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As Election Nears #NeverTrump Become Less And Less Credible

On December 9, 2015 when I endorsed Ted Cruz for President I said, “conservatives and Republicans are often not the same. However, they definitely have one thing in common: They desperately want to win the White House in 2016. For Democrats this election is important, but for Republicans and conservatives 2016 is not just crucial to the survival of this country and constitutional liberty – it is the ball game.” 

In the ten months since I made that statement the picture has gotten bleaker than it was back then. I still think Richard ViguerieTed Cruz is the best candidate conservatives had in the race, but he is unfortunately not the candidate who won a majority of the delegates – that distinction goes to Donald Trump – and it is to Trump that right-of-center voters will have to look if our country and constitutional liberty are to survive. 

And make no mistake, this election is about the survival of the country that Donald Trump has promised to make great again. Obama, Hillary Clinton and their far-left allies have increased the tempo of their assaults on constitutional liberty and the external threats to our national security and domestic tranquility have grown ever greater. 

Why then, in the face of the indisputable threats facing our country, would mature men and women who purport to be leaders of the Republican Party and the conservative movement do anything that strengthens Hillary Clinton, that gives her even one more vote? 

I find it very strange that many of the same individuals who decry Donald Trump’s deviations from conservative orthodoxy were quick to try to explain away the Romney family’s support for Planned Parenthood and other decidedly anti-conservative organizations and institutions. 

And I find it stranger still that many of the Republicans and alleged conservatives who huddle over their smartphones tweeting outrage over Trump’s kneecapping of his various primary opponents were on strict radio silence when Romney did much the same thing to Newt Gingrich. 

If you are angry and think Trump can’t be trusted or that he won’t fulfill his promises I say grow up and get in the real world – no politician, including Ronald Reagan the greatest president of my life time, fulfills 100% of their campaign promises.  

The question is not will Trump bat 1000? It is will Trump try to undo the damage eight years of Obama and a feckless GOP Congress have inflicted upon America? And the undoubted answer to that is YES. 

And in this dangerous environment I can think of nothing that is more disrespectful of the dire situation facing our country than the idea lately propounded by Bill Kristol that some obscure writer for National Journal has a legitimate claim to enter the presidential contest because Donald Trump is not a conservative – this is nothing more than a fraternity house prank, and a demeaning one at that. 

For those who say they are #NeverTrump because “Donald Trump is not a conservative” on this and that issue I’m curious as to what version of conservatism they subscribe to – the George W. Bush version that says Islam is a religion of peace and led us into an apparently endless and inconclusive war in the Middle East, or the Donald Trump version that says defeat radical Islam wherever we find it? 

Or maybe it is the Paul Ryan version of conservatism that says we should fund Obama’s extra-constitutional amnesty for illegal aliens, the Planned Parent Industry of Death and a grotesque list of crony government raids on the taxpayers for things like “green energy” and bailouts of Puerto Rico? 

The fact of the matter is that when one examines the views of many of the Republican and allegedly conservative #NeverTrump holdouts they are a lot closer to Hillary Clinton and the rest of the DC elite than they are to the views of the millions of country class citizens who turned-out to support Donald Trump. 

Many #NeverTrump adherents seem to reject even a conversation about the threat of radical Islam. They are all about the econometric model of open borders that is supported by both the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and far-left racial interest groups, and they have no interest in cutting spending or limited government, because government power is how they enforce their elitist views on the rest of us. 

If this is standing for conservative principles I must have missed a turn in the road between the day in 1961 when I was hired as Executive Secretary of Young Americans for Freedom and today’s debate over whether or not the congressional Republican leaders who presided over an 80%+ increase in a national debt that now stands at over $19 trillion should get their hands dirty by endorsing Donald Trump. 

The news media and DC’s elite pundits like to dance around the facts with euphemisms like “spoiler,” but it is time for those Republicans and conservatives who say they are #NeverTrump to come clean; to look in the mirror and repeat this list:

I’m OK with Hillary Clinton appointing three or four Supreme Court appointments. 

I’m OK with Hillary Clinton appointing hundreds of Federal Court Judges. 

I’m OK with Hillary Clinton stripping me of my Second Amendment rights. 

I’m OK with Hillary Clinton using the power of the IRS and other federal agencies to terminate my First Amendment rights and the First Amendment rights of other Conservatives. 

I’m OK with Hillary Clinton expanding Obama’s open borders and unlimited immigration policies. 

And, I’m OK with the Hillary Clinton deciding the outer limits of my freedom of conscience and whether or not I can worship as God and raise my children as my conscience dictates. 

I say to anyone who claims to be a #NeverTrump conservative, look in the mirror and read that list, and if this is you, then be honest and admit that you prefer Hillary Clinton in the White House and why. Then drop the charade and have the guts to defend your choice to advance Hillary Clinton’s campaign and take ownership of the destruction of liberty and constitutional government that her election will surely bring.

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Just to be clear, when were

Just to be clear, when were the #nevertrumper's ever relevant?

never Trump becomes less relevent

The one question the so called "Principled conservatives" have to answer is: who will you be better able to work with to protect your values? Do you really think that Clinton will work with you on any conservative values? If you get your wish and Trump loses, the Democrats will take that as a mandate for their liberal/progressive agenda and you will be out in the cold. At that point, please do not ask for any mercy for what shall befall you.

Never Trump?

I agree 100% as well as the preference for Ted Cruz. Maybe Trump will make it
up to Ted by appointing him his first Supreme Court justice. Now that's an
idea that I could accept, even from someone with as limited vocabulary and social graces as Trump.

