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Neal Freeman: Avarice and Mendacity Have Been the Hallmarks of Hillary Clinton’s Career

Hillary Clinton should not be promoted from her last job. Why? Because she should have been fired from her last job. 

When she left her employees unprotected in a foreign consulate, and then showed little interest in learning why Neal Freeman Hail Hillarythey had been murdered, she should have been fired. 

When she destroyed thousands of government documents to cover up her financial and political activities, she should have been fired. 

When she accepted tens of millions of dollars for her private ventures from the same foreign interests she was negotiating with as our Secretary of State, she should have been fired. 

The hallmarks of Mrs. Clinton’s long career in public life have been avarice and mendacity. At every stop, she has sought to monetize her public service and then lie about what she did. She should be the last woman President, not the first.  


Neal B. Freeman is an American businessman and political writer. He served as the Washington Editor for National Review magazine from 1978 until 1981. He was appointed by President Reagan as Director of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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