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America Is Worth It PAC: The corruption of American journalism is the issue.

Asking the Republican National Committee Chairman to urge GOP Senate candidates to “nationalize the election” the Super PAC America Is Worth It, yesterday published an open letter to Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus that cited an “unprecedented opportunity” in this year’s Senate contests. 

Here is the text of the letter. 

America is worth itOct. 30, 2016 




Dear Chairman Priebus, 

In the 1986 campaign Ronald Reagan kept trying to nationalize the election around conservative vs. liberal issues.  At the same time, however, GOP strategists kept telling the party’s senate candidates to stick to local or state issues and leave alone winning national issues like Democratic calls for increased taxes. 

With no “conservative vs. liberal” content and no injection of emotion into the election, many Republicans stayed home and seven incumbent Republicans went down to defeat by the narrowest of margins. “A gift” one Democratic pollster rightly said about the Republican strategy. A strategy that was also a tragedy for conservative hopes especially regarding the Supreme Court. 

They are it again.  

You probably saw earlier this week anonymous quotes from GOP advisers about “taking casualties” this year.   

Like Northern generals in the Civil War whose reputation was more important to them than their cause they are afraid to take a risk and “fight Bobby Lee.”   

The relentless focus of these DC operatives is not on victory, but on their own reputation and their real constituency -- a media that rewards them with favorable mentions and a chance for more business in the next election cycle. 

This same school of strategy that lost the Senate in 1986 and in more recent elections – while spending hundreds of millions of dollars and collecting large fees -- lost Senates races in safe GOP states like Montana and North Dakota must not be listened to. 

Mr. Chairman, Republicans have all the issues in this race, they just need to know it.   Conservatives can sweep many Senate races. 

And we at America Is Worth It believe we’ve cracked the code on how to do it. 

As an accomplished outsider to Washington and someone who has never been afraid to stand up to the media (and congratulations again on refusing to go along with NBC’s bullying) we think you can see past the narrow self-interest of   DC-based consultants and strategists.   So, we write to you today in the hope you will send in some fourth quarter plays to Republican candidates that will clinch key Senate victories. 

First, you need to know why we have such confidence.  

When we first opened our three-pronged attack on Democratic Senate seats we had lots of skeptics. But no sooner had we begun then Wiki leaks revelations boosted all the key issues we predicted would prove powerful – Democratic candidates “the media’s collusion with the Democrats to cover-up corruption,” the party’s close ties with “extremists” like George Soros and  the Democratic leadership’s  bigotry towards various groups of American like its “War on Catholics.” 

Here’s our story: 

When we tried out our three issues in our “story-telling” 2-minute ad against Chuck Schumer, he panicked and start buying media time in exactly the same upstate media markets.  Soon Newsday, the largest suburban paper in America, was writing a story about how the well-financed Schumer was dueling upstate with our newly-formed PAC.     

Mr. Chairman, Democrats like Schumer know when and where they are vulnerable. They know what will happen if their opponents ever tie them to the issues in this spot like (1) “chosen candidates of the media bosses and political correctness,” (2) the Democratic Party’s close association with extremist groups, and (3) the war on police officers and Catholics and other groups. 

Moreover, this line of attack associates them with the corrupt Clintons as well as Obama and the most scandal ridden administration in history. 

We knew we had scored.   

We knew it was time to bring our message to the national race.  Only last week we put out a similar video on Hilary Clinton called “Take a Stand Against The Media Bosses and The Queen of Corruption.”   

As soon as Breitbart broke the story a social media storm began.  In addition to countless impressions on Facebook and Twitter the video drew close to 50,000 YOUTUBE views in four and half days 

Most important, our data shows we are scoring heavily with the media. They like the fast presentation of the TV spot with headlines that back up every allegation– yet it also has a steady and uplifting narrative. 

So, our request is please get GOP Senate candidates to ignore the high-paid advice from Washington and use our issues. 

In fact, please get them not only to use our issue, but steal the TV SPOT if they want to

We made our ad as a template—and this was long before the Wiki leaks disclosures proved the prophetic nature of the issues we raised. So, please tell your candidates they are free to steal our ad and replace Schumer or Clinton with their own opponents. 

And here are the three lines of political attack we know can work. 

A GOP Senate candidate should: 

1.) Call out a democratic opponent as the “Chosen candidate of liberal media bosses” and tap into voters’ fury against media and political correctness. 

