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Presidential Horse Race 2016: 9/11 Conspiracy theory explains Hillary’s bizarre health episode

As the fallout from Crooked Hillary’s disastrous weekend continues to be sifted through, there have been a lot of rumors the past couple days about Democrats secretly discussing who they’d place at the top of the ticket should their nominee be forced out of the race due to health reasons.

You might even call them “conspiracy theories.”

Longtime liberal Cokie Roberts commenting on Hillary’s illness said Monday, “It’s taking her off of the Hillary conspiracy theorycampaign trail… It has them (Democrats) very nervously beginning to whisper about her stepping aside and finding another candidate.”

It’s fun to speculate on such things, isn’t it? Can’t you just see all of Hillary’s biggest supporters sitting around a big table in a conference room throwing out names… “How about Joe Biden?”... “How about Michelle Obama?”... “How about you, Bill?”

The Democrats would need to side-step the 22nd Amendment to squeeze another term out of Bill Clinton, of course, but the plain language of the Constitution has never stopped them from taking what they wanted before, so who’s to say they’d pay any attention to it now?

And with the Supreme Court currently deadlocked at four to four, who’s to say how such a case would be decided on the issue of granting Bill another shot at the Oval Office due to “emergency”.

But regardless of the rumors and Cokie Roberts’ “report” above, I still think Democrats truly want Hillary to be the one to run this year. If you are wont to believe in conspiracy theories, you almost might argue Hillary’s stumbling early removal from the 9/11 ceremony and smiling exit from daughter Chelsea’s apartment a couple hours later (or maybe it was a body double – hat tip to our friend Art Kelly) was purposely intended to distract from her “deplorables” remarks that she’d made just a couple days prior.

In politics, everything happens for a reason. Democrats choreograph all of their moves down to the slightest detail, like Hillary losing a shoe for added effect as she was forcibly loaded into the van. That was pure brilliance. Everyone was sold on her theatrical performance. She probably even received some acting lessons from Ellen DeGeneres on that one.

Sure, the health rumors are serious for Crooked Hillary’s campaign but in and of themselves likely aren’t fatal to her chances of becoming president. On the other hand, insulting tens of millions of Americans by calling them “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, you name it,” should be a disqualifier as Trump himself stated on Monday.

Instead of focusing on the disqualifying event -- Hillary’s statements -- everyone’s now talking about Hillary’s purported bout with pneumonia and hubby Bill’s filling in for her on the campaign trail while she takes a few days off. If I didn’t know better, I would say it's all one big stage production being directed by the “war room” at Clinton campaign headquarters.

As Rush Limbaugh always used to say about the Clintons, “What can we do to fool ‘em today?” Maybe somebody came up with Hillary’s buckled knee routine as the best way to draw attention away from her “basket of deplorables” gaffe.

It could happen, right?

In truth, it seems like Democrats are biding their time with Clinton, believing all the “she’s guaranteed to win” rhetoric and thinking if she really is too sick to serve as president, at least they’ll have one of their own to step in after her.

In essence, they believe it’s too late in the process to draft another candidate like Joe Biden and Hillary is their only hope to hold on to the presidency. Democrats must feel they need to retain the White House at all costs because judicial appointees hold the key to legally sewing big government liberalism into the American fabric for generations to come...maybe forever.

Democrats realize they’re only one Supreme Court Justice away from overturning the Citizens United decision, which provides for interest groups’ freedom of speech against incumbents. They also can start pecking away at other precious liberties such as the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms for personal protection. And needless to say, more liberal Supreme Court Justices will stamp out what’s left of individual states’ abilities to restrict abortion.

Millions of unborn babies’ lives are in the balance in this election.

All of the Democrats’ dreams will likely die if Donald Trump is elected this year. Therefore, Clinton becomes a “placeholder” president even if it turns out she’s too sick to serve a complete term. When the time comes, Hillary can “resign” due to health concerns. Knowing the Democrats, maybe they’d even try to sneak Obama or Bill back into the White House, again, ignoring the constitutional issues.

