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Texas Vote Fraud Investigations: Democrats Plan For It To Happen Everywhere

Our friends at have recently brought to light some interesting allegations about the security and integrity of the ballot in Texas that have nothing to do with the shiny object of cybersecurity, but plenty to do with good old fashioned vote stealing. 

Just a few weeks ago, reports our friend Michael Quinn Sullivan, a federal court knocked down Texas' voter ID Loretta Lynchlaw, making the absurd claim that it wasn't necessary because there wasn't any fraud in our elections. And the very next day we learned that there were apparently nearly 1,800 more votes cast in Hill County than there were voters

Hill County, Texas is a small county, but in the context of George W. Bush’s 537 vote win in Florida in 2000 it would be the ball game. 

But that’s not the worst of Sullivan’s report. 

It turns out that Tarrant County, one of the state's largest (and most liberal) counties is under investigation by the Office the Texas Attorney General for voting irregularities. Metroplex bureau's Ross Kecseg reports that Tarrant County's elections administrator had apparently noticed abnormalities in the voting, especially in the mail-in ballots, but didn't really think he needed to do anything about it since no one had filed a complaint. 

Election Administrator Frank Phillips disclosed the investigation was the result of a complaint filed by Aaron Harris of Direct Action Texas. 

Harris identified the errors in Hill County that have led to an ongoing criminal investigation there. 

Phillips admitted that his office, which is charged with election oversight, had noticed abnormalities related to mail-in ballots but decided not to take action, since no formal complaint had been filed. 

Phillips’ shocking admission raises the question: How is the Attorney General supposed to know to investigate if the agency charged with overseeing an election fails to report suspicious activity? What other suspicious activity has Phillips’ failed to report? 

Do other elections administrators also neglect to report suspicious activity? 

Phillips’ defense? He claims his office is “not the police.” And so even in cases where individuals may have violated state law, his election office processes the potentially fraudulent or invalid forms anyway

“The [election] code states what those persons can and can’t do,” said Phillips. “What the code doesn’t make us is the police. The code says, if somebody [violates the law] we accept that [application], and we process it. With the number of applications we get each year, there’s no way to look at each one and see if that name has been attributed before.” 

Kecseg and Sullivan say if this is the process followed by Tarrant County, then how many other Texas counties open their mail-in ballot process up for abuse? And if it is that easy to commit voter fraud, maybe Texas needs to look at doing away with the mail-in ballot process altogether. 

It will probably come as no surprise to anyone who has worked in a grassroots election that Democrats – schooled in the Chicago way – have an aversion to anything remotely resembling ballot security.  Vote early and often is their mantra, and in the name of the politically correct goals of protecting poor people and others who they assume are too inept to obtain a government I.D. or too dumb to remember to bring it along when they go to vote Democrats persist in watering down or defeating laws requiring voters to produce identification when they request a ballot. 

There was a time when the Republican Party had a ballot security program and put a lot of effort into purging voter lists of dead, moved and inactive voters.  Those days are long gone in a Party where establishment political correctness requires pretending that your opponent won’t commit outright fraud in order to win by voting dead people and others who are not eligible to cast a ballot. 

It is worth noting that prior to the 2012 election Obama’s legal hitman, Attorney General Eric Holder, went after a number of states, including the State of Texas for implementing a new voter ID law and threatened swing state Florida over its plan to purge its voter registration lists.   

The basis of Holder’s attacks was that there is no evidence the present system allows voter fraud and ID laws disproportionately burden minorities, the elderly, Hispanic surnamed voters, etc. 

The same scenario is playing out again, only this time there’s a hitwoman in charge: Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Conservatives and the Trump campaign need to immediately gear-up a ballot integrity plan to ensure that Democrats do not have got a Hill County, Texas set for every state.

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