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Presidential Horse Race 2016: Humble Donald Trump takes Detroit while Crooked Hillary hides

With Labor Day now behind us, we begin the rush towards Election Day on November 8. The presidential race appears to be tightening further and the candidates are firming up strategies for the final stretch run.

By most accounts, Crooked Hillary Clinton was damaged severely last week. T. Becket Adams of the Washington Examiner wrote on Saturday, “Hillary Clinton has remained largely out of sight this week, keeping her public remarks to a minimum as she raises millions of dollars at private fundraisers, but her absence from the spotlight has done nothing to staunch the flow of bad press.

“On the contrary, even though the Democratic nominee has kept a mostly low profile over the past few days, Trump Detroit Churchshe and her campaign managed somehow to have a rotten week.”

Adams’ piece is chock full of tidbits about Crooked Hillary’s recent foibles, particularly involving her almost complete lack of availability to the media. Even some of her friendly news outlets are starting to turn on her. VP nominee Tim Kaine has had to defend her.  It was bad.

It’s perhaps ironic that reporters’ lack of access to Clinton is drawing so much flak because Donald Trump is taking just as much, if not more, criticism for being too available for press coverage.

Of course, the naysayers of the #NeverTrump movement are suggesting his willingness to put himself out there is nothing but a self-destructive psychological disorder that will ultimately doom his candidacy.

Steve Berman of The Resurgent writes, “The Trump campaign is a train wreck because it’s run by a man who cannot stop himself from saying or doing anything to put himself in the limelight. It’s likely the reason Paul Manafort quit. It’s likely the reason Steve Bannon, a reputed control freak and hatchet man, is cradling his head in his hands and eating Excedrin by the handful.

“Even if enough voters could warm up to some of Trump’s policies, and his messaging, dealmaking, and analysis skills, the man’s own compulsions will sink him. Trump wants to win, and he wants it to be the most compelling story in the history of American politics (if not the world).”

Berman concludes by saying he used to dislike Trump, but now he pities the Republican nominee instead. Berman’s article contains several examples of the candidate’s purported self-sabotage due to his attention addiction. The Resurgent writer thinks Trump the showman will never take a step back to allow Trump the presidential candidate to succeed.

While I concede Trump needs to stop stealing all the headlines away from Crooked Hillary (who just seems to be self-destructing before our very eyes) while she hides somewhere away from the campaign trail, I don’t agree that Trump is doing it just to keep the spotlight on himself for his own ego’s sake.

Donald Trump is running for president. He’s making himself available to voters and journalists alike. Some of it is certainly due to personal vanity but much of it is because he needs to be seen in a different light than he has been previously. Yes, his campaign advisors want people to get used to the “new” Donald Trump.

Trump clearly believes in the value of publicity. He even wrote about it in his book, The Art of the Deal, “good publicity is preferable to bad, but from a bottom-line perspective, bad publicity is sometimes better than no publicity at all. Controversy, in short, sells.” From the beginning Trump’s engaged in a non-stop war with the media to get them to cover him. For better or worse, it’s succeeded. All he has to do is tweet out something provocative and reporters come calling.

Crooked Hillary is taking the exact opposite approach, not giving any press conferences, doing only a few interviews, holding tightly controlled campaign events and staying as far away from public scrutiny as possible while the media continues to leak sordid details of the corruption from her State Department days and her family’s hopelessly compromised Clinton Foundation.

Do you ever notice that the health of Hillary’s campaign always seems to hinge on some new information that’s supposed to come out? We hear constantly about the FBI’s ongoing investigations and how the agency will release its findings at some future point. Or there are supposedly more emails out there that will be made public (by Julian Assange), but not sure whether it will be before or after the election.

What are we going to find out about her after the election? Would the “new findings” have made a difference in the outcome?

Are Bill Clinton and Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch going to be having any more secret meetings on the tarmac at the Phoenix airport? Do they have more gossip of grandchildren and golf that they want to exchange with no one else around?

The truth is, if polls are to be believed, Crooked Hillary can endure any number of bad weeks and still garner support from at least 40 percent of the population. These are the people who don’t care a lick about the fact she compromised national security, granted favors for cash in dealing with the Clinton Foundation or doesn’t answer anyone’s questions about her candidacy.

In other words, “what difference at this point does it make” how much negative dirt is piled on top of Crooked Hillary?

Trump needs to focus on the people who are persuadable and that appears to be what he’s doing in going to Detroit over the weekend and Mexico last week. He’s not deliberately sabotaging his campaign and he’s not doing it so Crooked Hillary can win.

That’s not stopping the #NeverTrumpers from continuing to insist Trump’s purposely throwing the election. After naming several instances where Trump took attention away from Hillary’s problems, Erick Erickson wrote at the Resurgent, “Again, if Trump wanted Hillary Clinton to win, what would he do differently?

