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Presidential Horse Race 2016: On Halloween, Hillary’s email skeletons are bursting out of the closet

Legend has it that Halloween is the day when ghosts and goblins emerge from the shadows in the night, but Hillary Clinton’s skeletons started bursting out of the closet on Friday afternoon after FBI Director James Comey announced he was reopening the investigation into her email scandal.

Personally I think even Crooked Hillary realized she couldn’t keep all those bones hidden indefinitely so it only makes sense that they would start showing up just a little over a week before Election Day.

Hillary's closetWhat everyone is wondering now of course is what Comey will find. Will the investigation be complete before Election Day? And most importantly, will it make a difference in the race?

Sarah Westwood writes at the Washington Examiner, “FBI Director James Comey's announcement Friday that the bureau had reopened its investigation of the classified information in Hillary Clinton's emails could scramble the already-tightening battle for control of the White House and Senate…

“’This news is like running a negative ad against the Clinton campaign non-stop between now and Election Day,’ said Ron Bonjean, a GOP strategist and former top aide to Speaker Dennis Hastert and Sen. Trent Lott.

“’The key for Trump is not to take the shovel away from the Clinton campaign. When that hole is being dug, don't take the shovel away,’ Bonjean said. ‘I think this will be a very, very close election now. This could give him a real shot at breaking through. But it's anyone's guess what could happen next.’”

Yes indeed. The future is definitely unknown at this time. People always say Donald Trump has enjoyed more than his fair share of “lives” in his brief political career but just consider how many times Crooked Hillary has crawled out from under a pretty large rock in her own 30 years of public scrutiny. If you think this election is automatically in the tank for Donald Trump now, you’re sorely mistaken.

The left doesn’t care a lick about how corrupt its candidates really are because they already assume their office-seekers will do anything legal or otherwise to suppress the peoples’ liberties guaranteed by the Constitution in favor of their pet projects like Obamacare. The same can be said for the most dedicated of Democrat voting constituencies.

This new revelation will have zero effect on them. If anything, it might make them even more enthusiastic about turning out to vote.

The whole affair could also be a trap (hat tip to Art Kelly). The new FBI investigation has stolen the spotlight from the most recent Wikileaks revelations that could prove even more potentially damaging to the Clinton ticket if people would just pay attention to them. Now there’s little chance that the focus will return to whatever comes out from Wikileaks in the coming days.

When coupled with a possible exoneration of Hillary from the FBI before Election Day, the FBI case could have the opposite effect and actually help her. Hillary would be able to claim that the FBI investigation was just an “October surprise” engineered by the Republicans to try and take down her candidacy.

Such an occurrence would be devastating, but is there enough time to get all this done in a week? It seems likely the issue will at least still be around on November 8.

Maybe the Democrats should start coming forward to call for Hillary to leave the race.

Long-time #NeverTrumper David French at National Review raised a pertinent question, “Will there be any Democrats who will urge Clinton to step aside? Exactly three weeks ago, the Washington Post released tapes showing Donald Trump bragging about committing actions that easily meet the legal test for sexual battery. In the aftermath, a number of Republicans asked him to step aside for the good of the country. Now it’s the Democrats’ turn. Their candidate is back under criminal investigation. Millions of people have already cast votes for her believing she’d been ‘cleared.’ Is her personal ambition worth this national pain?”

This scandal essentially gives any #NeverTrumpers and wavering “I just can’t vote for Trump” Republicans another reason to come back to the GOP ticket.

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley announced she’s now voting for Trump (she did so before the FBI case). So did Utah’s Jason Chaffetz.

The new disclosures must also be reopening the wounds from the Democrat primaries. I’m guessing Bernie Sanders’ supporters aren’t too happy right now.

I’m proud to say I first heard about the investigation after I cast my absentee ballot in Virginia. I won’t tell you who I voted for but I will not be one of likely millions who now will be saying, “Um, I wouldn’t have voted for her if I’d known there was more proof that she was a criminal. I preferred the time when Obama’s Justice Department just ignored the evidence and left Hillary alone.”

I also didn’t vote for a third party candidate. So use process of elimination.

Stunned Democrats are of course questioning the timing of the announcement -- as if there would be a better moment for law enforcement to come forward with new evidence of Crooked Hillary’s criminality. I’m sure the Democrats would have preferred that the reopening of the investigation be delayed until November 9, but can you imagine what would happen if the feds actually got a backbone and decided to formally charge the president-elect?