Mr. Chairman, Republicans will win across the board if voters realize a vote against Democratic senate candidates is a vote against media and political correctness. 

2.)   Demand Democratic opponents apologize for the government war on:

  • *Police officers, 

  • *Catholics and scriptural Christians, 

  • *The US military, 

  • *Political dissenters and 

  • *Small business.  

(Our ad has the details about the Democratic Party’s attacks on each of these groups. it’s there in the headlines part of the approach we talk about later.) 

3.)  Make Democratic senate candidates break with the national party over connections to extremists like:

  • *Billionaire “America-hater” George Soros, 

  • *The “racially divisive” Al Sharpton, 

  • *The Black Lives Matter movement, 

  • *And, the “anti-religious fanatics” at the ACLU. 

So we think you know the problem: 

Why are GOP consultants running away from this winning issue? Where is their ad asking traditional Democrats and Hispanics-- who are Catholic -- to break with their party over the government war on Catholic hospitals and charities and even the Little Sisters of The Poor. 

And where is the ad on Justice Department war on police officers –every Democratic Senate candidate should have to apologize for it. The Justice Department sides with those who attack police officers and encourage violence against them. 

And it’s also time to address the real issue in American politics. It isn’t Republicans vs. Democrats. It’s the liberal media bosses vs. America.  The simple truth is this “the most powerful and corrupt political force in America are the media bosses -- "suits in the suites” who are covering up the truth about their chosen candidates and corrupting American journalism by not letting their own reporters tell the truth. 

Incidentally, Chairman Priebus that’s what makes our approach so different. We know the media bosses hide behind the on-camera “talent” and their reporters. 

So, rather than blaming the talent—the reporters – our spots and video explain how these media bosses are driving out the good reporters. And in their place they are hiring people like themselves with little or no journalistic experience. 

And we offer three examples. 

The spot points out how The New York Times yanked and rewrote an IRS scandal story that made the administration look bad. How NBC thwarted veteran investigative reporter Lisa Meyers when she tried to tell the truth about Obamacare. And how CBS shut down Sharyl Attkisson for trying to reveal the scandal of Benghazi. It also cites an article by veteran reporter Richard Benedetto about how networks do puff coverage of Obama.  How Obama gets away with-- Wall St. Journal." 

Again, we want to stress that we believe our ad imitates how people, especially millennials, get their news today, with a flood of headlines and twitter-length messages. At the same time we put a narrative around all this and we find viewers are very grateful for the context. They find it a lot to take in at first, but they also recognize the rush of truth and want to see it again."  Finally, we don’t want you to miss one other bit of information and background we have in the spot for millennials. 

The TV spot shows San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick along with the heads of networks like ESPN and says they “media bosses glorify insult to anthem and flag.” Followed by a picture of actress and liberal activist Jane Fonda and the question “Will Jane Fonda Join Next?” 

The Jane Fonda photo is meant to spark questions from millennials. We want to remind them that this isn’t the first time pampered, confused celebrities insulted those who keep us free. Clinton, Obama and the Democrats have either defended or refused to speak out against insults to the flag and anthem. Moreover, the bosses at the TV networks have exploited for their own political purposes these sorts of protests by giving them endless airtime and ordering their on-air talent to talk about them. 

The American left and the Democratic Party harbor a deep malevolence towards American culture. 

And America knows it and is outraged. 

Get GOP candidates to tap into that fury and the future is bright. 


George Landrith 


America Is Worth It. 

For more information please visit –

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Disturbed by Characterization

Very disturbed by the FALSE distinction of, "Catholics and scriptural Christians", as if Catholics weren't at all "scriptural" and (protestant) Christians were completely "scriptural".

First of all, there is a distinction as to how each group regards Sacred Scripture. Catholics believe that Sacred Scripture is a remote and proximate rule of Faith, with Tradition, through the Church, determining what the interpretation of a passage means. For Protestants, the rule of Faith is "Scripture only", and interpretation is left to the individual, putatively guided, individually, by the Holy Ghost.

Is everything the Catholic Church does and believe in Scripture? No, but that is because She recognizes two sources of revelation. MOreover, there is nothing in Catholic belief that is contradicted by Sacred Scripture. Is everything protestants believe supported by Sacred Scripture? NO, and there are many things Catholic believe that are supported by Sacred Scripture that protestants flatly deny (e.g., the Holy Eucharist, confession, the role of the pope, et al.)