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Presidential Horse Race 2016: Why young voters favor Crooked Hillary over Donald Trump

With students all over the country heading back to college campuses this week for the 2016-17 school year, it’s only fitting that upon their return they’re having to confront the very same serious political issues facing the entire country.

Passions run hot on both sides of the ideological aisle as the future of the country is at stake in November. For some college Republicans, adding to the heat is the question on whether or not to publicly support their own Donald 4 Prezparty nominee.

Tyler Pager of Politico reports, “As students head back to campus for the start of the new school year, College Republicans are going through the same soul-searching that Republicans across the country have been wrestling with for months over what the future of their party will look like and what lasting impact Trump’s unorthodox campaign will have on the GOP…

“While the disarray on college campuses over Trump’s candidacy mirrors the Republican Party at large, the dearth of support among young voters is particularly problematic for a party that has long struggled to attract the voting bloc.”

It certainly looks to be true that Trump isn’t winning over young voters. Polls show him with historically large deficits among the age group despite the fact Bernie Sanders’ nemesis, Crooked Hillary, is his opponent. The same lack of support from the young and impressionables was true of Mitt Romney and John McCain before him. The Republican Party brand is awful with the youth and to me, there’s really no secret as to why that is.

First is the education system itself. The Millennial generation is the first one that’s grown up under the crushing intolerance of internet enforced political correctness. Therefore, having differing views from what is considered the “acceptable” norm by the greater culture at large automatically puts you on the outside.

This is particularly true this year with Trump’s polarizing campaign, one based on setting stark contrasts with Hillary and Obama. The potential for wholesale change scares the kids, in my opinion. They seem to buy in to the concept that government takes care of people rather than holds them back. It’s much easier for youths to get behind all the phony “unity” rhetoric the Democrats offer.

And with college faculties heavily dominated by liberals, what the students are hearing in class only reinforces these anti-Trump feelings. Most colleges are supported by big government. Therefore, it’s not in the institutions’ best interest to teach the concepts of individual freedom and self-reliance.

Second, the media doesn’t do the work of educating young voters as to what’s really at stake in this election, instead concentrating on Trump’s numerous faux pas and Hillary’s soft denials of any wrongdoing concerning her plentiful scandals.

For example, Trump has made several policy-laden speeches of late that have been given little coverage, much less analysis by the media talkers. Hillary on the other hand doesn’t seem to be doing much of anything these days other than staying out of the spotlight, fundraising and not giving press conferences. She doesn’t answer questions, gives few interviews and lets her surrogates speak for her.

The less she’s seen the better it is for her, lest she remind everyone how awful she really is. The media has couched this election on Trump’s personality. No wonder the younger crowd is so jaded.

Third, social media and peer pressure.

Pager’s Politico article offers the views of one college Trump supporter who said he hears from a lot of people his age that support Trump but are afraid to let their preferences be known for fear of being subjected to condemnation from the politically correct thought police.

I think this trend is quite prevalent all throughout the country. It’s the reason why Trump tends to do better in online polls rather than over-the-phone surveys. People are scared to speak up. I’ve experienced it myself in casual conversations…people seem almost apologetic for saying anything nice about Trump.

My own daughter also witnessed this phenomenon this past week as she went back to college after a long summer away. She said there’s been quite a lot of talk about the election and it’s mostly favored Crooked Hillary. She’s normally not one to keep quiet about what she believes, but when your peers are so hopelessly uninformed, what else can you do but try and change the subject?

Lastly, the youth prefers Crooked Hillary because of plain ignorance (I was going to say “stupidity”, but I wouldn’t want to get in trouble with the young folks).

For any Republican, young or otherwise, to refuse to support Trump simply because of “hateful rhetoric” or whatever ridiculous way to put it sets aside the real issue at the heart of this campaign: Crooked Hillary Clinton and her bag full of liberal tricks that will tear out the heart of this country and sabotage their own future.

Granted the media would much rather talk about what Trump said yesterday instead of focusing on something like the national debt, which will exceed $20 trillion in the not so distant future. The debt keeps increasing despite record tax collections, a clear indication that government spends too much rather than taxes too little, a fact no one seems to care much for these days. They’d prefer to cover Donald Trump’s mouth, which seems much more titillating to them.

The issue of Supreme Court appointments is also receiving precious little media attention, an utter shame considering it’s probably the single most important matter in this election.  

The young folks’ lack of real world experience places them in danger of voting against their own interests and America’s universities aren’t doing much to help them recognize it.

Unfortunately for the kids, they’re going to find getting a good paying job very difficult in the coming years if Crooked Hillary and her policies of “more of the same” win this year. And they’ll end up saddled with a huge debt to those same universities that failed to educate them.

All hope is not lost, however. Despite Trump losing heavily with young voters, he’s still only a few points behind in the overall race. Should some of these kids come to their senses before Election Day, there may actually be an outcome that will benefit them – and everyone else, too.

Economic news is all bad, but we hardly hear anything about it

One of the areas the media has been negligent in addressing is the incredibly sorry state of the economy that’s staring those young voters right in the face once they receive their diplomas.

Steve Moore writes at Fox News, “We got revised GDP numbers from the Commerce Department on Friday and the economy actually did slightly WORSE than originally estimated. Growth was 1.1 percent in the second quarter of this year and less than 1 percent for the first six months of 2016. The business sector of the economy has sunk to recession territory. Profits are shrinking (down 2.4 percent last quarter) so how long can the stock market rise?  

“The consumer is keeping the economy out of negative territory, but that's only because we are spending more than we are earning.”

Moore points out that the only real growth in the American economy is at the top of the income spectrum – and in government. This is exactly the outcome Crooked Hillary and her kind want – the rich get richer and the little guy votes for her because she’s promising to throw them welfare scraps.