We easily could have a constitutional crisis on our hands.

Over the years we’ve had the unusual circumstance of legislators serving from jail cells from time to time but a president is a much bigger animal. And besides, you’d likely need to throw Bill in the pokey with Hillary…and then a couple guards in addition to separate them when the catfight breaks out.

Daniel Strauss of Politico reports on the Democrats’ angst. “In July, they praised the FBI director's decision not to recommend charges against Hillary Clinton over her use of a private email server while serving as secretary of state. But on Friday, top party officials turned on Comey — ripping him not only for taking new steps into an investigation they hoped was over, but also for the way he announced them…

“Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Vice Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, took perhaps the strongest shot at Comey: ‘The FBI has a history of extreme caution near Election Day so as not to influence the results. Today’s break from that tradition is appalling.’”

It’s “appalling” to the Democrats because the cat’s now out of the bag. Seeing as today is Halloween, it’s a black cat and proves for them that the old superstition is true – colorless cats bring very bad luck.

Isn’t it funny how the media has suddenly stopped talking about Khizr Khan, Alicia Machado and Trump’s groping accusers?

This race has already had more momentum shifts than a closely fought football game. Right now all the focus has swung back to Hillary. No doubt the Democrats are combing the streets for more women to come forward and accuse Trump of some sort of sleaze. Their desperation is tangible, but I can’t help but think this thing isn’t over yet.

I’ve predicted for months that late deciders would go to Trump. Now it might be a wave.

Eight more days to go.

#NeverTrump thinks if Trump is elected, there’s always impeachment to fall back on

While speculation continues as to how much difference, if any, the new FBI investigation will make in the overall race, the most dedicated #NeverTrumpers are already moving to expand the significance beyond the Trump/Hillary match-up into something even they can get behind.

Jay Caruso wrote over the weekend at RedState, “There is no way that (people changing their minds) happens. Even if there were a US Attorney who wanted to knock heads with whichever criminal defense attorney Hillary decides to hire, they wouldn’t be able to conduct an investigation fast enough to indict her before the election. There would have to be damning evidence of a crime to charge her following the election. This shouldn’t stop Donald Trump and his surrogates from hammering away at this over the next week. They should bring it up at every opportunity.

“Where it could be beneficial, is to down-ballot candidates, particularly those running in Senate races. They can use Hillary’s corruption as a means of reminding voters of a possible Hillary win and why the Senate needs to be a check against the excess of Hillary Clinton. Several Republicans are running in states where the polling shows them within the margin of error, whether they’re ahead or behind. If handled properly, it could work to the benefits of Republican Senate candidates.”

Strange as it is to admit, I agree with most of what Caruso wrote. It’s hard to say whether the FBI bomb will blow up among the American electorate and take down Hillary with it, but there’s no doubt Republican down-ballot candidates have been given an invaluable new weapon to bludgeon their Democrat opponents with.

All they have to do now is say they’ll serve as a counter-balance to a possible Crooked Hillary presidency and the undecided voters will see it as sound logic. It’s like an insurance policy. These GOP candidates don’t even have to mention Trump in the final eight days and they’ll still end up smelling like a rose.

I still believe these candidates should be supporting the party ticket, but that’s an old subject.

The #NeverTrumpers also have one more argument to use in favor of electing Republican congressmen and senators to help balance out Trump himself.

Mario Loyola writes in National Review, “Pledge to impeach. Should God elect to ignore my prayer (for Trump to act with dignity), and should President Trump prove to be as bad a president as his detractors fear, then it is my duty and the duty of my fellow Republican members of Congress to impeach him. And I will apply that same rule to any president of my own party who fails to uphold the honor of the presidency.

“GOP members face a painful dilemma in Trump, but there’s another side to that coin. GOP members of Congress have a unique power that nobody else in the land possesses — namely, the ability to pull the curtain down on a Trump presidency by impeaching him.”

Shortly before this passage in Loyola’s lengthy article the writer does suggest candidates can endorse Trump with the caveat that they’ll turn him out of office later on if he doesn’t behave.

