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No, the Election Isn’t Over

A week ago, the Hillary Clinton campaign and their news release readers in the establishment media were proclaiming the election was over, the polls were all trending her way and Election Day was merely a formality. 

Friday afternoon, after the news broke that the FBI was reopening the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server after some 650,000 or more emails were found on a computer seized from her aide Huma Abedin AmericaVote.orgin relation to the sexting investigation of Abedin’s husband, Anthony Weiner, grassroots conservatives and Trump supporters were proclaiming the election is over, the polls were all trending his way and Election Day is merely a formality. 

The reality is this election remains close, too close for polls to assure victory to either candidate, and much remains to be done for Donald Trump to close the deal with the voters necessary to achieve a 270 Electoral College vote majority and become president of the United States. 

Why isn’t Trump running away with the election? 

Mostly it is because of the demographic bias built into the Electoral College in the past two decades. 

The huge influx of immigrants and the vast welfare state created to support them in liberal states such as California, New York, Minnesota and Massachusetts has given Democrats a built-in advantage. 

Hard-Left labor unions and other Leftwing groups – funded in large measure by billionaire Nazi collaborator and convicted currency manipulator George Soros – have created a permanent campaign machine to undercut voter ID laws, attack the integrity and security of the ballot, engage in election fraud and create chaos on Election Day. 

And finally, and perhaps most importantly, the Republican Party has become less and less willing to commit resources to election integrity and ballot security measures fearing a public relations backlash from the establishment media who have adopted the Left’s “let every vote count” whether it is legal or not, mantra. 

In 1976, when I first got involved in national politics, there was a closely contested state senate race in my home state of Indiana. The Lt. Governor (my future boss) was out campaigning with the Republican candidate on Election Day, hitting plant gates, shaking hands and conducting a last minute Get-Out-The-Vote blitz.  

As the day wound down and they were headed to the airport, the Lt. Governor saw a large shopping center and suggested stopping to shake some hands and ask for the shoppers’ votes. “No, I’m going home,” said the candidate, “If I haven’t won it by now, it’s not going to happen.” 

He lost by four votes if I remember correctly. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

There is still time for Republicans, the Trump campaign and independent outside groups, such as to identify and turnout every identified conservative voter, so that conservative candidates can win outside the margin of fraud. 

There is still time for Republicans to engage in legitimate and entirely appropriate ballot security measures using poll watchers to verify the ID of voters. 

And most importantly, there is still time for Donald Trump to take CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie’s suggestion and reserve time for a Reagan-like national TV broadcast to close the deal with the American people. 

With or without any new revelations about Hillary Clinton or Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin – or Donald Trump – this will be a close election. 

What’s more, due to early voting, many people already had cast their ballots before the news of this new investigation of Hillary Clinton became public, but there are no takebacks in voting, those votes are irreversibly cast for or against Clinton. 

To win outside the margin of fraud, Republicans, Trump supporters and independent conservative organizations, such as must keep the pedal to the metal until the polls close, and then be ready to litigate every vote in every state as the results come in and anything looks amiss.

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Litigate the abnormalities

Well said and fight to make sure the liberal left and this criminal do not WIN! Go Trump/Pence. For our children and our grandchildren, Vote, Vote, Vote. There are still more of us than the illegal alien voters, the liberals and the dem wits who will vote for a criminal!