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Must Read Book: Tom DeWeese’s ERASE

My new book ERASE is a searing glimpse into a future for America that encompasses all of these situations. In a tense and entertaining story, ERASE exposes how such tactics are being used to destroy our nation from within. I have used one central villain to portray the evil force that threatens us. However, in reality he lives inside hundreds of such power mongers that now act as an unseen hand to pull the strings in the back rooms of local, state and federal centers of government. 

In the book’s story a teacher, a businessman, a preacher, a political activist and a homeless man all learn the ERASEfrightening truth about a secret, powerful force plotting to bring it about. What can they do to stop it? Eventually they learn of a secret document that holds the answers. It names the perpetrators and details the full plan for the destruction of America. These heroes understand the great need to possess and expose such information and they begin a desperate race against time to find it. Of course, as in any fictional thriller, through that search some make the ultimate sacrifice to save their nation. 

This is a fictional depiction. However, every single policy presented in the book, from the use of technology to change our culture; to the use of the public school classrooms to eliminate true knowledge; to the destruction of Christianity in a drive to meld all religions into one powerful tool for government, is all true and happening at this very moment.     

Help preserve our free society. I invite you to read my book ERASE. It is far easier to understand these attacks on our liberty through an entertaining fictional story than to try to muddle through and rely on the mainstream media to sort out truth from deception. 

One central character named Brad Jackson is a teacher who takes great pride in his ability to inspire his students to understand and accept true history. He loves books and prizes his collection of them. When he is confronted with the news that evil forces are working to eliminate our history and culture, he asks another character an obvious question: “How do they think they can stop knowledge? It’s there, no matter what.” The other character, who knows the secrets and is working to stop such a destruction of the nation, answers him by saying, “They stop knowledge by banning it.” 

That is what is happening to our nation right now, in every area of our lives. It’s happening quietly, in stealth. Many Americans hardly notice. But it’s there; control through our personal choices, our bank accounts, even our use of social media. Now is the time to stand up and stop it. Or, very soon, we will wake up to find that our nation, our culture, our history are wiped from the face of the earth. The answers are in my book, ERASE.

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