It’s an absurd suggestion on its face because by impeaching Trump, congressional Republicans would be signing their own political death warrants with the grassroots that fought so hard to finally nominate and elect one of their own. To assert that Republicans would impeach their own president is nuts…unless Trump turns out to be a big government stooge.

But that would essentially mean Trump would break every promise he made in the campaign. I don’t believe it will happen.

One way or another, the FBI investigation figures to loom large over the final week of the campaign at both the presidential and congressional levels. We’ll have to wait to see how it all plays out.

New Pennsylvania political ad deemed timeliest of the year

It’s safe to say, one of the biggest political beneficiaries of Hillary’s latest email foibles could be Pennsylvania’s Republican Senator Pat Toomey who’s engaged in a very tight reelection race with another dedicated Hillary-like abortion loving leftist in Democrat Katie McGinty.

Toomey’s fortunes will likely parallel Donald Trump’s in the Keystone State on Election Day, so the FBI investigation into Hillary’s (Anthony) Weiner connections couldn’t have come soon enough.

A timely new pro-Toomey ad highlights the salient points.

Washington Examiner contributor Charles Sauer describes the ad and how it will hit home. “The ad opens with a text conversation involving Katie McGinty asking Hillary Clinton how to ‘get rid of emails quick.’ At that point, Anthony Weiner breaks into their conversation to ask for the same help…

“Before Friday, most people knew about Clinton's email problems, and most people knew about Weiner's texting issues. The ad cleverly linked these two known commodities to what was a lesser-known, but embarrassing issue for McGinty. Before launching her Senate run, McGinty was chief of staff to Gov. Tom Wolf, D-Pa. Now she and the governor's office are attempting to have the emails she sent kept secret despite Pennsylvania's Right-to-Know laws and the decision of the state's Office of Open Records.”

The ad is found in Sauer’s article. Well worth the time to view it.

The intention on behalf of numerous candidates to not only suppress information but to place blame on others (like the Russians) for exposing them seems to be a party-wide problem for the Democrats.

Rather than addressing the content of the material or the obvious law-breaking involved with the revelations, Democrats believe they can pull the wool over the eyes of an uninformed public without penalty.

But beyond mere cover-ups, there’s the notion that Democrats truly believe they can do anything behind the scenes and get away with it. It’s an arrogance that’s permeated the Clinton and Obama regimes that hopefully will be accounted for on Election Day.

The Republican establishment has problems of its own. But Donald Trump the “outsider” would bring a new perspective to government. By no measure is Trump any kind of savior, but if Washington is ever to be healed it won’t be by the people who made it sick in the first place.

Evan McMullin wins prize for best Halloween costume, attacks Trump

Finally today, in what has to be considered the best Halloween costume of the year, unknown #NeverTrump first-time politician Evan McMullin has slipped on a suit and gone out trick-or-treating for votes while pretending to be a serious presidential candidate.

Some folks in Utah were apparently taken in by McMullin’s snow job to the point where he’s reportedly challenging Donald Trump to win the state. Trump himself even commented on McMullin’s candidacy.

In the tradition of Halloween parties, a fight appears to have broken out between the two outsiders. McMullin responded to Trump’s provocation over the weekend. Kyle Balluck of The Hill reports, “Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin late Saturday fired back at Donald Trump, calling the GOP nominee an ‘authoritarian, life-long liberal.’

“’Yes you’ve never heard of me because while you were harassing women at beauty pageants, I was fighting terrorists abroad,’ McMullin tweeted to Trump.”

McMullin was in the CIA before moving on to work for the Republican leadership in Congress. No one had heard of him prior to #NeverTrump and Mitt Romney pushing forward his candidacy, so I’m not sure how McMullin could fault Trump for being in the dark as to who he is.

The very fact that Trump has taken time out to attack McMullin should at least be a little flattering to Evan since it shows the independent candidate is making an impact – however small – in the historic nature of this year’s presidential race.

For his part, McMullin is drawing more attention to himself by laying into Trump. Since he probably has very little money, no name recognition (outside of Utah) and practically zero chance of becoming president, McMullin is getting his fifteen minutes of fame. It’ll probably be enough to run for Congress in his home state someday.

Then, twenty years from now when he’s no longer the butt of jokes McMullin could actually run again for president when people have some clue about what he really stands for.

Maybe at that time his suit won’t be considered a Halloween costume.

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