As for Trump, Moore provides his own bit of advice:

“Trump must hammer Hillary and Obama on these abysmal economic developments.  What is needed?  ‎Tax cuts. Deregulation. American energy production. Repeal of Obamacare. He should talk about little else if he wants to win.”

Heck, even leading #NeverTrumper Erick Erickson said Trump should be focusing more on Obamacare rather than trivial matters like labeling Hillary as a bigot.

Erickson writes at The Resurgent, “Republicans have a really compelling message this year. Obamacare is going to raise healthcare costs; Hillary Clinton cannot be trusted; our national security is in jeopardy; and our enemies around the world are starting to stretch their legs. Unfortunately, they have a nominee for President who’d rather say bat crap crazy stuff on national television and distract from a comprehensive, organized campaign message that the Republican senate candidates can echo down ballot.”

I completely agree with Moore – and mostly with Erickson this time. Trump does need to continue to pound these important economic themes. But Republicans have been saying these types of things for years and it still hasn’t dislodged the Democrat voters from their truth-challenged candidates in the past.

Trump has started the conversation in this country on the Democrats and race. Though I’m not sure calling Hillary a bigot is very productive, highlighting hers and her party’s abysmal record on improving the lives of poor people is something we need to talk about as a society.

Democrats have done nothing for the mostly minority populations in the inner cities, yet these people still support the “evil party” in very high percentages. Of course the Democrats blame the GOP for continuing to keep poor people down, but aren’t they the ones who have been in control?

Trump offers an alternative for people who might be looking for one. If there are young people who support Trump but are afraid to speak up, no doubt there are minorities who feel the same way.

This is the “undercover vote” Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway was talking about the other day.

With Labor Day a week away and the traditional start of the campaign season, we’ll soon see how much the economy will begin weighing on peoples’ minds. As for the “undercover” vote, we won’t be able to tell for sure until Election Day.

Answering his critics, Trump will be campaigning in the inner city

Ever since Donald Trump began talking about the problems associated with Hillary and Obama and the Democrats’ horrible record on improving conditions in America’s inner cities, he’s received a great deal of criticism from Al Sharpton and others about asking for minority votes from afar.

It appears as though that’s about to change.

Jessie Hellmann of The Hill reports, “Kellyanne Conway, Trump's new campaign manager, said the Republican presidential nominee would begin meeting with minorities in their communities.

“’We're planning on additional events in communities of color,’ Conway said on John Catsimatidis' radio show, ‘The Cats Roundtable.’

“’We're trying to really see the best in these communities and leverage it in terms of continuing success and listening to their concerns but also their success stories,’ she said.”

If this is true, better get ready for some huge leftist inspired protests when Trump comes to a city near you. The left depends on keeping its voting constituencies pacified and suppressed, so they’re not going to allow alternative views to threaten their power base.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see the type of violence that forced the cancellation of a Trump rally in Chicago earlier this year. Simply put, the radicals will throw everything they have at Trump to try and scare him away.

Trump shouldn’t be deterred. His strategy is smart. In fishing, you go where the fish are. When you’re a first-time political candidate, you go where you can potentially change minds and earn some votes – as long as your base is locked up first. In my opinion, Trump has most of the Republicans he’s going to get as the conservative elements of #NeverTrump look hopeless and the establishment elites are either onboard or they’re not.

From a political standpoint it makes a lot more sense to approach the Democrats’ largest voting blocs to try and convince a small percentage to abandon the party. Hillary Clinton has been doing the same thing, yet no one seems to mind when white working class voters are the target of a Democrat sell-job.

But instead of pandering to them, offer them a way out of the cycle of failure the Democrats have imposed on them for decades. I think Trump’s been doing well in pounding this theme.

As I’ve said many times before, Trump only needs to switch a relatively small percentage of minority votes in order to be competitive with Crooked Hillary in November. The vast majority of African-Americans will still likely vote for Clinton, but I’ve read stats that suggested if Trump were to get, say 15 percent of their votes, she’d almost certainly lose.

Trump deserves credit for trying…it’s a lot more than McCain and Romney ever did.

#NeverTrump group still fantasizing about a Trump withdrawal

Finally today, for those of you who thought #NeverTrump’s dreams of replacing The Donald as the GOP nominee disappeared for good over a month ago at the Republican convention, think again. The same people who catastrophically failed to unbind the convention delegates in Cleveland are now set to hit the television airwaves with a new delusional plea.

Ryan Lovelace of the Washington Examiner reports, “Anti-Donald Trump Republicans are readying an ad campaign aimed at getting the GOP nominee to quit the presidential race.

“The ‘Free the Delegates’ group that failed to oust Trump at the GOP convention will run a 30-second ad on broadcast networks in Florida, Virginia, Ohio, and Michigan, Politico reported. The ad, titled ‘Keep Your Word,’ shows Trump wondering aloud why he would continue in the presidential race if he were losing in the polls as some of his poor polling results flash onscreen.”

My first thought when I saw this was, ‘don’t these people have better things to do with their time and money?’ Who’s funding this group?

One of many problems with this particular faction of #NeverTrump is their argument is just plain false. Trump’s poll numbers aren’t really that bad, so there’s no “pledge” to keep in the first place. For example, a national poll that came out yesterday shows Crooked Hillary’s lead at only three points, which is nearly inside the survey’s margin of error (2 points).

The only rationale I can think of for these “Free the Delegates” people to continue with this charade is they’re hedging their bets on a Trump loss in November whereupon they’ll be swooping in to pick up the pieces and rule the magically reunited conservative/Republican cause in a post-Trump world.

This is a fantasy so far-fetched not even Disney could make it work.

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