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Delegate Bob Marshall: Conservatives and Christians - Please Don’t Elect Hillary!

Some Republicans say they will not vote for Trump-Pence in this election.  Why? They don’t like his gruff talk, his past mistakes violate their conscience, or they prefer to play the "long game," i.e. lose this election and build for the future.  Not voting for Trump would be a horrible mistake!  

Hillary understands that Christians and conservatives place great value on “conscience.”  She is playing us.  She knows that if enough demoralized Christians stay home on Election Day she will win this election!  But if Hillary wins we will then face direct attacks upon our Faith and conscience!  We must upset Hillary’s plan! 

Hillary ClintonIn 1976, many evangelicals had no conscience problem supporting “Born Again” Jimmy Carter who taught Sunday School.  We ended up with abortion on demand, 20%+ interest rates, 18% inflation, and radical Islamists ruling Iran. 

No reason is sufficient to justify not voting for Trump-Pence because the consequences of Hillary’s policies would profoundly harm America and those we love!  To think that a Republican Congress would protect us from her actions is delusional and defies recent experience. 

I understand the reluctance of some conservatives to vote for Trump.  But in the practical world, would we impose a “purity” test on a fireman before he saves our home or a police officer before he saves a life?  NO! 

Does God's call to forgive play a role in public life, or do we only apply forgiveness in private?  Do we pass personal judgment on Trump’s very troubling words spoken a long time ago, and for which he begged forgiveness, so we can justify not voting now for someone who “violates our sensibilities” when Hillary’s actions clearly attack and violate our fundamental principles?  

The real question is:  Can our personal sensitivities allow us not to vote, thus enabling Hillary to become President, when we know she will force her radical homosexual and transgender agenda in our grade schools, remove any reference to our Creator in public life, erode religious freedom, weaken property rights, involve us in Middle Eastern wars, enact higher taxes, pay for more abortions, further destroy the moral and financial solvency of our nation, and diminish our liberty and freedom, including the right to defend ourselves with an Australian-like gun confiscation program?  

Republicans who think sitting out this election to play catch-up later should think again. Progressives like Hillary want online voting and no voter ID.  Hillary’s path to amnesty and citizenship for those illegal immigrants already in the U.S. and those who will flow through open borders will pay the favor back with votes.   

This fact coupled with the WikiLeaks proof of Democrat incitement to violence, planned voter fraud and current voting irregularities could spell the end of Republican election victories for a very long time.   

How can our conscience tell us it is fine to do nothing to stop Hillary when her policies will further destabilize the world, probably start a war with Russia and Syria over her no-fly zone plan in Syria (which our Joint Chiefs of Staff General Dunford said would probably lead to war), further facilitate the spread of ISIS, and encourage massive refugee resettlement, including ISIS operatives, in our country?   

The Defense Department recently lifted its ban on women serving in combat.  How long will it take for Hillary to mandate that our wives, daughters and granddaughters register for the draft to fight civil wars in the Middle East? 

Donald Trump will scrap the nuclear deal that gave Iran, a country that has vowed to destroy us, $150 Billion! He recognizes that paying billions to ransom hostages encourages more hostage-taking.  And surprise! Iran wants more ransom payments for its latest hostages!  Trump promises a strong national defense to defer aggression, while the current Administration began tax-paid sex change operations in the military. Whose policies will better protect America? 

Donald Trump understands finances and imbalanced trade deals that hurt America’s economy.  Who is more likely to save American jobs for our children and solve America’s $20 Billion debt?  

The Clinton Foundation’s “pay for play” led to the State Department approving sale of uranium to Russia needed for their nuclear weapons.  Hillary’s insecure email server potentially compromised national security.  Vital evidence was destroyed by Clinton despite congressional subpoenas.  Not voting for Trump-Pence will allow double standards of justice and the culture of corruption to continue.    