“He’s become the political equivalent of a human shield for Clinton. It is worth noting that Hillary Clinton has basically fallen off the radar. Her campaign is intentionally keeping a low profile because Trump is self immolating. They have no reason to do anything.”

So is Erickson basically suggesting Trump should “fall off the radar” too?

Donald Trump is Donald Trump. He does some things well and he also does some things that people don’t like. He’s made a lot of changes to the way he campaigns of late and the polls are responding favorably. He’s not throwing the election and he’s not a hopelessly narcissistic publicity hound – he’s just Trump.

Trump’s visit to a black church in Detroit deserves praise, not condemnation

Part of that “new” Trump we’ve been discussing was on full display this past Saturday in Detroit when The Donald made his first visit to an African-American church. Present in the Motor City was a humble Trump that hasn’t shown his face very much but I’m guessing will be around a lot more in the next couple months…and beyond.

Shane Goldmacher of Politico reports, “In a 12-minute speech he read from the center aisle at Great Faith Ministries, the Republican nominee shaved off the rougher edges of the pitch he’s previously made to African-American voters, mostly before white audiences — ‘what the hell do you have to lose?’ he has said in the past — and traded it in for uncharacteristic humility…

“Trump, who sat in the front row with surrogate Dr. Ben Carson and Theresa ‘Omarosa’ Manigault, a former ‘Apprentice’ contestant who is director of Trump’s African-American outreach, praised the church as ‘the conscience of our country, so true’ and said black churches inspired the nation ‘toward a better moral character, a deeper concern for mankind, and spirit of charity and unity that binds us all together.’”

As would be expected from a Politico story, Goldmacher was quick to point out that the church was partially empty and highlighted several negative comments from attendees made about Trump’s coming to the black community being too little, too late. But I think this line of thought misses the point.

Trump’s dedication to religion and faith have been in question since day one of his campaign with his multiple marriages, gambling casinos and playboy past reputation hounding him in many instances.

By now, everyone realizes Trump is no angel and his evangelical supporters have known all along that it’s more about forgiveness for the past and hope for the future than it is about condemnation now.

I think the same applies to the black community.

Donald Trump isn’t going to convince Hillary Clinton’s and the Democrats’ strongest constituency to move en masse to the Republican Party in one election no matter how many times he visits black churches or mentions Abraham Lincoln and offers promises of economic prosperity and school choice.

In the Democrat party, black voters see not only access, they see power right now. Crooked Hillary and hubby Bill have spent a lifetime pandering to the liberal African-American community, granting the same kind of favors and goodies they do to anyone who looks like a good target for a vote.

Republicans promise to fight for economic opportunity (well, most of them do); Democrats offer a check and a voter registration form.

Trump is doing the outreach that’s needed to be done for decades from Republicans who have always talked a good game about competing for every vote but actually haven’t bothered to personally go and ask for them. Trump is doing that. And he’s offering solutions to some of the problems that plague inner cities such as economic malaise, violence and poor schools.

Liberals aren’t interested in the message, but they’re not Trump’s target audience.

As I’ve said before, at some point black voters in inner cities are going to realize that their lives haven’t been made better by placing all the power in the hands of people who have whispered sweet promises in their ears and told the leftist radicals (like Black Lives Matter) among them the things they want to hear and done nothing but perpetuate the problems.

Promising to end racism is phony. It can’t be done. But promising to increase opportunities for minority communities to improve their lives is something that can be achieved by those in government. Policies matter. And that will lend itself towards better race relations.

Instead of kicking Trump for visiting downtown Detroit, he deserves credit for the gesture – and also for showing a little humility along the way.

Donald Trump channels Jack Kemp in promoting enterprise zones in inner cities

Even though skeptics questioned Donald Trump’s motives in visiting Detroit on Saturday, he promised that it was only the beginning of his outreach to the residents of inner cities – and also that he’d be back.

Chad Livengood and Leonard N. Fleming of The Detroit News report, “Republican Donald Trump plans to return to the urban campaign trail this fall to unveil a new plan to attract employers to cities like Detroit with high unemployment rates and travel to water-crisis-stricken Flint.

“Trump said Saturday that his appeal for support from African-Americans in Detroit is tied to the cornerstone of his outsider bid for the White House — a complete overhaul of international trade agreements he blames for gutting inner cities.”

Trump will apparently introduce a plan to create “enterprise zones” in the next three or four weeks. If that’s the case, he seems to be echoing the late Jack Kemp’s quest to improve inner cities by making them friendlier to new small businesses and entrepreneurs. More economic activity means more jobs for local residents and more opportunity for young people.

Signs indicate at least some of the residents are open to a new and different message and appreciate Trump’s attempt to open up a dialogue on how to make lives better in areas where conditions are currently pretty hopeless.

