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It’s Time To Fight And Win The Election We Have

Friends, we’ve had our collective howls of conservative frustration with how the 2016 campaign has developed – and after 50+ years of involvement in the conservative movement at the national level I can say with certainty there will be more times between now and Election Day when we are frustrated with our candidates for Donald TrumpPresident and Vice President. 

But it is time for conservatives to start spending our energy fighting and winning the election we have, rather than wasting our time and energy wishing for one that is not to be. 

And Donald Trump, Mike Pence and the conservative – populist coalition they are assembling have all the tools necessary to win this election:

First, and perhaps most importantly, we have a candidate – Donald Trump – who is a fighter and who will take the fight to Hillary Clinton and the Democrats in a way John McCain and Mitt Romney never would or could. 

Second, we have the makings of a new and energetic conservative – populist coalition that clearly represents majority opinion on major issues that move voters; securing our borders, winning the war Islam has declared on the West, rebuilding our economy and creating jobs, and standing for law and order, to name but a few. 

Third, in Hillary Clinton we have an opponent who has just been labeled by the Director of the FBI a liar who was extraordinarily careless with classified national security information, and who remains under multiple investigations for that and the corruption of her eponymous Clinton Foundation. 

Fourth, Republican political alignment is stronger than it has been in generations: Republicans hold 31 governorships, and 54 Senators and 247 Members of the House of Representatives are Republicans, this is the strongest the Republican national party has been since the 1929-1931 election cycle. 

Fifth, the Democratic Party has moved far to the Left under Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. It is now the party of multi-sex bathrooms, same-sex marriage, government paid abortions, gun confiscation, open borders, job killing trade deals and the endless importation of welfare-dependent aliens. These policies are deeply offensive to a majority of Americans who can be motivated to vote for change if they are presented with a change agenda – which Donald Trump is doing, despite the criticism and opposition of the Republican establishment. 

Sixth, and perhaps second only in importance to Trump’s willingness to take the fight straight at Hillary Clinton, is his commitment to confront the elitism that is poisoning our society and to fight for America’s forgotten working families.  

And finally, we have a candidate for Vice President, who walks with us – a committed cultural conservative who thinks and speaks our language and has been a fighter for our issues. 

Friends, this is now a binary choice: Trump and Pence vs. Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine.  

In this battle there is only the victory or defeat of constitutional liberty and the rule of law. In this battle there is no third option, there is no compromise, there is no sitting out the election. I’m all in for Trump and Pence and I urge you to join me and them in making America great again.

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It's Time To Fight And Win The Election We Have

Conservatives will continue the fight up to election day for victory to elect Donald J. Trump the next President of the United States of America.
Our Conservative movement is the only solution to the problems in Congress and Washington D.C. and electing Donald J. Trump the next President will wipe out some of the corruption that has plagued our nation by big government bureaucrats who are ruining our country. Donald J. Trump will be the President of the people and restore integrity and credibility in the White House and Washington D.C.
Donald J. Trump is going to be a true leader a business man who's going to restore economic growth and prosperity for all Americans and keep our country safe. He will be the pro growth President and reignite the spirit
of hope, freedom and the values we all cherish as Americans our freedoms and rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution are being trampled on by the liberal left in the name of justice. We can not sit idle and let these power drunk Republican establishment and the left succeed. I say victory to the conservative movement and Donald J. Trump as our next President of the United States of America.


This will annoy people. 1) The atmosphere sounds list like my grandparents describing the rise of Hitler. 2) Saturday I watched the Metropolitan Opera perform Don Giovanni. It might just EVx3Mas well have been called Don Trump. Look up the plot if you don't already know it.

For the sake of USA, we need to win...

The USA Constitution creates a Union of Citizens; Citizens of the United States of America. Such a fantastic project is being torn apart by our enemies from within: The liberal democrats. If we allow Mrs. Clinton and the Democrats to win the presidency and Congress, we shall see some States wanting out of the Union. It will be the beginning of the end for the USA. Notice that it is already happening as they are already destroying our values. We need to stop this madness ASAP!


The rabid liberal left are in fact traitors to our country. They need to be stopped at all costs. I do not recognize my country any more. Obuttwipe and Co have already done so much damage.