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Thanks To You The Dam Is Breaking In North Carolina

It all comes down to the last 7 days… and all eyes are on North Carolina.   

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton believe North Carolina will decide the 2016 election and are making the state their last stop of the campaign.  

Trump ClintonClinton has even brought in President Obama to try to get unenthusiastic African-American Democrats fired-up to vote for her. 

The polls show the state is too close to call, but starting to break towards the conservatives – and it all comes down to turning out voters.  

If you are concerned about the next Supreme Court appointment, the 2nd amendment, trade, and immigration issues, we urge you to sign up today as an AmericaVote volunteer to get out the vote.     

AmericaVote will identify individuals in your neighborhood, or an area that you can call from outside North Carolina, who we need to get to the polls to elect conservative candidates.

Sign up to help AmericaVote today – if you have questions about the AmericaVote effort, do not hesitate to contact at [email protected] or call 704-286-6754

Also, don’t forget early voting is open until November 5! 

Thanks to your efforts the polls from North Carolina are starting to show a break for the conservative candidates – but now is not the time to let up!

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