In 2015, Hillary said, “deep seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed” to protect abortion and LGBTQ rights. In the last debate, she celebrated Planned Parenthood’s 100th Anniversary despite its racist origins and sale of aborted baby body parts. She continues to defend abortion up to the 9th month of pregnancy!  Our consciences should tell us we must stop her. 

Hillary’s Supreme Court Justices will support Roe v. Wade, and so-called LGBTQ “Marriage.”  Trump is the only presidential nominee to publish a list of constitutionally minded, pro-life and pro Second Amendment Supreme Court nominees.  I am unaware of any other nominee who ever made such a promise. 

Trump will work to repeal Obamacare.  Hillary will expand it.  Premiums will continue to skyrocket until she is able to reach her ultimate goal: socialized medicine. Perhaps the prospect of waiting months for an MRI or necessary operation will make some think further about sitting out this election.  

Under Hillary, will your private, religious and home schools continue to satisfy state school attendance laws, and will their courses of study continue to be approved to fulfill college admission requirements?  Will your son or daughter be able to obtain a student loan if the chosen college is religious or private? 

Under Hillary, will doctors, counselors, teachers, and others lose their professional licenses to practice for failing to adhere to the state-mandated “religion” which mocks millennia of Judeo-Christian teaching?  Trump will fight for religious liberty, including allowing Pastors to speak without losing their Church tax exemption.  For this alone, is it worth voting for Trump? 

Under Hillary, will you suffer limits to your Second Amendment rights, while she has armed guards to protect her?  Would she issue unconstitutional Executive Orders to require universal background checks to make future gun confiscation possible, or make it criminal for parents to gift a firearm to a grown child without federal background “checks?” 

Our Constitution empowers the Vice-President to break ties in the U.S. Senate.  Tim Kaine will vote to continue punishing the Little Sisters of the Poor and others for not including abortion pills in their insurance plans. He supports allowing 17-year-old transgender boys into girls’ locker rooms and showers, and wants small businesses to participate in same-sex weddings.  Would you rather have Pence or Kaine breaking these ties? 

This election is not simply about a particular man or woman who is running for President, nor about speeches, spouses, candidate flaws or personal virtues.  

This election is about the soul of a country and the policies the President’s team will implement and enforce, including nominating Cabinet heads, Agency Directors and Supreme Court Justices.  Hillary’s policies will increase debt, taxes, and wars.  Trump-Pence will “drain the swamp” and make America stronger and safer.  

The only way to stop Hillary is to vote Trump-Pence. I sincerely hope you will.  

May God have mercy on our Nation! 

Republican Delegate Bob Marshall was elected in 1991 to the Virginia House of Delegates. He authored Virginia’s Marriage Amendment, Partial Birth Abortion Ban, non-compliance with federal detention of U.S. citizens, ban on warrantless searches of cell phones and computers, and other liberty-preserving legislation. In 2008, he won a unanimous decision in Virginia’s Supreme Court against unelected taxing authorities.

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Could you not use a few more

Could you not use a few more exclamation marks to more effectively make your point? And if we should follow Christ's desire to forgive and absolve Mr. Trump, should we not, as Christians, do the same for Hilary?

Well said, Mr. Marshall!

To any Christian who has reservations about voting for Trump/Pence, consider this: "I exhort, therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty." I Timothy 2:1-2.

Here in the United States, we elect (for the most part) our "kings" and those who are in authority. Any Christian who prays the above prayer after NOT voting for the candidate MOST LIKELY to allow us to "lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty" is one who REFUSES God's answer to this prayer. Enough said.

What does Liberty mean to you

AG Lynch is in Europe announcing her DOJ-UN Forces coming together to fight violent resistance in America. What violent resistance in Oct 2016? This isn't violent resistance at the end of a rigged election that puts HiLIARy in WH. This is violent resistance when UN Forces-the DOJ National Police come for us and our guns. John Kennedy in 1961 signed Law 7277-a Law with 3-stages. HiLIARy is 3rd Stage NWO UN takeover Wake The Sheeple