This is a society-wide problem that won’t be solved in one election cycle and there are other factors involved, namely cooperation from Congress and state and local governments. Trump is causing people to think about international trade agreements and how they’ve affected not only American manufacturing workers, but also the country’s inner city poor.

It’s substance that will pay off. Trump nailed down the support of his base last week with his Mexico visit and immigration speech. Now he’s planning to campaign on the Democrats’ turf. It’s a smart strategy that will help him win in November, too.

The candidate who holds Labor Day lead usually wins. This year will be different.

Finally today, for as awful as Crooked Hillary is as a candidate and as a person and for as much as Donald Trump has been improving of late, Clinton still maintains a four point lead in the Real Clear Politics Average.

I personally believe Hillary’s margin is smaller and polls coming out this week will reflect a nearly dead-even race, but there’s little doubt Clinton has an advantage as of right now, the day after Labor Day. And if Hillary is indeed winning, Trump has history to battle as well as his opponent.

Ben Kamisar of The Hill reports, “While races regularly tighten down the stretch, historical data shows that the candidate leading on Labor Day went on to win in almost every election over the past half-century.

“But even with history in her corner, Clinton’s lead according to the RealClearPolitics average is far from safe. The Trump phenomenon has consistently confounded pollsters, so if there’s one candidate who could make history, it’s him.”

Kamisar then presents a snapshot of every presidential election dating back to 1980, where Ronald Reagan was the last candidate to trail on Labor Day and still take the oath of office the following January (Note: 2000 had Al Gore ahead on Labor Day, with George W. Bush winning the presidency. But Gore did end up winning the popular vote).

I think it’s more than mere coincidence that Reagan and Trump should be linked in such a way as I believe Trump will ultimately defeat Hillary on November 8, just as Reagan beat Jimmy Carter 36 years ago.

I believe this is true because Republicans almost always do better as the election draws nearer, though that trend certainly didn’t hold in 2008 and 2012, where Obama pulled away near the end. I see Trump gaining in the latter stages of the race like Republicans usually do this year, however, as one, the economy is terrible and two, Crooked Hillary just isn’t likable.

Trump’s policy proposals are what will make the difference. Hillary isn’t offering anything new other than a new spin on socialism and cultural rot and most Americans think the country is on the wrong track. As soon as people get used to the notion of having Trump as president (which they previewed last week in Mexico) they’ll reject Hillary in droves.

No one can say for sure what will occur in the next two months, but one thing that likely won’t happen is America warming up to Hillary. She’s a proven liar who turns people off. Given those conditions, how could you possibly bet on her?

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We are already experiencing the rot of socialism. The economy is dead and the feds are looking at negative interest rates to stimulate it. Unfortunately the only thing the feds have done is make the secondary market richer with all the loans, etc.. They do not pass the lower rate down the pipeline and as a result the buyers are not shopping much. And if controlling the interest rates was the answer here, this picture ought to be different and it is NOT. It really is time for something new.

Jobs are stagnant with the influx of illegals gobbling up anything that looks promising. The welfare rolls are climbing astronomically particularly with the addition of the illegal aliens, HB visa freeloaders who are also taking jobs from legal citizens as in the Disneyland example. Add the now arriving unvetted middle eastern non assimilated people of the Iranian theology. That theology that is not simply a religion but a governing agenda by the way. Then add all the long out of work and newly out of work legal citizens to the welfare rolls and the conclusion of this administration's socialist agends is in full swing. As the number on welfare and entitlements approaches the 50% mark, you can begin to see the results of socialism emerge.

Small businesses are going out of business, employment is static at best but in some areas it is dead. If employers are hiring, the new arrivals are favored and why not? With them fringe benefits are not necessary, etc.. The tab is picked up by public welfare and the working citizens are stuck paying that tab, not the big business players. This suits big business just fine and again the working middle class gets the short end of this negotiation.

With Obama this has all become acceptable. His administration is delighted to keep this rolling along as it is. With Hillary in charge it will escalate but right now we can see the results of this agenda. Every person that is working in this country needs to open their eyes and look at their community.

We are more in debt than this country has ever been. We can see all the businesses that are no longer there via the closed doors and boarded up buildings that have lost their tenants. The roads, bridges, infrastructure, etc. are getting seriously dangerously in disrepair, and more. Even social security recipients have not gotten raises for years yet this administration is giving money away to these new arrivals as in illegal aliens, visa HB holders, and unvetted muslims and sending millions and billions in ransom to the Iranian government supporting the terrorist and unsettling the middle east with its harmful terrorist agenda.

These points that often can be seen by just looking around your environment should not be ignored. If you do not want to see this socialist rot continue and proliferate, then you must vote for change. Hillary following Obama's current agenda will not change what is happening. Her promise is to go further with this same tired agenda of socialism that China and Russia know does not work. If you want something different than what it is today, vote Trump. It is the only way out of this miasma of socialism we are already experiencing.