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Joseph Farah: Only Trump Can Save Us From Hillary

Many major public opinion surveys continue to have Hillary Clinton leading the contest against Donald Trump, the GOP nominee. 

Clinton is perhaps the most corrupt major American political figure in the last 50 years, shamelessly using political self-dealing to enrich herself and her family – a woman of no significant actual accomplishment, one who has been permitted by her friends in high places to avoid prosecution and punishment for serious crimes Joseph Farah Hail Hillaryand whose radical anti-liberty, Big Government, one-size-fits-all platform poses an existential threat to the remaining vestiges of freedom and justice under the law. 

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has proposed real change in Washington – no more business as usual, leadership that will, first and foremost, protect the security of Americans and watch out for America’s national self-interest. He promises to stimulate the economy through tax cuts and deregulation. And he certainly doesn’t need government service to make him richer. He has already revealed the kinds of Supreme Court justices and federal judges he would appoint to return lawmaking to the people, where it rightfully and constitutionally belongs. 

So what’s wrong with this picture? 

If the election were held today, it appears Clinton likely would win the presidency – and time is running out. 

If Hillary Clinton wins the 2016 presidential election, it may very well be the last meaningful presidential election in American history. 

Donald Trump is right about Clinton: She is the most corrupt, least accomplished, most vindictive, least trustworthy, most dangerous and least presidential person ever to seek the office. 

Four years of Hillary Clinton’s Supreme Court and judicial appointments will turn her into a virtual dictator and end constitutional government in America – perhaps forever. 

In the 1990s, her “co-presidency” with her husband resulted in the most flagrant political abuse of the Internal Revenue Service in history – until, of course, Barack Obama’s presidency. We can expect much worse – a kind of scorched-earth policy against her political adversaries and anyone who has ever crossed the Clintons. (Her campaign has already proclaimed what’s coming by threatening to destroy alternative media outlet 

Obamacare’s planned obsolescence and failure will be morphed into a single-payer Hillary-care monster that will destroy, once and for all, the greatest health-care system the world has ever known. 

The kind of self-dealing that enriched the Clintons for their “public service” will continue, rewarding capitalist cronies, Wall Street and scam startups designed to spread the wealth around – to the Clintons, their corporate friends, Democrat-backing unions and “community activists.”  

The borders will remain wide open. Illegal aliens, including criminals, will not be returned or prosecuted. Instead, they will be welcomed by the millions as future Democratic Party constituents who will turn the country over to one-party rule. 

The flood of unscreened “refugees” from the terrorist enclaves in the Middle East and Africa will increase under Hillary Clinton’s reign, she boasts, by 500 percent, ensuring America will be living with terrorism on a daily basis as in Europe, Turkey and Israel.  

Hillary Clinton proved as secretary of state that she herself represents a national security threat. Putting the nuclear football in the hands of someone who should be in prison for clear violations of the Espionage Act is not even an option the American people should entertain. 

Donald Trump truly represents our only hope in stopping Hillary. He is the only person standing between her and the White House. It’s time for all clear-thinking, patriotic, liberty-loving Americans – Republican, independent or Democrat – to rally around him before it’s too late.

Joseph Farah, the former editor-in-chief of the Sacramento Union and other newspaper in major markets, founded the first independent online news source, in 1997. He is the author or co-author of more than a dozen books that have sold millions and collaborated with Rush Limbaugh on “See, I Told You So.”

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