don’t see how Cruz can maintain his current stance and have any hope of running for president again. His coalition obviously wasn’t quite big enough to allow him to win this year, so what kind of future would he have when a lot of his past supporters now consider themselves #NeverCruz?

In my opinion, Cruz must make some moves in the not so distant future to try and make amends.

The most important thing of all is to signal support for the party ticket sometime before Election Day, leaving enough time to make it appear as though he’s not doing it solely to save his career. This will begin the healing process for a lot of people who were wowed by his presidential campaign’s message during the primaries yet angered by his selfish show of ego at the convention.

Politics is a long road and is filled with tales of politicians who’ve made a comeback. Nothing is ever permanent, especially with the incredibly short attention spans and memories of American voters. This too shall pass.

But the controversy will never blow over if Cruz doesn’t find a way to make things right this year. It would be a true shame if his ego prevents him from taking the high road and helping the cause rather than keeping to himself and bringing America down with him.

To (free) trade or not to (free) trade, that is the question

Finally today, there’s no doubting Donald Trump has based a large part of his campaign on the issue of making sure American workers are given first consideration when making trade deals with foreign nations.

Trump’s “America First” stance has drawn serious blowback from many Republicans and conservatives who firmly believe in the party’s traditional stance in favor of free and open trade.

Now, apparently, a number of previously skeptical Republicans are moving closer to Trump’s position.

Allan Smith of Business Insider reports, “Trump has championed a fierce anti-free-trade agenda along the trail. The Republican presidential nominee frequently rips the North American Free Trade Agreement as the worst trade deal in history and has said the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which is pending congressional approval, will continue the ‘rape of our country.’…

“Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, one of Trump's top supporters, told Business Insider on the floor of the convention that he thought his fellow colleagues were moving closer to positions held by Trump and himself on trade. During his convention speech last week, Sessions said Trump would help end ‘Obamatrade.’”

Sessions indicated he was in favor of bilateral agreements negotiated on a country-by-country basis rather than large deals that cover entire regions like NAFTA or TPP. This would certainly be in keeping with Trump’s consistent promises to “make great deals” with trading partners that would end cheating and foster better relations all around.

I think it’s patently unfair to label Trump as an isolationist on trade or even on foreign policy. He stated during his convention speech that he’s in favor of taxes, tariffs or any means necessary to encourage employers to hire American workers first and keep their businesses in the United States.

That’s a stated goal that should be commended, not condemned. How far have we come as a country when our potential president gets chastised by members of his own party for expressing a preference for economic populism? What’s it about a “Made in the U.S.A.” label that gets some people so angry?

Trump’s also said many times that he’s for free trade as long as it’s fair between different countries.

The proponents of free trade have hit Trump for a failure to recognize the benefits derived from trade. This is far too simple of an explanation. Trump recognizes there are numerous potential markets for American goods, but also that many countries (such as Japan) don’t open them to American products.

This will end under a Trump administration, one way or another. And even if Trump is unable to fully fulfill his promise to make other nations play completely fair, the world is on notice that the rules of the game have changed and they should no longer expect a free ride from America’s political class.

Trade is far too complex to pin down to a one or two sentence policy. But sovereignty is not. No international body should be the ultimate arbiter when it comes to American interests.

In essence, we must put our trust in the person who’s sitting at the negotiation table across from foreign leaders when talking business. Who would you rather trust with that duty, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

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Rebuttal of McCains criticizing TRUMP

John, I have written you many times. Of course you did nothing. You passed a bill where POW's could not sue North Vietnam a long while ago. You refuse to accept the GOP candidate and you publicly ridicule him. You slam TRUMP for asking a question from a MUSLIM PLANT which is explained below. Even you can't be that stupid and not see an underhanded slimy HILLARY CLINTON is the guilty one. Blame HILLARY CLINTON FOR CAUSING THIS WHOLE FIASCO!!!
OBAMA discredits TRUMP for asking a question about the 12 year dead Captain’s mother. He did nothing wrong. For the Captain I will be eternally sorry. I want to clarify this before my article. I am a Retired Military Veteran decorated and with 3 Purple Hearts.
NOW! I am not offended by TRUMPS question and statement, hopefully the rest of my discussion statement will clarify it. All this bullshit about TRUMP, so called “chastising Gold Star mother Ghazala Khan and her husband following their poignant Democratic National Convention speech”. REALLY CHASTIZED, REALLY! All I heard was a question by TRUMP after being publicly attacked all because the dirty rotten HILLARY SET THE WHOLE THING UP. The rear end kissing media especially David Muir and George S. plus others in the media ran this wild and twisted everything. Let’s PUT THE BLAME WHERE IT BELONGS, WITH HILLARY CLINTON. Just how low can a politician go. HOW LOW CAN YOU GO HILLARY??? What is bad about this is the fact HILLARY CLINTON because of TRUMP's stand on vetting MUSLIMS brought a “PLANT” MUSLIM (for votes) to the platform, whose son died 12 years ago and let him publicly ridicule TRUMP for MUSLIM's (a MUSLIM will do anything to further ISLAM) and HILLARY's gain. THE NEWS PEOPLE ARE ALMOST ALL AGAINST TRUMP. THEY BLATANTLY SHOW THEIR PREJUDICE OPENLY. If Hillary ever stops short, David Muir and George S will come up with deification on their faces. Being a professional military man I feel sorry for the Captains death. Secondly the fact HILLARY couldn't let it go and respect the Captains courageous death. Showing HILLARY’s indifference and to win at any cost, she had to use a dead military man for her own agenda. The father is a law professor and democrat. Apparently the father has sold out his son for Islam and to Hillary and it appears the stupid father doesn't even know it, unless Hillary has promised him a job if she wins. Trump didn't knock the mother just asked a question! Instead of knocking TRUMP understand, it happened 12 years ago, the mother and father should have not even been there, they should have respected their son and kept him out of politics. It was a dirty rotten, nasty HILLARY CLINTON's VENGEANCE to put a MUSLIM on the floor to speak. I am glad she did because it shows HILLARY in her true colors of worthless. Why in the hell shouldn't TRUMP say something back when HILLARY CLINTON STOOPED SO LOW. Everyone knows she hates the military, secret service, intelligence community, state police and local police, anyone that speaks up or doesn't agree with her, this just goes to prove it. This is what everyone is going to get with another CLINTON WHITE HOUSE, she has mastered lies, deceit, indifference, underhanded dealings, do anything for power and money, back room deals, vengeance, vendetta's and on and on and on.