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Hillary Clinton's Real Illness Revealed

Hillary Clinton’s collapse during the 9/11 memorial service in New York on Sunday has kept TV doctors busy and spawned a host of conspiracy theories: Clinton has a body double, she has Parkinson’s Disease, or ALS, or Alzheimer’s, or Bubonic Plague. 

Mrs. Clinton may be ill, even gravely so, but that’s not the real issue that’s relevant to voters considering Clinton’s bid for the White House. 

Clinton liesThe issues that voters will ultimately weigh is not “is Hillary Clinton too ill to serve?” it is, “why this web of lies about her health?” and “is this web of lies surrounding her health the lie that America’s voters – long-used to Clinton’s reflexive lying – will finally refuse to ignore?” 

Signs are at best mixed. 

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, writing for The Week, cites what he calls “the canonical example” of Chris Cillizza, of The Washington Post's politics blog "The Fix," who is perhaps the very model of a Modern Washington Political Journalist. Just five days before Hillary's collapse, Cillizza wrote an indignant post titled "Can we just stop talking about Hillary Clinton's health now?" 

According to pre-collapse Chris Cillizza it was "absurd" to ask questions about Hillary's health.  

Post her collapse and alleged diagnosis, Cillizza did dutifully concede that "Hillary Clinton’s health just became a real issue in the presidential campaign." But her health should have been a real issue before, too, said Gobry. 

Margaret Carlson, no rightwinger for sure, writing for Bloomberg was tougher. 

The lack of transparency played right into Donald Trump’s hands, wrote Carlson. Clinton began her career as a staffer on the Watergate hearings, yet she has repeatedly ignored the central lesson of the scandal: It’s not the crime that gets you but the cover-up.  

Pneumonia is hardly a crime and neither is a private server [Editor’s note: that’s debatable], but by covering up both she made them seem worse. On Labor Day, she brushed off a coughing episode in Ohio merely as evidence that she is “allergic to Trump.” But four days later, a doctor put her on antibiotics for pneumonia and she didn’t find it worthy of comment. Too bad she didn’t get a prescription for truth serum said Carlson. 

A prescription for truth serum? Ouch. 

Carlson went on to observe that much of Sunday, no one knew what was going on. Information dribbled out. Her motorcade back to her home in Chappaqua, New York, was covered like O.J.’s ride in the Ford Bronco. Hours later, a statement from her doctor came out. That’s no way to overcome a trust deficit, she noted. 

However, after chastising Hillary Clinton for her lies Carlson pivots back to defending her “strength and stamina,” as if Hillary’s health is the central issue for voters to weigh. 

It’s not. And that’s the problem for most establishment journalists; even the ones who recognize the potential damage the lies are doing to Clinton’s campaign always pivot back to defending her health rather than examining the motivation for the lies. 

Conservative commentator Laura Ingraham got it better than all the establishment commentators combined in her piece on 

We saw it with the Lewinsky scandal — Clinton accused the “vast right wing conspiracy” of ginning up the controversy. We saw it with Benghazi — when Mrs. Clinton blamed a video for causing the terrorist attack she didn’t prevent. We saw it with the private email server she used as secretary of state — when besides lying about almost every salient fact, she went as far as to point a finger at Colin Powell for giving her bum advice…. on the 15th anniversary of the deadliest terror attack on American soil, Mrs. Clinton’s handlers found themselves out of excuses. The physical evidence was stark — and it came in the form of video taken from multiple angles of her being led out of a memorial event. In these videos, she appears weak, knees buckling, almost falling to the ground before being elevated into the van that was waiting curbside. 

 Ingraham’s diagnosis: The patient suffers from an uncontrolled, reflexive urge to lie to the American public. Recommended treatment: Retirement from public life. 

Americans have been abused by the lies of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and their minions long enough, is how we read Laura Ingraham’s piece, so whatever her ailment, their complete refusal to tell the truth about her health disqualifies her, and them, from governing America. 

However, that still doesn’t quite reach the real threat these lies about Hillary Clinton’s health pose to American constitutional liberty. 

Mrs. Clinton and her campaign know exactly what is ailing her – and it is not pneumonia or lack of transparency.  

The Clintons and their Far Left allies are concealing her illness not for the sake of her privacy, but because the truth blocks their path to power.  And that craven lust for power, and their willingness to tell any lie to obtain it, is what should frighten Americans about Hillary Clinton and her allies and dissuade voters from letting her, and them, anywhere near the White House.

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Hiliary Clinton's health

All the evidence for a proper diagnosis can only come from the physician who examined the patient and physicians who have examined the results of any tests ordered. The statements by physicians who have not seen her and by others are not based on the currently acceptable way to practice medicine. If it was acceptable we could all save money going to doctors. Better stick to what you don't like about her.

At this time I feel only a

At this time I feel only a direct intervention from God is going to matter in this election.

Privacy and the Elite

Many of these onerous politicians we put in our public offices are stuck on themselves and they yell hysterically about their privacy...Do they not work for us the public?....With that in mind why is it they can invade the private citizens records at will, like B'Ob the "unknown" can but you cannot make the demand to see their credentials or their in B'Ob's case even his cherished unseen's because his credentials would give evidence to the allegations he is a unqualified presence in the WH and his non BC is even more proof, it is a still unmet legal is just another case for the illegal law the elite write for themselves to CYA any and all things that can get them evicted from office or put in a have not got a chance should they decide you are a threat...

Hillary's health

There is incontrovertible evidence that Hillary is a very sick person.

Consider; if you were running her campaign, and this issue has come up, wouldn't the smart thing to do be let an independent doctor give her a physical exam? You know that would be the best way to kill these "rumors".
THE PROBLEM IS, that only works if she is NOT seriously ill.

The failure of the Clinton campaign to have her completely checked out and release the report is PRIMA FASCIE evidence of her illness.


She will use two tier law, it is the illegal means by which elected and appointed government officials illegally protect themselves from the public outrage.......