#Never Trump become Less And Less Credible

We know there are two Donald Trumps one conservative and the other is the
right center establishment. I am a never Trump conservative too, who wants the real Donald Trump to lead this nation with conservative principles .The real Donald Trump is anti conservative like Mitt Romney and the other Republican establishment.
The conservative Donald Trump is going to make America Great Again and is going to win the elections despite the progressive news media rhetoric showing in the polls.
Conservatives know what is right when they say #Never Trump meaning the anti conservative Trump. Conservatives for Donald J. Trump are all for Trump
and never Hillary Clinton who's policies will be a disaster for this country. Donald Trump will fulfill his promises to the American people like
President Ronald Reagan and President George W. Bush. Conservatives must continue to support Donald Trump who will restore this country to greatness unlike Hillary Clinton who's going to impede on our rights and freedoms as Americans. Never Hillary

Never Trumpers become less credible

I agree with your article. As a Trump supporter I fully believe that while he may not be able to fulfill all of his campaign promises that his own ego will push him to try his best. He's all about winning. The place I see he may have trouble is with the very elitists you talk about in your article who will fight him just as they are now.

The biggest difference I see between them and Trump is that he listens to the people while they talk amongst themselves and not to US, nor do they listen to us.

One has only to see pictures of the crowds at his rallies that are posted on social media by those attending. He has broken so many records by the numbers of people he has drawn in from all of those groups they said would never support him. He's drawn in record numbers of voters who had given up on government, first time voters, higher numbers of black voters than any other republican, women voters in numbers much higher than anyone wants to admit, LEGAL immigrants and even democrat voters. He's drawn in more evangelical voters than even those politicians who claim to be Christian. He's done this in record numbers. We know this because we are members of each other's social media groups and we number in the millions and we know how skewed the polls are.

Thanks to this man, love him or hate him, America is now awake. He broke the barrier down of political correctness that has been such a big boon to Obama and Clinton in creating the huge racial divide that killed 50 years of hard work by MLK Jr and others.

We believe him because he listens to us, speaks up on our behalf, doesn't back down or cower in the face of all the dirt thrown at him. He stands his ground and throws it right back at them. THIS is what we the people have been waiting for. He is standing for principals he has spoken for and that we have spoken for over the past 30 or more years. One has only to watch videos of him over the decades to see he has supported ALL of the things on his platform the entire time.

More importantly those same elitist republicans have shown their true colors each and every time a little dirt is thrown at Trump by backing down on support in fear of "catching the overflow". When he gets right back in the faces of the liberal media, his accusers and Clinton herself and her party and he gains more supporters, they come back and claim they still strongly support him. We are watching them and they aren't fooling us. We gave them house and senate majorities in 2012 in expectation of seeing them fulfill THEIR promises and saw them back down time after time after time for fear of being called racist or not supporting women or whatever was the flavor of the day issue.

They could learn from him if they would get past their hate of this non-politician outsider who doesn't put on a public face or mince his words. He has the backbone they don't and that is why he is as popular as he is. He's the first true LEADER of the people we have seen in a long, long time. We are here, we are listening and we are voting and in the future we will see more and more of us voting for people who have his fortitude to stand up to adversity and you will see more and more elitists removed from power and replaced with those who are of, by and for the people and not for DC.

NeverTrumps = Never conservative

This election is Bringing out a lot of truth. People I had formerly trusted and thought were true conservatives are no longer hiding their colors. Prople like Glenn Beck, Michael Medved, and even Hugh Hewitt, are acting like it will be the end of civilization if Trump wins. Does this make any real sense? We also have the pseudo Trump supporters, like Mark Levin, who will bash Hillary in one post, and give out links to CNN for polling data? Does this man look at the Trump Rallies. Levin must be Pro NAFTA, and TPP, or his sponsors are.
I'm not listening to Levin, Beck, Hewitt, or Medved any longer. They've already provided us with enough information on their hatred for America remaining a Sovereign Nation. To risk a Clinton win is a death wish to America.
NeverTrump = Always Facism and Comm7nism, and the end of American Sovereignty.

Hillery or Trump

You are so right wake up people this race is about Hillery and Trump and you have to decide if you want Obamba in the white house for another four years or hope trump can do something to change things. I think he will try to do everythng he can to help this country. We all know we are in a mess and I think Trump
will do the best he can.

The #NeverTrumpers!

The way I see it, this election is not about personality! You may not like someone because they may come across as too demanding, but that does not make them a bad person. You need to realize this may be our last chance to save our Country and if you don't vote for Trump, you may never have a free country again. Easy to lose but almost impossible to get back!

What we all better do is turn our faith to God and hope He sees fit to save our country. He just might open your eyes to what a Hillary Clinton will do to our freedoms!


I have always given reasons and proof of anything I've ever said about not voting for Trump. I'm finished defending my stance on this election. Those that are NeverTrump and NeverHillary understand what Trump supporters refuse to. We have others that are running not just a Republican or Democrat. If those that vote for Trump only because they hate Hillary would pick a third party candidate then America could see a much better choice as President. I refuse to be bullied into how I'm to vote. My vote my right. Trump worshipers said from the beginning he would win without the NeverTrump supporters. So go ahead and do that. The Republican party lost millions due to the nomination of Trump. I'm voting third party. Live with it as Americans have been living with oboob. You people forget t Congress and Senate. Even these politicians have failed in their oath to keep Obama in line. If Hillary does win, I suggest you better hope those in Congress and Senate coming up will not back her nominations and choose another.