Whomever they pick, it won’t be anyone resembling a limited government conservative. The stakes are high – high enough to even stage a fainting spree. Think about it.

#NeverTrump won’t get back in the election yet can’t explain why they’re still staying out

With the news media still abuzz discussing Hillary Clinton’s fainting incident on Sunday and her campaign’s subsequent attempts to cover up the seriousness of her condition, you would think this latest bit of evidence proving Hillary’s complete and total corrupted nature might allow members of the #NeverTrump crowd an opening to join the Republican side.

It isn’t happening.

I’ve talked often about Erick Erickson and his writers at The Resurgent as well as the RedState gang being indelibly stuck in #NeverTrump no man’s land to the point where they’re backed in a corner and can’t extricate themselves for fear of being seen as “unprincipled,” but apparently there are some others out there who similarly won’t get off their high horse and make a choice in this year’s election.

David M. Drucker of the Washington Examiner writes, “[N]either the new information on Clinton's potential ethical misdeeds, nor Trump's improvement in the polls, are changing any minds among many others among the ‘Never Trump’ crew…

“They have explained — in interviews and published writings — that their opposition to Trump was never about comfort with Clinton, or Trump's narrow path to victory in the general election.

“Rather, it's about Trump himself — the positions he's taken on issues and the way he's conducted himself on the trail.”

When the #NeverTrump people talk about Trump and his conduct, does that mean there’s NOTHING he could do from this point forward to improve as a candidate or a person? It astonishes me to think people could possibly be so closed minded, but I must admit, there’s probably nothing Crooked Hillary could do from now until November 8 to convince me to support her.

Therefore, I am #NeverHillary. But I’ve been that way since the beginning. I was not #NeverTrump at any point. There’s a difference.

As political commentators and historians it’s hard not to see that American elections almost always come down to a choice between a Republican and a Democrat. In my voting lifetime, my first choice of candidate has only won a couple times in the party presidential primaries. Therefore, all the other times, including 2008 and 2012, I was voting for someone in the general election who I hadn’t favored previously.

I did so because I believed the alternative was worse, though admittedly there were a token few positive things to vote for in the case of both John McCain and Mitt Romney.

But this year has felt different because of the intensity of opposition to a number of the candidates in both parties during the primaries. Some of Bernie Sanders’ supporters are now #NeverHillary. Some of Ted Cruz’s, John Kasich’s, Jeb Bush’s (etc.) backers are #NeverTrump.

These people have made the election personal where it doesn’t need to be. People can still “vote their conscience” but unfortunately, that only leaves two realistic choices this year.

At any rate, some elements of #NeverTrump don’t appear to be yielding to that reality. But others, such as radio host Mark Levin and former Trump basher Roger Kimball, have come around.

Kimball explains his thinking on the subject at PJ Media, “The great James Burnham once remarked that where there is no alternative there is no problem. Fortunately, we do have an alternative, and, my, we do have a problem. 

“I was wrong when I predicted that Donald Trump would not be the candidate. I hope I will be proved wrong about my prediction that, were he the candidate, he would not win. The trends are promising, I think, but it would be foolish to deny that there are madmen in the cockpit or that many of the passengers are scared, apathetic, deluded, or just plain cowardly. We need a real-life Decius Mus who is willing to say ‘Let’s roll’ and make a concerted charge. It may be the last chance we have.”

In #NeverTrump’s case, they need their own version of Decius Mus (the pseudonym for the person who wrote “The Flight 93 Election” piece). Someone from their side needs to stand up and declare that #Never----- equals nothing. It doesn’t mean they’ll never vote for Trump or Hillary. It means choosing not to take sides this year means self-banishment from responsibility…and respect.

In these troubled times, to not make a choice is simply not an option.

Hillary Clinton has done what no one else could do -- turn Donald Trump into a great candidate

No matter how clever or ridiculous the above “conspiracy theory” might be, Crooked Hillary will not be able to crawl away easily after labeling millions of Americans as “deplorables.”

For Clinton’s health is not going to make up people’s minds on whether or not she should be the next president. Her mindset and her lies are going to do it instead. I heard someone say the other day that 45% of the American public would still vote for her even if she were on her deathbed.

