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Trump Beginning To Meet Viguerie’s Foolproof Test

Movement conservatives are now in charge of the Trump campaign. 

“Who you walk with tells me a lot about who you are” is an aphorism that I have long applied as a foolproof test of whether a candidate or elected official is going to govern as a conservative. This might be seen as a Richard Vigueriecompanion or corollary to another one of my favorite rules of politics – personnel is policy. 

When Ronald Reagan was running for President every time I saw him, and I saw him quite a bit, he was surrounded by people I knew from conservative politics: Senator Paul Laxalt, Jeff Bell, Lyn Nofziger, Marty Anderson, Dick Allen, Judge Clark, Ed Meese, etc. 

This gave me confidence that when Reagan was elected he would look to the conservatives with whom he had surrounded himself to staff his White House, and the Cabinet and sub-cabinet appointments in his Administration. 

And, with a few notable exceptions, that’s what he did. 

On the other hand, when I looked at Mitt Romney, John McCain and Bob Dole, or both Bushes, what I saw were lobbyists, industry insiders, professional political operatives and other “rented strangers” as columnist George F. Will once called those of the professional political class. 

So when we look at who Hillary Clinton walks with; Leftwing financier George Soros, Muslim Brotherhood-connected aide Huma Abedin, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards and other radical Leftists we know where she is going to lead the country. 

But what of Donald Trump? 

Trump has spent the past three decades in the company of the show business stars, sports legends, and pop culture figures that promote his business ventures. 

He’s readily admitted that, as part of his business strategy, he’s supported both political parties and their candidates – he even donated to Hillary Clinton in one of her past campaigns. 

However, since he began to the think about running for President, and once he announced, he has walked mostly with people from the right-of-center, from Senator Jeff Sessions, to Jerry Falwell, Jr., to conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly, to his National Co-Chairman Sam Clovis and economic advisors Steve Moore and Larry Kudlow, Trump’s major supporters and many of his inner circle have been from the conservative movement. 

Now, the hiring of Kellyanne Conway as campaign manager and Steve Bannon as chief executive of the campaign brought two more movement conservatives into the leadership of Trump’s campaign. 

Donald Trump’s recent economic speech, his national security speech and his law and order speech in Wisconsin were full of sound conservative policy prescriptions and were reflective of a strong conservative governing philosophy. 

Most importantly, through the ups and downs of his campaign, contrary to the conventional wisdom espoused by the DC political class and the establishment media, Trump has not “moved to the center,” but marched steadily to the right. 

With Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon at the top of the campaign, Mike Pence as Vice President and Senator Jeff Sessions at Donald Trump’s side, the Trump campaign is shaping up to be the most ideological campaign since Ronald Reagan’s 1980 campaign against Jimmy Carter. 

Does this mean that Donald Trump, the secular businessman, has suddenly erased his glitzy past – of course not. Trump is still Trump with all that comes with that. 

However, conservatives can look at Donald Trump’s campaign and draw more and more assurance that through the application of Viguerie’s Foolproof Test and its corollary Donald Trump is going to govern as a conservative, and that is, in the end, exactly what we conservatives want from this election.

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I agree. As for the previous 2 comments, since there isn't a "true" conservative running who would have a chance of winning the election, what would you suggest??? I would much rather have Trump than what the Democrats are offering!!!! Every freedom we have will be in peril if another Democrat is elected!


I have posted before, when it was still possible (until over nine months ago), that the views you are supporting now for Trump, are a complete reversal of your trying to sabotage his candidacy from the beginning, until just recently. I was a great supporter and contributor to this site ever since you went on line, posting all of my research on "natural born" and Obama's illegally becoming President by lies and deception, made possible by Nancy Pelosi and her helpers since before he even became a candidate in 2008. That you are now reversing yourself and your destructive behavior (obviously, to try to maintain your life-long, behind the scenes power in the "Republican" Party) is devious, false and obscene. Why not own up to your deceptions and accept the truth for the public's good. Trump certainly would know the truth if your writings over the last 12+ were reviewed. I hope you have the courage and integrity to post this comment.

No comments

Apparently you don't post any comments that disagree with the author, because I tried to post one that was respectful but in disagreement and it is not here. I am guessing this is why you have zero comments.

The intellectual contortions of CHQ lately are mind-boggling. Pretending that Trump is in any way a conservative, anger with true conservatives for not wanting to vote for Trump (along with myriad strawmen argument about why--as though being divorced is the only reason AND completely ignoring the flagrant infedelity), comparing him with Barry Goldwater. I can't tell you enough how disappointed I am in Richard and your whole staff.

I won't unsubscribe--for now, but I now consider this item in my inbox the same way that I consider CNN--opposition research, just to understand what people are saying. But this one breaks my heart. Not only have you pro-Trumpers turned conservative ideology on its head, when the demagogue has a temper tantrum and presses the big red button you will only have yourselves to blame.