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We Endorse Dan Bongino, the Conservative in Florida-19

Dan Bongino. The steely eyes. The boxer’s nose. The hair cut high and tight; and the boyish grin that softens it all when he talks about his family. You’ve probably seen him on Fox News as a guest without realizing he’s also one of the top conservative candidates running for Congress. 

Bongino is a former Secret Service agent now running for Congress in Florida’s open 19th Congressional District centered on Ft. Myers and Naples on Florida’s Gulf Coast. 

Dan BonginoBongino, who friends describe as Republitarian (libertarian-leaning Republican) has been knocking on doors and raising a decent amount of money, but to the national GOP insiders Bongino’s grassroots campaign has hardly been a blip on the radar as they focused protecting vulnerable incumbents and offering behind the scenes support to self-funding candidates like opponent Francis Rooney, who started the race by giving himself $600,000 and has poured millions into the campaign. 

But Bongino and his disciplined volunteer corps have hit thousands of doors in the district and generated lots of earned media to make up for it. 

And even the establishment-oriented media in Naples-Ft. Myers has allowed that Bongino’s grassroots campaign is having a success that is now the talk of Florida’s most astute political observers. 

Now early voting has opened in Florida and Bongino is earnestly chasing votes in the parts of the District that don’t sit behind security gates like those of Mr. Rooney’s estate. 

Bongino, a resident of Florida since 2015, has been hit for not living in the District (he rents a home in Naples) but those critics were strangely silent when Connie Mack IV moved across the state to run for Congress in the same District and rented a house in Cape Coral. 

As Dan Bongino said, “I want my campaign to be a salute to working-class Americans just like me – the farmers, the small business owners, the manufacturers – who have been forgotten by this administration, they are now, and have always been, my inspiration and are the reason I’m running for Congress.” 

“As a former Secret Service agent, tasked with protecting the President, I know firsthand that the needs of average working-class Americans are being ignored in Washington.” 

As we said when we reviewed Bongino’s book, Life Inside The Bubble, he is an idealist and a man of courage, passion and humanity who is one of the best spokesmen going for the passionate, freedom oriented conservatism that is reminiscent of the best of Jack Kemp and Ronald Reagan. 

Dan is a standout among a new generation of conservative leaders and we are proud to be part of the growing list of national conservatives to endorse him.  As Mike Lee once said of Dan Bongino, “He has spent his life helping our country.  Let's unite now to help Dan.” 

Early voting is now open and Election Day for the Florida Republican Primary is August 30, to learn more about Dan and how to vote for him go to

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