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Ginni Thomas: Why Trump?

Ginni Thomas Hail Hillary

As a national security leader said to me, “Donald Trump’s victory may not be the conservative movement’s victory, but his defeat is America’s defeat.  His win gives us room to maneuver, while his defeat seems poised to end our liberties.”

As progressives erode and weaken what is exceptional about America, I worry we may not have 4 more years to spare.  I fear we are sliding towards “the darkness” Ronald Reagan warned of when he said, “We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness.”

Though I thought another candidate best, Americans disagreed. Donald Trump seems to love America and what made it great. He is now listening to men and women I respect in the public square right now on many matters, including national security.  He has shown the courage to confront political correctness, a malignant weapon making America less safe today as it infects our law enforcement and national security. Far from perfect, Donald Trump is refreshingly common sensical and patriotic, and the only viable option available to keep another progressive from wielding American power.

Hillary Clinton supports policies pulling America apart. She would continue the failed progressive policies of President Obama, who has polarized the nation with identity politics, weaponized bureaucrats against his opponents and set up two sets of rules where Washington picks winners and losers.  Hillary Clinton has not distanced herself from any of these dangerous developments.

Hillary Clinton weakened America as Secretary of State. Breaking a time-honored American ethos of coming to the aid of all Americans under attack abroad, she left Americans who were under attack behind in Benghazi, Libya in September 2012, and then lied to the rest of us about some videotape.  She seems to have supported the release of GITMO prisoners, and the giving cash for Iranian hostages, opening all American travelers and those who serve our nation overseas to greater risk.

By associating with America’s adversaries in the war on terror, Hillary Clinton puts us all at risk with open borders, refugee policies being designed by the United Nations, and foreign policy that offends our traditional allies and emboldens America’s enemies. Her failed foreign policy should be reason enough to deny her the presidency.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t represent all women. She only supports liberal women and causes. Thus, her candidacy is no reason for the rest of us women who love America and the values that sustained it since the Founding to celebrate. I also don’t want the first woman President of the United States to be under a cloud of controversy because she and her husband used public office for private gain. Hillary’s embrace of two sets of rules would continue to denigrate America, where her limousine liberal donors, the mainstream media and Hollywood elites would benefit, while the government is turned upon the rest of us.

Having just finished Kim Strassel’s new book, The Intimidation Game, I firmly believe our government will more aggressively come after those who align themselves with constitutional governance if Hillary Clinton is elected. If you are paying attention, our right to self-defense, to associate, to practice our religion and petition our government is threatened, among others.

We know what Hillary Clinton, working with her borderless world friends, will do to us and to the American institutions that made us great.  The only alternative for this election is Donald Trump, who is committed to bringing Americans together again, not practicing a divisive identity politics.

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Hillary Clinton's chore beliefs

The first question Hillary got at the last debate reveals her complete
misunderstanding of our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence
She does nor revere either, and more likely holds them as road blocks to be gotten around by nominating judges that will serve her Progressive purpose.
Clearly she believes that our rights are granted by the government and not
endowed upon us by God. If God, they cannot be taken away, if man they are
eligible to be taken from us as freely as they are given. The 2nd amendment
comes immediately to mind, but there is a special place in her heart to take
away our free ability to speak and to support ideas that we hold dear.

Women are not behing Hillary

As noted, Hillary only supports liberal women and causes that are of interest to her and the NWO agenda. Also as we women decide who to vote for, remember her actions with the women her husband harmed. She was his attack dog. She should have left him but then who would have helped her get to this point, her primary agenda even during his horrible sex incidents. This woman was not a good wife. She was a good advocate for Bill Clinton and his own meandering sexual exploits. She had kept his secrets for decades before the Lewinsky escapade.

I do believe every long term relationship should have some patience when mistakes of all kinds are made, but to repeatedly assault women sexually and even rape another woman and lie about his sexual exploit with Lewinsky. I was stunned when she stood by her man. Amazing but now without a doubt it is obvious, she stayed with the power brokers and that meant staying with her partner, not her husband, in their crimes against the others including the victims of Bill and the rest of the unentitled legal US citizens.

This NWO agenda has been brewing for some time. Based on the Bush family reactions this election season it is apparent Grandpa Bush, W. Bush Jr, and J. Bush were in on the whole agenda. Now we know that Bill Clinton with his NAFTA fiasco and BO with his fundamental reformation of this country, and now Hillary Clinton are seeking to shift this nation to a UN NWO ruling class. Can anyone say oligarchy? Do you understand what that represents as opposed to our supposedly democratic republic? Look it up in the dictionary. It is quite clear. Oligarchy, a small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution:"the ruling oligarchy of military men around the president", or a ruling class around the New World Order. Democratic republic, a country that is both a republic and a democracy. It is one where ultimate authority and power is derived from the citizens, and the government itself is run through elected officials.

Now, I hate to burst anyone's safety zone PC ideas but Hillary is not a democratic republic leaning individual, she is out for Hillary herself and just like Obama is leaning in the direction of UN involvment in our sovereign affairs and putting much more government controls in place just a Obama has been doing. Congress which should have been stopping the NWO agenda is full of long time elected officials who are obviously supporting this agenda. It is no longer a demcrat versus republican view of where the US is heading. The elites in congress that I must add keep getting reelected are joining with the democrats if they are republicans and visa versa with the democrats joining with the republicans to sneakily guide us to this new utopia for the rich and well placed but the surfs place for the rest of us. This is headed to the end of the American dream. Make no mistakes here and do wake up and smell the coffee.

I am not going to be on this earth much longer but I would truly feel badly if I left this country to this fate. I am voting Trump. I want sovereignty, the constitution, and our personal liberties to continue in this country. I, as a grandmother, want my gun to shoot an intruder breaking into my home to rob or harm me or my family. I want to know that the people entering this country are lawfully here and have been checked for diseases, etc.. That they will contribute to our economy not just go on welfare that my taxes will pay for and pull the wage scale down to their own country's level.

Many people before us have sacrificed to provide our liberties, our life style, our imperfect but better life style for centuries. Why would I want to give any of that up to satisfy the greed and self serving nature of the NWO, UN agenda? I want those people, those other countries to step up and improve themselves not pull us down to their levels. I still want the American dream for my grandchildren. And why not? If this NWO agenda is allowed to continue, that dream will die and those foolish enough to not believe what they are giving up will sentence all of us to that end. We will be the surfs and the oligarchy which will accept the Bushes, the Clintons, the Obamas, the other elites of big business, finance, etc. will be our RULERS.

Make no mistake, this will be the way it is before Hillary's first four years are over especially with the congress and the supreme court we have in place these days. All she needs is a judge with her views to speed up the NWO agenda. God help us all! And I will not be able to say that for long if she is elected!

Amen! I agree with you 100%!

Amen! I agree with you 100%! If you would like to contact me please feel free to do so. The best way to reach me is through email. My email address is [email protected].

Couldn't agree more!

I could not agree more, Ms. Thomas. Congratulations on an excellent essay!