I guess that leaves the remaining 55% to vote for Trump…and half of those are in Hillary’s “basket of deplorables.” It doesn’t matter, their votes still count.

David P. Goldman writes at PJ Media, “The presidential election was over the moment the word ‘deplorable’ made its run out of Hillary Clinton’s unguarded mouth…

“You can’t win an American presidential election without the deplorables’ vote. Deplorables are America’s biggest minority. They might even be the American majority. They may or not be racist, homophobic and so forth, but they know they’re deplorable. Deplorable, and proud. They’re the median family whose real income has fallen deplorably by 5% in the past ten years, the 35% of adult males who deplorably have dropped out of the labor force, the 40% of student debtors who deplorably aren’t making payments on their loans, the aging state and local government workers whose pension funds are $4 trillion short. They lead deplorable lives and expect that their kids’ lives will be even more deplorable than theirs.”

There you have it. Crooked Hillary tried to rally her base by demonizing American voters instead of just her opponent (which she’s been trying to do for months but hasn’t succeeded). She’s made a mistake of epic proportions. It would take a full bore seizure for people to stop thinking about that one – and then, for probably only a minute or two.

In the process, Hillary’s incredible crookery and incompetence has accomplished the impossible: she’s made Donald Trump look like a great and polished candidate. The more Hillary talks the more Trump appears to be the better candidate. For those who have been paying attention this year, that’s a tall task.

And not only that, according to one analyst at least, Trump’s victory is a virtual certainty.

Professor Helmut Norpoth writes in The Hill, “One model, with slight variations, has accurately predicted the winner of the popular vote in each of the last five presidential elections, ever since it was introduced in 1996. Dubbed the ‘Primary Model,’ it puts much stock in using primary results to forecast the vote in the general election. It also takes advantage of a historical tendency of the electoral pendulum to swing back and forth between the two parties. Both factors favor Trump over Clinton in 2016.”

Norpoth’s entire article is well worth reading if you have time. I can’t speak to the data aspect of his hypothesis but to me, there’s little doubt the American public is sick to death of the “deplorable” way the country is being run and is ready for a change.

Trump is certainly no shoo-in to win and there’s a long way to go until Election Day, but Hillary’s helping to make up everyone’s mind by making Trump look like a good fit as our next president.

Pence makes House call to ask for support, but he shouldn’t have to

Finally today, Mike Pence paid a visit to Washington yesterday to meet with Republican members of Congress and to ask their help in getting the party ticket elected in November.

Scott Wong of The Hill reports, “Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence huddled with more than 200 House Republicans in a closed-door meeting Tuesday, seeking to assuage lawmakers still skeptical of Donald Trump…

“The Indiana governor's pitch was simple and straightforward: Give us your input on personnel and policy ideas and help us win.

“’Trump is one of the most gracious and considerate people I've ever been around in public life,’ Pence told his former colleagues, according to sources in the room.”

I’m sure Trump would say the same of Pence, a humble man of modest background and solid principles. There’s no doubt Mike would make a great vice president, especially after having had to endure Joe Biden’s phony grin for eight years.

While it’s great that the Republican vice presidential nominee is visiting his fellow party members in Congress to ask for their help in this year’s campaign, he really shouldn’t have to, should he? How come we don’t see Tim Kaine talking to Democrats in Congress? Because they’re all already onboard with Hillary, that’s why.

If the brainless Republican leadership isn’t already leaning on their members to help their nominee, they’re only shooting themselves in the foot.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the name at the top of the ticket is a heck of a lot more important to most people than the names at the bottom of it. If there isn’t widespread support for Trump on November 8, Republican House and Senate candidates are going to suffer.

One way or another it looks like this year’s election is going to be close and some of these races could be decided by a very small margin.

It’s time that every elected Republican got out of Washington and started getting the local machinery revved up for voter turnout. With Trump in the White House and majorities in Congress, we’ll have a much better chance of actually getting something accomplished in the coming years – an outcome we all can agree upon.

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